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From: Anonymous
Date: August 29


How do you write romance stories? Or any sort of fiction.

What romance stories that are already written do you like?
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From: Honoka Kousaka
Date: August 17th, Day

omg these new phones are so much nicer than the one i have back home lol thanks for the freebie

ANYWAY!!! i'm one of the newbies who just turned up so i figured i'd better get on with introducing myself so everyone knows who i am. i'm honoka kousaka! i'm also supposed to be ame-no-uzume-no-mikoto?? i thinK??? HONESTLY IT'S STILL KINDA HARD TO BELIEVE... crazy stuff like this just doesn't happen at home. but if i'm here then you guys must really need the help so i'm gonna do my best and get at it!

the big problem is im not very good at fighting tho? i'm only really trained for dancing and i go running every morning. so im fast Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ and i've got lots of stamina! i just have no idea how fighting works lol. so is there anybody here who's any good whod be okay with me learning?

AND IF YOU'RE NOT!! i still wanna get to know you!! so let's do like. a q&a or something! tell me what your fave food is and what kind of food you HATE MOST!!
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[Video - BBS - August 7th]

Heheh! Looks like the heavens decided to apologize for gettin' me all wound up about Mamori a little while ago. I woke up to check my e-mail alerts for new MGDP merch, and there was a program I've never seen installed on my laptop. Somethin' called Singaloid TiKi. I don't remember buyin' it, but it's pretty awesome - one of those vocal editing software packages. And there was even a video already installed! Check this out!

[Barry's already loaded the video onto his phone, so he just switches the feed over to it. Denizens of the Far Shore are treated to a video of what is ostensibly a virtual idol programmed by the software, but the quality of both the video and the sound are so good that it's hard to tell she's not a real person. The actual video he posts doesn't feature the cutaways or the other characters - just Tiki herself, singing the song on a dazzling virtual stage.]

Not A Mirage World by Tiki )

Pretty amazin', huh! I'm gonna play around with it some more and see if I can come up with some more songs for Sparkle Motion. Remember to come see us at Obon - our show is really gonna blow you away!

[Action - Sparkle Motion - later that day]

Okay, everyone! We've only got a little bit of time left before the big show! Let's give it our best at practice today, and bring this thing home! And if anybody wants to try and write some new songs or come up with some new choreography...

[He turns his laptop around to show them the Singaloid software he'd recorded earlier that day.]

...Tiki here'll be happy to help!
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Posted: August 3
From: Apollo

”Celepara Prince Hour!”

[ That…sure is a trumpet fanfare behind the cheery, neutral announcer’s voice reading off the name of this particular video program. And following up on it - ]

I have a tremendous announcement.

Here we go again. )
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[The morning of July 31st, all residents of Mielikki's lodge will receive a rather rude awakening in the form of one Barry Goodman jolting up in bed and screaming. And as a fun bonus for everyone else, in his panic he knocks his phone off the side table next to the bed, so everyone else in the Far Shore gets to witness this fit too. Thankfully, he sleeps in shorts and a t-shirt, so at least he's clothed. What he is not, however, is quiet.]


[Throwing the covers off, Barry jumps out of bed and immediately falls to his knees right in front of the phone. Viewers are treated to a low perspective shot of him balling his fists, raising them into the air, and screaming into the heavens as tears begin to stream down his face.]


[This will especially troublesome for Hiyoko and Hibiki, at least until he calms down. There's enough guilt here about something to cause problems, but he's also constantly apologizing about it, so it won't actually progress very far. But the way he's pinballing between guilt, sorrow, and a deep desire for repentance is sure to cause some discomfort.]


[...Still, someone should probably do something about this.]
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Hello, everyone. It's been a while since I've made an announcement like this, but I'm afraid I've been a little busy lately. I hadn't intended to stop taking clothing commissions, but I've been training with Lady Orihime over the past few weeks to learn more about creating divine raiments and it's been taking up most of my free time. I've finished my first major project, though, so I've got a little more flexibility lately.

I still won't be taking commission work until I've finished my training, but I do have enough time to open the temple up for beauty treatments. The pools in the garden behind the temple have healing properties and help keep skin soft, and I can also do hair and nail work for anyone who's interested. In addition, I'll be teaching a sewing class once a week at Hakkai's school. And once Lady Orihime is satisfied with my progress, I'll be able to start making clothing again too. So if anyone is interested in any of that, feel free to let me know and we can either set up an appointment at Lakshmi's temple or get you enrolled at the school.

[Forrest smiles, nodding at the feed.]

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you all!
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Posted: July 15
From: Anon

Here’s a question for you all: what do you think about death?

Considering the recent murders, I’d say it’s something to think about, isn’t it?

It truly brings in the question of whether or not death plays a relevant role here. People seem to be able to come back to life, but seems to go from god to shinki or even shinki to god. Regardless of the reason for the change in reversal, it seems that one element in particular remains missing: memories.

I’m curious as to why memories seem to be the important element in deciding between a god and a shinki aside from the obvious.

So, here’s another question: how many of you were previously shinki who became a god? If you don’t remember your time as a shinki, would you want those memories back?
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Posted: July 15th 2016
From: Coeus

My. This place is rather lawless, isn't it?

[Private to Farfarello:]

You can't call it getting away with murder if you can't even get the murder part right.

[Private to Scully:]

I think it goes without saying some of the recent events here are worth looking into. Where would you like to start?

[Private to Nagi:]

I have a list of individuals I want you to conduct surveillance on. Is this something you are able to do for me?

[Private to Chikusa:]

Do you think there's any factors that determine if an individual comes back as a god or shinki? Or even if they come back at all?

Do you want to find out?
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From: Chikusa Kakimoto
Date: July 10

[The camera bleeps on to Chikusa adjusting it on the steps of Axel's temple, where it faces out to the nice grassy areas in front of it. A goat is in the background nibbling away, but Chikusa mostly ignores the animal as he takes a step back. Still bent over, he pulls a red rubber ball out of his pocket and holds it up where it can be seen clearly. After keeping it there for a second, his hand falls to his side and he walks off a bit further onto the grass.]

[Turning around, he tucks his hands into his pockets again and gives out a call.]


[Patiently, he waits a few minutes, and then there's the sound of the door by the camera opening before Ken walks into view straight towards Chikusa. It doesn't seem like he's noticed the phone or that it's recording, and sharp eyed viewers might notice he has a dog collar around his neck now.]

What're you doing all the way out here if you want me, byon?

[Chikusa suddenly pulls his hand out of his pocket, revealing the bright red ball, which immediately snags Ken's attention. Idly, the bespectacled teen moves it side to side, watching as Ken watches it, something which only seems to be getting the blond worked up more and more.]

[And then, Chikusa abruptly pulls his hand back and flings the ball off into the distance.

Ken makes a startled, borderline offended sound, because he clearly knows what Chikusa is up to - but he's also taking off after the ball, even as he yells.]

Dammit, I'm not a dog, shitty kappa!

[Evidence suggests otherwise.

[For a second, Chikusa just stares where Ken is chasing after the ball offscreen before he heaves out a sigh and starts to slump back to where he's left his phone. Picking it up, he stares directly at the camera, mouth sort of quirked- ]

[The ball suddenly slams into the side of his head and, as the phone drops to the ground, Ken's triumphant laughter can be heard.]
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[Takuma propping up his head in his hand with his elbow planted firmly on the table.]

If you say "oh my god" as a shinki, are you referring to your own god? Do they feel it every time you say that?

If you say it as a god, who are you referring to? Are you talking about a god you really like?

Also, is it normal for shinki to refer to their god by their god name or their whatever name?

What if your shinki form was a toilet or a trash receptacle? What would you do then?

If a god were to pray, who would it be to? Would it be like someone who idolizes a J-Pop star?

These are the important questions.
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From: Orihime
Date: July 4th (evening)

[ Orihime is standing several yards in front of her small house, but the river behind her might explain why she moved away from it. Even from this distance, there is din of water swirling through the currents. She holds her device like a lady might hold a mirror to apply makeup.

More importantly, she appears to be smiling.]

I have been thoroughly surprised by the generous nature of several new gods and shinki. As it stands, our preparations will be complete in time for Tanabata, which is the 7th of this month if you were not made aware as of yet as another newcomer, and thus long before Obon as well.

In gratitude to the hands that were extended in service to the Heavens - and, if I may, humbly include myself - I wish to repay this kindness. All gods have their talents and mine is the creation of splendid divine raiments for just such a festival as Tanabata and Obon.

If you are one of the new gods or shinki and do not yet possess such, you may seek me out by the Amano river before dusk falls tomorrow and I go in turn to host the Heavens' Tanabata festivities.

OOC UPDATE: Have a log!

OOC Missions Info: By responding to this video post, your character earns the right to ignore the Follower/Exp total requirement for the sake of logging Mission 11 or 12. This includes bringing a small group with them per the normal Mission guidelines.
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From: Wendy
Date: July 1

[After making sure that Hibiki is otherwise preoccupied for.... reasons, Wendy takes to the network. Her childish face is clearly strained as she tries to keep a hold of some composure. But this has been bugging her for a while now, and she can't hold back.]

Okay, how many people here really believe that a shinki going nora is some sort of huge sin or personal failing? Relatedly, how stupid are you?

And not related at all, does anyone have any good curses or insults?
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From: Inti
Date: June 28

Greetings to everypony. My name is Princess Celestia, and here I have assumed the role of the god Inti.

This is not too far away from my role in Equestria, and yet this world's sun seems to require no intervention -- magical, divine, or otherwise -- to keep it moving neatly through the sky. I am also told that the moon keeps its own schedule irrespective of the night. All things considered, I have to conclude that things work very differently here.

Nonetheless, I am particularly interested in meeting other gods whose domain includes the sun. I would like to invite you all to my temple, so we can greet each other and learn more about our gods and our purposes of here. (Of course, anypony else is welcome to come as well. I have so much to learn here!)

Lastly, please allow me to conclude with a compliment to these amazing communication devices -- but perhaps we could find a way to make them more accessible? I am fortunate to have my magic, but if an earth pony or pegasus were to come here, they might have a terrible time with working these things.

~Princess Celestia
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From: sora
Date: June 28

[Private: Filtered to CR of Leo and Roxas. Locked from Leo and Roxas.]

hey there! if you didn’t already know leo’s birthday is on June 30th! and a week later is roxas’ birthday on July 7th!

we (being me, kairi and forrest) are planning a surprise birthday party for them right smack dab in the middle of that week on july 3rd! we’ll be having it at my temple—baldr’s temple. you’re all invited! just don’t spill the beans about the party to either of them!! we want them to grumble in surprise!

gifts for them are more than welcome and feel free to bring all the food and snacks and drinks you’d like, there’s never enough of those things. there will be games and my temple is on the beach so feel free to bring whatever for the sand!

does anyone know how to bake a cake from scratch that can teach me, too?

see you there!!

oh and we do have a bear that wanders around the grounds once in a while, just be careful not to upset her she's super mean sometimes.

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From: Amaterasu
Date: June 27, 2016


I would first like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone for the troubles that I have caused. You do not deserve to suffer for my sake, but I have unknowingly put you all through so much despite that. I am very sorry to have worried you all and I promise that I will be kept very safe, so please put your minds at ease.

With that said, I find myself in a position of making a hard choice. As the Queen of the Heavens, it is up to me to ultimately decide our choices from this point forward. I feel that it is important to acknowledge what has happened here and try to fix the underlying problems that have caused the most recent fuss.

Before I make any decisions, though, I want to hear from all of you. You all fall under my jurisdiction as much as any of the Old Gods and I would hate to leave you out of my reasoning and choices. I fear that we have done that for too long already.

Please feel free to offer me your opinions and thoughts on how the insurgents should be sought out and handled and I will do my best to reply to you all. Again, I am sorry for what has transpired. I know my apologies mean little, but they are the most important things I can offer right now.

And thank you all. Especially to those who came to my aid in my time of need. I owe you all a huge debt of gratitude.

☼ Amaterasu ☼
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[ I. Sparkling Knight ]

Posted: June 21
From: Anonymous

[ It’s the most peculiar thing. Without anyone’s willing it, or any clicks on the thread topic, a window pops up on the BBS of its own accord.

At first, there’s just static. Then, a countdown, grainy and jittery on the screen:

Followed by…darkness. Pure, unadulterated darkness, for several seconds more. The darkness lingers, undisturbed and silent, for several seconds, and is interrupted only by - a voice. It’s not yelling, it’s not whispering. It’s simply speaking, as if you and it are sharing an intimate moment together. It’s a sultry, deep voice. Regal, too. ]

Stellar nurseries. Cradles in the darkness of forsaken galaxies. Nestled to their bosom, a single gleam is born.

[ A flicker of golden light flashes in the center of the screen, then twinkles out. ]

To this world deprived of true radiance - appearing, lo, now on stage.

[ A trail of purple sparkles and rose petals streams through the darkness. ]

A new era dawns.

[ Lights up! Music up, immediately - the ringing of bells, the sounding of trumpets.

And the show begins. ]

Harboring a brilliance stars and planets surely envy… )

[ When the performance is finished, the lights go down again, replaced by a sign written in ornate letters, with a sunburst in the corner: CELEPARA TALENT AGENCY, by SHIKYOIN HIBIKI. NOW SCOUTING.

And then the video switches itself off. But don’t worry. As Hibiki's very first boon to the world as a god, it's listed on a message board.

You can watch it as many times as you want. ]

[ II. Private to Natsuru, Felicia, & Maria - From Apollo ]

[ Hibiki’s sitting at a desk with a laurel pattern on a door behind her. She’s got her crown of golden laurels tucked behind her ears, too, except instead of wearing her usual purple jacket and trousers, she’s wearing a business suit. ]

Senou Natsuru. Felicia. [ A pause. ] Maria Cadenzavna Eve.

I have something to discuss with all of you. Please accept my invitation.

[ And Hibiki sends along a little attachment. It’s a purple envelope with a pink heart on it that shows you a fancy invitation if you click on it. Apparently she wants you all to stop by this afternoon.

Also, since the “paper” the invitation appears on is monogrammed, it looks like Hibiki took the time to program this herself. ]

I await your presence.
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From: Shuusei Kagari
Date: June 21st
Location: Temple of Surtr

So, since I'm still getting to know myself I have a question for all you Shinki and Gods out there.

What's your favorite candy? Oh, and what's your favorite dessert?

Bonus if you can tell me where to find them.


From: Shuusei Kagari
Date: June 21st
Location: Temple of Surtr
[Filtered to those 20 years old or older.]

Also, what's your favorite kind of alcohol? Again, bonus if you can tell me where to find it.
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From: William T. Spears
Posted: June 19th

Why is the Internet like this?
I am highly disappointed in it.
Surely there is more to it than this.

Everyone can be much better than this.
Much, much better.

And whoever told my god about these cellphones, I would like a word.
Many of them.

Grell Sutcliffe.
I am publicly shaming you for your behavior so that you will cease.
Please stop sending me SO MANY messages.
And no, I do not like any of the emoji.
None of them.
Not one of them.


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