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Date: September 2
From: Caireen


I'd like to take this time to invite any interested parties to my Temple in two day's time for a group training session.  Our primary objectives will be to work on stealth, speed, and camouflage, along with surveying one's surroundings in potentially high-tension situations.

[...did she just describe a game of Hide and Seek?  Maybe.]

The session is open to all shinki and gods, regardless of age or experience.  I'll do my best to provide some refreshments on the side.  If you have any further questions, you're welcome to get in touch with either myself or my shinki, Trunks--really, it was more his idea than mine.

[Credit where credit is due] 

Hopefully, this can be a fun learning experience for many.

((ooc: Trunks has a log up for anybody who wants to thread out any training/mingling at Mai's Temple))
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Posted: August 31
From: William T. Spears

Can someone please explain to me why I would ever want my coffee or tea to taste like pumpkin? That or these other ridiculous flavors they seem to be adding to cream? Honestly.
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Posted: August 31st
From: Dali

I formally invite gods and shinkis alike to a dinner party taking place on September the Sixth. If you need directions to my temple, I am happy to provide. Otherwise, dress as you wish - there is no set attire - and do not worry about burdening yourself with gifts or offerings.

(She has experience enough in organizing such gatherings - there will be plenty of food and some sort of entertainment.)

It may come as little surprise, all things considered, that I am therefore seeking the employment of Bards or those with musical gifts. I wish for the party to be lively and welcoming. If you are interested, contact me here or by visiting my temple.

I thank you in advance and I pray we can all spend an evening enjoying one another's company.
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Date: August 28th
From: Prompto Argentum

whoa!! you guys!
remember that shopping center heaven had us investigate last week? it CAUGHT FIRE three days after we checked it out!!! ━(◯Δ◯∥)━ン
and the papers say it could've been arson??
does anyone have any idea what could've happened there? did we miss something???
i only found a good luck charm taped inside one of the air ducts.....

oh and also hi to everyone i haven't met yet! my name's prompto. i've only been here a little while AS FAR AS I CAN REMEMBER so if you know me and i don't know you i'm really sorry if things seem weird and awkward
(꒪꒫꒪,,) it's not like i meant to forget, i swear
i heard these things happen sometimes?
but if we were friends we can totally be friends again if you give me a chance to kind of catch up!
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Date: August 23
Posted by: Carl Adler

I wanted to ask a question, but first I have something I should let people know of.

Psyche, Exemplar of Lakshmi, has disappeared. I’m afraid that I don’t know who her friends are, so I can’t let you know through private messages.

On another note, Lakshmi’s temple has moved. Now it’s in the southeast district. Has any other temple belonging to the new gods moved?

Which is not the question I wanted to ask initially, but anyway, I’d like to know.

As for my original question:

Are there bullets of holy water that can be loaded into normal guns around? I mean, bullets that have holy water inside them, that pops open or explode, in some way, upon impact. I have been looking, but I might have missed it if there are. If not, do you think anyone would be able to make some?
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Date: August 23
Posted by: Neptune

Quick question. What does everyone consider picnic foods?

It doesn't have to be fancy, or even cooked, just something you yourself would bring to an occasion like that.

Also, no alcohol. This isn't for a romantic occasion. Though food cooked with alcohol is a-okay.
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Date: August 19
Posted by: Celty

Good evening everyone. I've been talking to a few people for advice about what to do in my spare time around here and getting a job of some sort came up a few times.

So I'd like to announce that if you have a need I will be offering my services as a delivery driver and courier in both the Near and Far Shores. I can ferry people as well, but not in large numbers. I'll be sure to keep prices reasonable considering our natures, but I will also ask for more for any more dangerous jobs.

If anyone knows of a good way to promote my services on the Near Shore side, please let me know.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or directly.
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Posted by: Davesprite
Date: August 18th

friends romans countrymen
also non romans and countrywomen
how many roman gods do we even have here it cant be that many
lend me your ears
or listening appendage of choice im not here to judge

the mysterious as fuck whims of this place have recently bestowed on me
a sickass turntable set
which i seem to be pretty fucking good with if i do say so myself

>FILE: crystalanthemums.mp3

so if anyone is in desperate need of the illest of beats for a special occasion
call my name and i will appear dramatically over the sunset like the cowboys of yore

while im here
i keep hearing about shinki spells
and also theres some flyers about them around now i guess
but lets have some personal anecdotes first
how actually useful are the spells we can learn
or are they just kind of arbitrary bullshit powers
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Posted: 16 August
From: Carl Adler

[ Good morning, people of the Far Shore. D2 just woke up, which is easy to tell because his hair is in an obvious sleep-caused mess and he's still in his pj.

He seems disgruntled, but he got a bit of a surprise when he woke up. ]

Did anyone lose a military uniform in my bed? [ He pulls up the pillow that's wearing the jacket, to show part of the white dress uniform, extra visible against the green he's currently wearing. ] Or is it some form of prank thing? I'm pretty sure it's a US Navy issued uniform, so if anyone has a clue.

[ If he wasn't still tired and freshly awake and if he had not been startled awake and if he had had some coffee, maybe he would joke about it. (He probably would have, but, he's not a morning person.) ]
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From: Kairi
Date: August 13th

[Kairi has a blanket around her shoulders with stars on it and in her hand is a note. Slowly, she puts the note down and pulls the blanket up a little more with one hand.]

Thank you - to the people who've come by Hajime's temple to see me. That's where I've decided to... go, I guess is the best way to say it.

[Her smile tilts up a little.]

It just seems so sad... that I started to remember more about them now that they're gone. More about them and where they hopefully went home to.

'There are many worlds, but they share the same sky' - that was part of the note. The... one I can't seem to stop reading.

[Then she lowers her head.]

I've responded so many times when shinki talked about losing their gods... I never thought...

[She rubs her nose a little and sniffs, then lifts her head back up again.]

But Hajime's a great friend and I'm glad she's my goddess now. I'm glad we were friends first. It... helps.

[[OOC: Feel free to handwave your character having stopped by to see Kairi either at Forrest's temple or Hajime's. Sora & Roxas disappeared on July 30th in-game, so it's been 2 weeks. She was at Forrest's for one week and Hajime's the second week.]]

(No Title)

Aug. 6th, 2017 01:55 am
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From: Hestia
Date: August 10, 5:33 AM

[ The phone turns on in the dark of night, and the first thing that comes across is simply breathing. The occasional shuffling noise accompanies it. Then there’s a crash. ]

Chikusaaaaa, did you redecorate while I was gone?

[ It’s clear that Axel’s a bit drunk. Also that he’s trying to contact Chikusa. Also also that he is not in his temple. Especially when another voice chimes in. ]

[ A frown subconsciously mars his mouth at the shinki’s name as the loud crash pulls Zero from the depths of his coma. He wakes instantly, sitting up automatically in the middle of the bed with a hand pressed to his temple. A headache dulls his senses but not enough to hide the intruder. ]

Breaking and entering is a crime you know.

[ Axel has to pause a moment to figure out what’s going on. Clearly, the simplest solution… ]

Wait… hat thief asshole? Why are you in my temple?

[ Axel is confused. ]

Get out.

[ Axel’s voice is still confused. ]

… What? Isn’t this my temple?

Get out. [ The covers are thrown aside. ] Or I throw you out. [ And he’s up on his feet only he’s been in a coma for almost two weeks and his legs can’t quite hold him, so the moment he stands he falls. ]

[ As Zero falls, Axel attempts to catch him, attempts being the operative word. They both end up on the floor, the phone’s camera catching them in the pre-dawn light. Axel lets out a groan, but then starts to chuckle. ]

I still don’t know if I can say this, but GODS am I ever drunk.

[ The moment they fall, Zero automatically twists using the god to break his fall and at the confession the less than happy vampire glares at him before grabbing the spare anti-vampire cuffs from his drawer and handcuffing him to the metal headboard. ]

You’re going to tell me who you are and what you’re doing here.

[ As he starts his interrogation, the recording times out. ]
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From: Mohini
Date: August 10th

[She'd normally go by Despair, sure, but she likes her new god name, so get used to it!]


O. M. G. Was Obon fun or wut?! I used 2 think it was the laaaaaaaaaaaaaamest thing ever, but now that I'm a goddess (so cool), I think it was lots of fun.

I missed sum of it because I was breakin n a new shinki. He's sorta extra work, but I promise to work my hardest and make him the best shinki I can! I just luv his face sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! So, if U guys know a Neji, please feel free 2 drop by my temple and come say hi! I promise you won't forget it!

Also, I'm gettin some prayers dun soon, so if NE1 wants 2 help, I'm open for that!

☮ out!
~ JE
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From: Sha Gojyo
Date: August 9th

Announcing SHINKI SUNDAYS at KINYOBI. Show your shinki mark and drink for half price all night!

SHINKI SUNDAYS are a god-free event.

Directions: [map] Take Amaterasu's southernmost temple to Musashino, then the K bus heading north.

BBS | Video

Jul. 9th, 2017 12:56 pm
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Posted: 2 August 20:00
From: Leo

[There is video today! It's just of Leo outside what looks like a fancy warehouse with a box of books, but. It is video.

Anyone from Leo's world will probably recognize the building as being the bathhouse from the Deeprealms.]

I've had this bathhouse for a few months now and since it's just Niles and myself here now that Saix has gone home, I've decided to grant the heavens at large access to it. I don't think I need to go into details about not being a nuisance and what will happen if you cause problems, but all the same. It won't be open to the public at all hours, and there will be different times for men and women until we can get some sort of wall built that no one can peek through.

[He knows how these things go, okay.]

As far as I can tell, there's no healing benefits like one might find in the pool in Lakshimi's temple, so if you are blighted or injured I ask that you go there before coming here. Otherwise, all are welcome at Odin's temple.

[And on to the box at his feet. Which he kicks.]

Does the library take donations?
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Posted: August 3
From: Apollo

”Celepara Prince Hour!”

[ That…sure is a trumpet fanfare behind the cheery, neutral announcer’s voice reading off the name of this particular video program. And following up on it - ]

I have a tremendous announcement.

Here we go again. )
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Posted: July 24th
From: Dali

Have you ever been in love before? Was it returned?

Do you think some are meant to be alone?

(These are the thoughts she entertains when her temple is quiet and her fires burn low.)

You need not get into specifics if it is uncomfortable for you.
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Date: July 20th
From: Carl Adler

Grell Sutcliffe, aka The Morrigan, has disappeared. Just thought I should mention it since there should be people around who knew her.

[ Which means that he's without a god again, but he'll try think up some people to ask instead of actually asking or mentioning it. .....And it's been a month. Only a month. What the hell is this, going through two gods in two months. Plus Grell's other shinki had disappeared after D2 was named by her, too. ]
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Date: July 19th
From: Eric

I need some help with something...

[ There's a small pause as he tries to figure out how to word it best. ]

I want to get a gift for a girl as a thank you, but I don't know what to get. If anyone has Ideas, it'd be nice to hear.

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Posted: July 18
From: Li Tieguai

Good afternoon, everyone. Please excuse my change of name: this is Cho Hakkai.

I appear to have reappeared. Although I don't want to give undue hope to anyone who's recently lost a god or shinki, I'd like to announce that my classes will be continuing as usual.

To those who were living upstairs at the school the past few days, I expect you to help me clean up the mess. You know who you are.

[There are animal cracker crumbs everywhere.

And apart from that he's just not going to mention the events of last few days. At least he wasn't an actual child, but....]

Does anyone have an idea what might have caused it? I'm certain I felt something in the air for a few hours before it happened.


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