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Posted: September 2
From: Wenchang Wang

[Hello, Far Shore.

What greets you today are the wonderful faces of these dinosaurs. They both look livid.]

Hey! Don't scare people off if you want answers!

[The dinosaurs seem to huff but back off as Gohan appears on the screen.

The god rubs the back of his head, looking sheepish.]

Uh, sorry about that, but I was wondering if anyone's seen a couple of eggs. They look like this. [He directs the screen to the nest of eggs.] It's not anywhere around my temple grounds so if anyone sees them around, mind bringing them back?

[A brief pause as Gohan looks back at the dinosaurs before looking back at the screen.]

They're supposed to hatch soon so it'd be good if the eggs are returned safely. Thank you.

[And before the feed ends, the one of the left releases a deafening roar.]
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Date: August 29th
From: Eros

See them?

[The image comes into focus, revealing a pair of teens holding hands as they walk side by side down a quiet neighborhood street. They both appear happy. Laughing. You might even say they're in love. At the start of a new school year, it seems the perfect time for this sort of thing.]

... He prayed for her to love him.

[The young couple fade in and out of focus as he speaks, blurred and fuzzy around the edges. Behind the camera there's a scoff.]

I didn't know if I wanted to, but I gave it to him anyway. And now she'll love him until I tell her to stop.

[Finally they disappear around a corner... just as another boy appears into frame. He pauses, but the couple doesn't notice. He stares over his shoulder, but the couple doesn't notice. ... He has his eyes on the young girl. But she doesn't notice.]

That's who she used to love. ... He doesn't know why she left. Probably never will, even if he still loves her.

[After a minute of watching the two's backs, the boy finally turns around to continue trudging down the street alone, his head hung and eyes focused towards his shoes. Rin waits for him to also disappear out of frame before continuing.]

Tell me-- [a deep breath] --am I dangerous?

BBS | Video

Jul. 9th, 2017 12:56 pm
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Posted: 2 August 20:00
From: Leo

[There is video today! It's just of Leo outside what looks like a fancy warehouse with a box of books, but. It is video.

Anyone from Leo's world will probably recognize the building as being the bathhouse from the Deeprealms.]

I've had this bathhouse for a few months now and since it's just Niles and myself here now that Saix has gone home, I've decided to grant the heavens at large access to it. I don't think I need to go into details about not being a nuisance and what will happen if you cause problems, but all the same. It won't be open to the public at all hours, and there will be different times for men and women until we can get some sort of wall built that no one can peek through.

[He knows how these things go, okay.]

As far as I can tell, there's no healing benefits like one might find in the pool in Lakshimi's temple, so if you are blighted or injured I ask that you go there before coming here. Otherwise, all are welcome at Odin's temple.

[And on to the box at his feet. Which he kicks.]

Does the library take donations?
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Posted: July 18
From: Forseti

[This name isn't very familiar but only because he's one of those types who doesn't use the network as much. Other than the surprise cat video a bit back but this time it's much different than harmless and accidental fun. The video feed is actually showing what appears to be a kitchen but with a very busted up countertop. The hell happened here?]

Ah, may I inquire if there is someone who knows some form of masonry? The past couple of days have been a bit chaotic and my temple did take some brunt damage.

[He's not going to mention about the various things that were also destroyed such as furniture, dishes, and Halone knows what else. Those kind of things he can handle just fine; the countertop however is a different matter. Also Gravity spells kind of suck for fixing things.]
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Posted: 11 July
From: Izanagi

    [ When the video starts, it's on Souji specifically. He gives the camera a bit of a wave with the hand not holding his phone, his temple's open kitchen and dining area behind him. ]

    Hello, everyone. I've been working on lists for study groups, and references for them as well as investigative notes, but I wanted to pose a different offer this time. Hence, why this post will have attachments in the form of photos rather than text this time.

    [ Follow his trek, everyone, through the kitchen and under the free standing stairs, to one of his numerous tatami rooms that lead outside on the first floor. He's immediately greeted by a chorus of meows and chirps, any sort of noise a cat might make when pleased at a person, and that's where he comes to a stop. ]

    I've been picking up stray cats, as well as cats from the shelter that were having a hard time finding families, and have been working on socializing them. All of them are in good health at the moment, have had all their vaccines and the like, and are fixed - except one, but more on her in a moment. You see, I've been hoping to find them permanent homes, either here or on the other Shore. Pretty much all of the ones I have are currently ready for that, so I was wondering if there was anyone that was maybe considering a cat for a companion.

    Anyone that isn't homed is going to go up for adoption to the other Shore, but I figured you all could have first dibs.

    If you just want to come and see them, you can do that, too. The aforementioned special cat is actually a new mother, so there are newborn kittens here now.

    [ This is when he turns the phone around, camera focused on the cats around his feet. That's the end of the video!

    As mentioned, there are pictures attached. What these cats look like are up to dealer's choice, if they wanted to adopt one or coo over one in particular, and Souji literally has enough variety that any picture would do.

    ... he also probably has enough cats for anybody that would want one. It's gotten to that point now.
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From: Goten Son
Date: June 22 ; evening

i learned alot of stuff about shinki and blight
why do gods get blight when their shinki get blight? thats not fair
is there some way to stop that cause i wanna fight without hurting mrick

ROCKSUS you jerk how can you do that to kairy
she loves you a lot and does her best


[The post switches to voice a moment after because Goten isn't that good at writing but he wanted to be sure to get two gods attention. Writing was better for that right?]

Kairi is really strong and doing her best for you and everyone else you know! Shes the best exemplar ever so she should be exemplar! I don't wanna be an exemplar if she isn't one too! The exemplar thing is dumb if the best shinki is the first shinki a god gets! That's cheating!

[There's a small pause as Goten remembers something]

Oh! Oh and Roxas, Aymeric! Neither of you can get mad at Kairi! Yeah! She really helped me out a lot with that prayer and I'd be ayakashi food without her!
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From: Nyanta
Date: June 19th, afternoon

[Why yes, that's a humanoid cat dressed in gentleman's clothing gracing your screen.]

Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Nyanta and yes, I'm not exactly human, nya. I meant to ask everyone sooner but it seems something pops up right when I'm about to post.

I was actually considering doing cooking classes to anyone who would like to learn. I always felt that being able to cook to be something everyone should at least experience. Though I'm still in the process of developing these workshops, I thought it was best if I did an interest check first, nya.

I expect there might be a high demand so group classes based on experience will most likely happen. I shall keep everyone posted once all plans are finalized.
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From: Nanshe
Date: June 18

[ The video opens to Nanako sprawled on her stomach, kicking her feet in the air behind her but her expression is one of serious thought. Although she looks a little shy and uncertain about leaving a message like this, she also looks pretty determined, too. This... hadn't been something she was sure about asking her big brother, so instead she tries here. Maybe that will be easier? Or people will be less quick to guess why she might be asking... ]

Sooo.... this is heaven, right? And where people go after they die?

If someone died a while ago, can you find them here somewhere?
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When: June 8
From: sora

so about a week ago i noticed a bunch of weird fireflies in the sky and the next thing i knew i was lost in a dark forest for a few hours. i ran into a whole bunch of different spirits and people! this is a giant heads up to everyone to stay far away from that crazy dark forest if you can help it! don’t follow the glowy things! it was really dangerous in there.

some of the weirdest spirits were a cat with a napkin on its head, a little boy with no eyes that wanted to know a memory, a lady pretending she was a shinki but was actually a giant spider and a giant fire breathing fluffy rooster. and that’s just some of them!

[Yes. A giant rooster demon. Insert bad jokes here.]

has anyone else run into weird spirits around the heavens? be careful! and stick together!

anyway, while out walking a day ago i found this really cool and really old temple. i kind of want to check it out! anyone up for some adventuring checking out some ruins? might find something really neat! hidden treasure? special artifacts?? we're in the heavens there's bound to be something super interesting!

look at it! it’s like right out of a story book!

[Sora attaches two images that he took with his phone of the outside of the temple. IMAGE ONE and IMAGE TWO.]


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: 25 May
From: Forseti

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[...ok, that might be weird to everyone reading this because some may believe the one behind the screen is either in a fight or has no idea how to use a computer. But it changes within a few minutes because there is another message but this time it's a video. And the first thing that the BBS can spot is...floof.

White floof.

To be more precise, this floof. Someone either wanted to say hello or just be an asshole and play around on the strange shiny button thing his owner has. It's definitely the second option. The cat starts yowling and rolling around on the keyboard for about five minutes until the sound of shuffling feet can be heard in the background.]

Mandragora? Why are you in here?

[Aymeric's voice is groggy but then again, he did wake up hearing his cat suddenly showing up in his bathroom. Mandragora simply murrs then lets out a yowl before the camera just shows the elezen's upper body minus head and neck, picking up the displeased furball. He grunts before muttering a "Too bright." and closes the computer lid. Ugh, drinking last night then getting his family cat in the morning? Too early for this.]
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Posted: 17 May 2016
Author: Hibari Kyoya

[The next post that appeared on the BBS was rather strange, if only for the person writing it. All that was posted was a picture of a very pissed looking teenager with shaggy black hair, a school uniform complete with a disciplinary band, a shinki name on his right cheek and...

were those cat ears?

Those were most definitely cat ears, and they looked like they were very real and attached to his head. Same with the shadow of a tail that seemed to be behind him.

Someone had stolen some food from the cursed fields, it seemed. All that was written below was one word, in very large letters.]

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Posted: May 12
From: Anonymous

Has anyone ever noticed how many conventionally attractive people there are here? I know it's heaven but there are seriously a lot of attractive people here.

Just a random observation.
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[Posted: May 5th, morning
From: Nephenee

The video opens up in what's definitely a garden, or at least a forest with a bunch of flowers in view, and a not-oft-seen young women with green hair in blue armor, her helmet obscuring part of her face. Around her, there are more than a few books, some with titles such as Deities For Dummies, Lagomorphs For Losers, Your Shinki and YOU, and what looks like some self-help books for overcoming shyness.

The fact she's not been seen by most around here probably speaks to how well that's going.

One of her giant bunnies seems exasperated, and nudges her to talk already; there's a little hesitant mutter of agreement, before she actually addresses the device, her accent sounding a bit like warm apple pie, almost like it's from the Southeastern United States.]

H-hiya, folks. How're y'all doin'?

Um, Ah was wonderin' 'bout a few things. we got anyone 'round here who knows anythin' 'bout raisin' rabbits? We never had none back home on my farm, so while Ah've learned some stuff from readin' 'bout it, Ah'd rather see if maybe Ah can get more from talkin' to y'all. Experience is better than books, Ah reckon.

Uh, second, any one 'round here into exercisin' an' sparrin'? Ah'm a soldier, an' Ah really need to keep stuff sharp. Dummies only do so much, ya know?

Third, Ah...kinda need to get some new clothes, but Ah..don't know 'bout fashion stuff, so was...wonderin' if anyone could help with that? Ah've made some stuff, but havin' stuff premade would be nice. do Ah work this technology stuff? Ah sorta figured out the 'ved-e-yo' thing, jus' could...use some help with other stuff...[Rubbing the back of her neck, here] please?

[Can you tell she's kind of crap at people-ing? Which is kind of ironic and hilarious, since she's the god of hospitality...

Someone please help her.]
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Posted: May 5th
From: Aidos

How many of us had experience fighting before coming here? Or after? Seta Souji, Hououji Fuu and I were thinking about setting up response teams considering what's been happening lately. That's part of why I'm asking. I was training to become a pro hero at home, so I've got a little experience fighting. I know hand to hand well. I can't really say I'm a martial artist, but I know a few moves that worked for me.

If you'd like to learn self-defense, I'm happy to help. But if you want to trade lessons I'm fine with that too.

There's also an armory in one of my apartments. I don't really use any weapons, but if anybody needs something from it like weapons or armor, it's there. I'm not sure how much it'll help against ayakashi but it's better than nothing.
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Poster: May 4
By: sora

[Now that more than half of Sora’s friends have vanished, he spent two days stuck on bed rest, lost a shinki, got severely blighted again by his other shinki and lost his best friend- Sora is about UP TO HERE with crappy things happening.

Sick and tired of always being sick and tired he decides all he wants to do is chatter with people. Socialising picks him up and that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

He’s also read a ton of science fiction lately thanks to Leo. So there’s that.]

let’s talk god and shinki powers! who’s got what? what are your powers as a god and what power do you give your god as a shinki? anything super mega cool? flying? shape shifting? fire breathing? cosmic energy control!?

i’ll start. i’ve got the god power of dispelling magic and unlocking. i’m basically a walking skeleton key. pretty awesome, right? it’s not just doors and stuff i can unlock magic barriers and seals too and reset them if i want to.

no funny ideas of asking me to break into a bank for you i won’t do it!

so people of the heavens, what do?

Private to Leo, Elise, Forrest, Saix, Aymeric )
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Has anyone ever woken up and found something completely random in their temple?

[ The camera pans to a cat, who's purring up a hell of a storm. ]

I didn't ask for him or anything. He just showed up this morning, from my home, I'm guessing.
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Posted: May 3
From: Osiris

Has anyone else has a creature from their world deposited here in their temple? Dangerous or otherwise?

[Someone woke up to a certain friend in her temple.]

My world has creatures called chocobo. We use them as mounts and travel companions.

[ATTACHMENTS: angelofvalhalla.jpg; heightcomparison.jpg]

[Private to Sora]
Let me know when you want to come over to meet Odin
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Posted: April 27, 2016
From: ₍˄ุ.͡˳̫.˄ุ₎ฅ˒˒

so what does a guy have to do in order to get some real music around here? how abotu real instruments? idk about all you people but a few simple stringed instruments doesnt sound the same thing as actual rock and i cant even begin to understand some of the shit things ive seen pretending to be an instrument in the local place

for that matter how mabny people actually can play things? not just the traditional ladeeda stuff buit other stuff too? there's gotta be a few people with some kind of skills i cant be the only one that twistches when someone misses a note

and whats up with the whole fire shit? was that some kind of warning or did someone forget to watch their back or something? and why's there not any kind of scvhool system or even anything like that? not that i really want to go to school but it seems kinda lame that there's nothing to do unless you wanna go answer prayers or hang around looking okay and stuff. it's so srs dull here!

[And give him a few minutes of posting this to go to his next add-on complaint.]

also who the hell makes a girl cry that isn't breaking up with her? serious that's just cruel


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