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  ☄ OOC 

♚ PLAYER: Blithe
♚ PREFERRED CONTACT: [personal profile] blythee  |  Discord: Blithe#5328
♚ TIMEZONE/TAGGING PACE: PST. Usually tag at night. Prefer boomeranging a single thread.
♚ THREAD-JACKING: Go ahead! I've got no problem with it!  
♚ BACKTAGGING: Go ahead. Though, I tend to drop threads that aren't going anywhere after a month. That way I don't drown in backlogs. :(
♚ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: No rape. Nothing else comes to mind. 
♚ FOURTH-WALLING: Future events are fine as long as it doesn't involve his own history past his canon point. For example, telling him about future events like he survives to adulthood is fine, telling him anything specific like he joins the Monroe Family for a time not so much. 

  ☄ IC 

♚ MEDICAL INFO: Nico is a Twilight which means he's got enhanced strength and speed. It also means he's addicted to the toxic bioenhancer drug called Celebrer. If he doesn't take daily pills, his body will begin to shut down and he'll die. However, since Celebrer is toxic, a Twilight's lifespan is cut short, ~30 years in return for their enhanced abilities, and in addition, they pay a genetic compensation too. In Nicolas' case, he's deaf. Nicolas had a Twilight mother and a human father. Since one parent wasn't a Twilight, he may be able to live a few years past 30.
♚ MENTAL INFO: The only education he received was mercenary training. He doesn't know how to read or write but has been recently been learning both. He's practiced writing a lot as well as sign language for communication but reading is still difficult for him. Due to his hearing impairment, Nico has learned to read people's lips so he doesn't need to hear in order to know what someone is saying.
♚ TRIGGERS: Threatening his master/owner/contractor.
♚ TELEPATHY/MIND READING: Go ahead. He's suffered countless abuse as a slave from both society and his father so his mind isn't a nice place whatsoever. 
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Nicolas is used to physical violence. He's been abused all his life and has learned how to take a punch, kick, shot, you name it. He won't retaliate or defend himself unless ordered too.  Anyone is welcome to come at him.  As for hurting him, go ahead! Killing him would be something we'd need to talk about.  

♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Nicolas see's the world in black and white. You are either his master, target, or a passer-by. He doesn't know affection. He grew up being abused both emotionally and physically so he has no concept of affection let alone someone trying to be nice to him.  He's like a robot who follows orders and lets people do what they will to him. So, he'll accept affectionate gesture from anyone, he just won't return them because more than likely he's not quite sure what's going on, so don't expect him to return them unless he's ordered too. He's very obedient. Flirting with him? Go ahead. He won't get it, and won't respond unless he feels like he needs too. He's a slave so he's very attuned to what people want from him, taking the time to figure out what's expected of him so he can do it before he angers the other person. Hugging him? Sure! How he reacts will depend on how close he is with the person. Kissing him? Umm. He's more likely to accept a friendly kiss to the cheek or hand from someone who means it in an innocent manner. As for a romantic kiss, unless he's got strong romantic feelings for you (and even then) he'll probably not react to it the way you want. He'll be surprised but and probably accept it but probably out of habit of doing what other people want from him than the reason you may want from him. 
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: Open to familial-type, friendship, and romantic relationships. None without notable CR. 

☄ POWER SPECIFIC: Given Permissions
♚ POWERS: Description [ Here ]

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Nicolas Brown
Code by Yuff

Shinki Info

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CHARACTER: Nicolas Brown
CANON: Gangsta

DEATH: Nicolas is discovered as the Twilight that massacred the Arcangelo Family inciting the Anti-Twilight movement into action. They find him, torture him and cut off his arms and legs to teach the other Twilight's what happens when you go against Normals (Humans).


Vessel: Katana
Name Location: The back of his neck where his mercenary number is tattooed.
Power: Obedience
Explanation: Anything the blade cuts has to obey the wielder. The blade creates a bond with the being making all orders absolute. An order can only be disobeyed if the wielder gives an order to counteract the initial order. The orders only have to be spoken by the wielder in order to take affect. They do not have to be heard.
Limitations: The power does not work on inanimate objects. The power of obedience only works on up to 10 different beings at one time. Only 10 bonds can be formed. If an 11th being is cut then the 1st bond is broken and the being is set free. An order given to a being who is cut is only active for up to 1 day. Then the bond dissolves and the being is no longer obedient to the wielder of the katana who cut it.


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Character Information

Name: Nicolas Brown
Canon: Gangsta
Canon Point: Vol 3, Ch 16. Flashback: After a young Nicolas kills Wallace's family, and they both start to live on the streets in Ergastulum.
Age: 13
Height: 153 cm (5'0)
History: Link

Twilight/Tagged: Those individuals born with a residual genetic effect from the bio-enhancement drug called Celebrer which was used in the East-West War of unification. Descendants of people who used the Celebrer drug during the war are born with enhanced physical abilities such as strength and speed but pay a genetic compensation for their enhanced abilities (i.e. Nicolas hearing). Every Twilight is registered and tagged at birth. They are viewed as inferior by normals and treated as commodities with no human rights. They have short life-spans of ~30 yrs but most never reach this age since they are used as disposable tools and sent into highly dangerous conflicts before normals no matter their age.

Celebrer: An expensive bioenhancement drug whose toxicity and addictiveness are genetically passed down. The drug enhances the physical abilities of humans. To maintain their health, a twilight needs to take Celebrer daily otherwise their body will begin to shut down and they die. 

Personality Summary:

Nicolas, like all Twilights, is a slave. The concept of freedom is foreign to him. His status is nothing more than property value. This has been drilled into him by a society who hates him and a father who abuses him. He has no goals, no dreams, and no human rights. Thus, his personality reflects that of a robot. He’s unemotional, strong, disposable, and obeys without question. He has no sense of self-worth, no dignity, no pride. All common traits among Twilights. 


- Enhanced: Strength and Speed

- Expert: Swordsman and Hand-to-Hand Combatant

- Knowledgeable: Sign Language

- Knowledgeable: First Aid

- Expert: Poker Player/Face

- Expert: Lip Reading

- Expert: Killer

- Beginner: Reading

Strengths: Determined, Focused, Straightforward, Tolerant, Loyal
Weaknesses:  Obedient, Addiction, Violent, Pessimist, Robotic

God/Shinki: Shinki
Why?: Nicolas has always served a master. He's a loyal dog who needs an owner.
Cause Of Death: Nicolas is discovered as the Twilight that massacred the Arcangelo Family inciting the Anti-Twilight movement into action. They find him, torture him and cut off his arms and legs to teach the other Twilight's what happens when you go against Normals (Humans).
Vessel: Katana
Name Location: The back of his neck where his mercenary number is tattooed. 
Power: Obedience
Explanation: Anything the blade cuts has to obey the wielder. The blade creates a bond with the being making all orders absolute. An order can only be disobeyed if the wielder gives an order to counteract the initial order. The orders only have to be spoken by the wielder in order to take affect. They do not have to be heard. 
Limitations: The power does not work on inanimate objects. The power of obedience only works on up to 10 different beings at one time. Only 10 bonds can be formed. If an 11th being is cut then the 1st bond is broken and the being is set free. An order given to a being who is cut is only active for up to 1 day. Then the bond dissolves and the being is no longer obedient to the wielder of the katana who cut it.

Writing Sample

Sample:  TDM #1      TDM #2


Anything Else?: 
Due to his status as a Twilight, Nicolas needs the drug Celebre in order to live. Without it he'll gradually grow weaker and eventually die. I'd prefer to keep this aspect of his canon since it plays a large role. He'll need to receive this drug from his god's temple.


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Nicolas Brown
Should I kill him?
Code by Yuff

Deity Info

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CANON: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
GOD: Athena
POWER: Plant Manipulation
TEMPLE: [a link to your god's temple on the locations page]

More information to come!

God Info

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CHARACTER: Saber (Richard the Lionheart)
CANON: Fate/Strange Fake
GOD: Michael
MYTHOLOGY: Abrahamic
POWER: Action Replication

IC: Inbox

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I'll update this soon and make it real nice

OOC: Application

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Character Information

Name: Lancer (Real name: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne)
Canon: Fate/Zero
Canon Point: Episode 16
Age: Early/Mid 20s

Personality: Lancer is a knight who believes in an honorable fight. There is nothing more in the current Grail War than to fight honorably for his master (who completely and utterly disagrees with this). This causes him issues as he becomes so fixated on one fight (to finish his fight with Saber) rather than attack others, as he refuses to bring masters into the mix. To him, it's a servant on servant fight, and he will keep it that way. This doesn't mean, however, he's unwilling to use every tactic in the book to fight an opponent. He simply wants a fight worth fighting for, and a life that's honorable.

This entire mindset is at odds with his master, Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. Lancer wants to fight with honor and fairness, while Kayneth simply wants to win. This is a constant conflict for Lancer, as all he wanted to do when summoned back into the war was to be loyal to his master and to die an honorable death. Kayneth fights him on this at every turn. The biggest example is when Kayneth orders Lancer to team up with another servant against Saber, who he wants nothing more than to have a fair fight with, fighting her two on one. Lancer begs for him not to, and let him have this fight. Even when Kayneth uses a Command Seal, a forced command that Lancera must follow, he fights against it. Eventually, someone does come between them and put a stop to it.

The other thing that puts him at odds with Kayneth is Kayneth's fiancé, Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri (Sola-Ui for short). The curse that was placed on his face has any woman, without magical resistance, fall in love with him. Which, she so happens to do. Falling so far and madly in love with Diarmuid that it causes Kayneth to get even angrier at Lancer for what he's done. However, Lancer can already see where this is heading, and does his best to ignore her advances. This causes the pair of them to butt heads even more often. Which, in Lancer's case, is Kayneth yelling at him, and Lancer simply trying to serve his master to the fullest.

Lancer is loyal to his master, Kayneth, no matter what may happen. This is prevalent especially when he has to rescue Kayneth from Kiritsugu, an opposing master. Rather than taking the opportunity to attack Kiritsugu, he wants to take care of the master, and make sure he gets somewhere safe. Not to mention, attacking Kiritsugu would go against a previous promise of not bringing masters into the battle. Even when Kayneth berates and insults him, Lancer wants to serve him properly and honorably. Lancer doesn't stand up for himself during these attacks, no matter how strong of a person he is. He takes all the insults and berating, and continues to work under his master, in order to bring him what he wants, the Holy Grail, which will grant any wish. This is something that happens in his myth as well. He never blames anyone for what they did, Grainne, Fionn's fiancé, for placing the geas on him that forces him to kidnap her, or Fionn, who lets him die due to his jealousy and hatred for what Lancer did. Lancer only thinks of how happy he was to share that life with them. This, however, does not extend to his current master when he dies, as it's directly due to them that he's forced to commit suicide.

For most of his life as a human, and as a servant, he's a kind man. Even with his opponents, he's a courteous man, and is more than willing to work together to take down a common enemy. This shows particularly at its strongest when it comes to Saber's injury that he inflicted, using Gáe Buidhe, a weapon that creates a wound that cannot be healed until the weapon is broken. In order for Saber to fight at her strongest, the wound needs to be removed. With almost no hesitation, Lancer breaks his spear, allowing Saber to finish her battle. Until he does this, he fights right alongside her, acting as her 'right hand', as he disabled it entirely.

" You inhuman monsters, who have ruined the honor of a knight, let my blood taint your dreams forever! May the Grail be cursed. May the wish it grants bring disaster! And when you fall into the searing pits of hell... you will remember the hateful rage of Diarmuid!"

Lancer's final scene shows how incredibly emotional he can be. He isn't one to hide any of his emotions. When Saber promises him that final, proper duel, he's pleased and satisfied. When he's being berated by Kayneth, he's listening, and displeased. Displeasure shows through even stronger during his interactions with Sola-Ui, especially when her infatuation with him crosses the line of obsessiveness. And in his last moment, when he's forced to kill himself, he rages at the world for what it has done to him.


Servant: Lancer is a heroic spirit, summoned as a servant through the Holy Grail for the Holy Grail War. Because of this, he is far stronger and far more durable than any human. The cost of this, however, is mana. Whether to conserve it, or due to a lack of it, he can turn into a spirit form. If he doesn't have enough mana to survive, or he loses his master, he will fade away. For the sake of making sure Lancer does not fade away, we will assume The Far Shore has enough Mana to keep him around for a while.

Specific Servant Skills: Lancer is... a lancer. He's a skilled fighter with his spears, the Gáe Dearg and the Gáe Buidhe. While these are both also Noble Phantasms (which we will get to in a moment), they are also his weapons. While they are both different lengths, and could potentially cause problems, Lancer is able to use them without a single issue.

All servants are ranked on a set of abilities. Ranked from E to EX. E being the worst, EX being the best.

Strength: B
Mana: D
Endurance: C
Agility: A+
Luck: E

Based on this chart, his agility is incredible, his strength is very good, and his luck is the worst it could possibly be.

Eye of Mind (True): With this skill, Lancer can gain an analysis of all battle conditions and make the correct choice in whether to fight or whether to escape. This works, no matter how far into danger he is. Because of this skill, Lancer is able to stay calm and collected in the heat of battle, and is able to have well placed traps, should it be necessary to win a battle.

Love Spot: This is more of a 'curse' than an 'ability'. However Lancer is known of Diarmuid of the Love Spot, due to his face being cursed with a spot underneath his right eye that will make any woman without strong magical resistance fall instantly in love with him. Due to how overpowered this ability is, I ask that it be nerfed. I would simple say nerfed to the point that women simply want to speak with him, rather than immediately fall in love with him. However, I will leave it up to mod discretion.

Noble Phantasms: Noble Phantasms are 'ultimate' skills. A Noble Phantasm can only be used when there's enough mana powering a servant and/or there's an active Holy Grail around. These take a serious amount of mana. These are also the symbols of the servants in question, and by using them, it reveals who they are. Lancer has two Noble Phantasms, Gáe Dearg and Gáe Buidhe. Both of these are his spears, and usually wrapped in talisman cloth to hide what they are. While most Noble Phantasms require their name to be said to be used, Lancer's both are passive abilities. They are always able to be used in battle.

Gáe Dearg: The longer of his two spears, in a red color. This spear has the ability to penetrate through any magical barrier, breaking through it and severing the ties. This only happens while the tip of Gáe Dearg is going through the object, and it can function as normal again once he's done.

Gáe Buidhe: The shorter of his two spears, in a yellow color. When this spear causes damages, the wounds cannot be healed until Lancer either dies or breaks the weapon.

In the state of canon, he has broken Gáe Buidhe, and Gáe Dearg is shoved through his chest.




God/Shinki: Shinki

Why?: Lancer is a loyal knight through and through. He makes a much better shinki as he’s there to help his lord or king. Plus, as a servant who was summoned, he’s particularly good at being a weapon.

Cause Of Death: Canon death - Stabbed himself with his spear through his chest.

Vessel: His spear, Gáe Dearge. It’s a long, red spear, often covered in a talisman cloth.

Name Location: His outer thigh.

Power: Barrier breaker; When a barrier is struck with the tip of his spear, it breaks. This power can only be used once a day.

OOC: Shinki Info

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CHARACTER: Lancer (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne)
CANON: Fate/Zero
VESSEL FORM: A long red spear called Gáe Dearg
POWER: Barrier breaker; When a barrier is struck with the tip of his spear, it breaks. This power can only be used once a day.
CAUSE OF DEATH: Stabbed himself with his spear through his chest.

ooc: Permissions

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CHARACTER NAME: Lancer (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne)


Backtagging: Yes!
Threadhopping: Double check with both parties
Fourthwalling: Prefered not to!
Offensive subjects (elaborate): N/A


Hugging this character:
Kissing this character:
Flirting with this character:
Fighting with this character:
Injuring this character (include limits and severity):
Killing this character:
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character:


The Far Shore App

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Player InformationA

Name: Allison Marie
Contact: Plurk Crow Witch
Age: 21+
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information

Name: Eric Slingby
Canon: Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
Canon Point: The canon point is near the start of the musical. Eric has just started the string of murders that he believes can save his friend Alan.
Age: Unknown. Eric is a Shinigami, and they can live for centuries. In all probability, Eric has. However, he appears to be early thirties in face and body.
Personality: Eric Slingby is a brash, bold, and confident man, capable of crossing the line to overconfident. He’s prone to bragging and acting in ways that make him appear ‘cool.’ He’s also fairly open with his sexuality, openly expressing interest in both men and women and boasting about sexual conquests. However, it’s frequently unclear if his conquests are real or merely boasting. He likes good food, good drink, parties, and is known to get drunk on occasion. He also has a wry and sometimes mean sense of humor. In relation to his job, Eric is a bit like a more mature version of Ronald; he works hard, but hates overtime and love parties.

His bold exterior hides a much more compassionate person than he’ll let on. Shinigami work with humans at the point of death. When human beings die, they are the ones who reap the souls. Any effort to help them avoid death is prohibited. Different shinigami deal with the emotional burden this entails in different ways. Eric’s way of coping is to be completely untouchable and merciless with those he is about to reap. He does not connect with them, and does not allow them to connect with him. Alan is compassionate with them, offering them support, and wanting to share their pain so that they will not be alone with they die. Eric admits to Alan that he sees Alan as the stronger of the two of them for this. He even says that he envies Alan his strength in being able to show compassion to someone they cannot save, and that he sees himself as not being able to deal with the emotions of the dying the way Alan does. That’s why he must remain aloof when his work requires him to take life.

Eric loves Alan completely and totally. We know that there is literally nothing Eric would not do for him. While Eric doesn’t hesitate to kill one-thousand innocent people to gain the one-thousand pure souls to help cure Alan’s illness, the fact that he’s doing something wrong does not escape him. He’s well aware of the immorality of his actions. There’s just nothing that he’ll stop at to try save the person he loves the most. At one point, before Alan understands that Eric is trying to save him, Alan offers Eric his soul “since he’s going to be dead soon anyway” and “Eric needs souls so much.” Eric responds with horror, saying that if Alan dies that what he’s done has been all for nothing. He repeats this sentiment when Alan is killed; horrified that he killed all those people and that Alan wasn’t saved, making their deaths meaningless. The corruption of his own soul is something Eric is acutely aware of, saying at one point that he’d gladly give his own life to help cure Alan, but that his soul has become too corrupted with the sins he’s committed and no longer counts as a ‘pure’ soul. He even speculates whether or not he’s fit to be with Alan anymore after what he’s done, even though he’s doing it to save him.

Given the fact that Eric does all he can to avoid contact and attachments with the people he has to kill through his work as a shinigami, and given the fact that he is aware that he’s doing something evil in order to save Alan, it is unlikely that he’d bring himself to kill someone he’s made an emotional connection with if he doesn't have to. There would be a crisis of conscience. He’d simply move on to a stranger instead, as long as there was one available. Of course, Alan’s well being would ultimately trump anyone else’s. But, as long as there are anonymous strangers around, the people close to Eric are relatively safe.

Alan describes Eric as someone who always reached out to other shinigami struggling with their job. Given the fact that Eric admits that he must maintain distance from dying humans in order to do his job, and what he’s willing to do to save Alan, I think we can take this assessment at face value. Eric will, by nature, help someone in need. Suffering, cries for help etc will all work on him. Of course, he’ll do his best to act cool and seem unmoved while he does it. Eric’s exterior of bravado is a hard shell for him to discard at times, due to the nature of his work, but he can be cracked.
Abilities: Eric is a shinigami, and has the skills set of a shingami in his canon. It’s very hard to kill a shinigami. While they can get ill, the “Thorns of Death” is the only disease they can die from, but there is only one recorded case it. Mostly, the disease exists only in legend. The only other way to kill one is to reap them with a death scythe. They can be injured however. If they are hit, they can bruise, cut, bleed, break bones etc. They will shake it off and heal faster than a human would. Minor wounds will heal almost instantly, major injuries can take days, and they will scar normally.
Compared with a human, shinigami are much stronger, faster, and more agile. They can overcome gravity with leaps and bounds and in-jump aerial maneuvers far beyond what any human could do. They are said to be able to ‘travel long distances instantaneously’ but how they do this or what the limitations are is never established in canon. In fact, in canon it’s done so infrequently (and there are multiple examples of shinigami in danger where they don’t do this to escape) that one would assume it can only be done under specific circumstances.
They do travel easily back and forth from the human world and the world they inhabit when they are not collecting human souls. My own personal belief, since there is no information in canon, is that since they can move in and out of the human world, they can also ‘skip’ over space within the human world using similar methods. One limitation I would set on this ability within the game is that he would have to know a place and to have been there before in order to get there by these means. Since there are times when this is not used as a means to escape within canon, I would also say that that they have to be able to move in order to travel to another place by this method, so if a shinigami is physically restrained, they would not be able to vanish from restraints.
They are very in tune with the spirit world, able to see ghosts, distinguish between humans and supernatural being disguised as humans on sight, and posses the ability to sense magic. Shinigami are almost all near-sighted, and they all wear glasses. The glasses are specially made for them and also signify their status as a shinigami. Willfully removing and abandoning the glasses constitutes retirement. Eric‘s vision without his glasses is very poor.
Strengths: Good with his death scythe, strong and agile, fast, cool persona, and a loyal friend
Weaknesses: Alan and needing to keep him alive at all costs, finding his existence as a shinigmi long and cold, partying too much, being a reaper has left him with little interest in human life, poor eyesight without glasses
God/Shinki: Shinki
Why?: Eric is pretty dispassionate about humans. He wouldn’t be very good at listening or answering prayers. He has a long history of carrying out the pans of gods though.
Cause Of Death: Eric was killed by Sebastian after accidently killing his beloved Alan. Eric will be in a broken state when he arrives.
Vessel: A small potted cactus with a 1 cent price tag on it.
Name Location: Inside of his left wrist.
Power: Healing Touch. As a Shinigami dealing with death, healing would mean a lot to Eric. Also, his plot in the musicals revolves around him trying to find a cure for Alan.

Writing Sample


Anything Else?: N/A

The Far Shore

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CHARACTER: Eric Slingby
CANON: Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
VESSEL FORM: A small potted cactus
POWER: [your shinki's special power] Healing
GOD: [the god your shinki belongs to, can be found on the shinki page]
EXP POINTS: [can also be found on the shinki page]
CAUSE OF DEATH: [as detailed in your application] Killed by Sebastian after accidently killing Alan

The Far Shore Permissions

Oct. 15th, 2017 07:55 pm
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[personal profile] ochitashinigami
CHARACTER SERIES: Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

[Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.]

Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: Yes
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Yes. Sex, violence, etc.

[Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.]

Hugging this character: Yes
Kissing this character: Yes
Flirting with this character: Yes
Fighting with this character: Yes
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Situational, ask please
Killing this character: Situational, ask please
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes but he'll know

Warnings: Eric likes to flirt, and he's strong. Caution is advised.


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