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Posted: July 31st
From: Dali

(Sansa is moving about her study, slipping books from shelves and spreading out what looks like a map on a large table. Her hair - which now easily reaches the small of her back - falls over her shoulders, touching the parchment until she brushes it away.)

This began as a personal project of sorts. Maps are essential when - and if - one must wage battle. We have seen skirmishes with the ayakashi, however it feels as if those conflicts are intensifying into a greater war.

(She has marked the places where certain skirmishes have occurred with red pins and they are too numerous for comfort.)

Visions should not be ignored, though I much prefer relying on something tangible.

(Tangibility and being a god don't always go hand in hand, unfortunately.)

My temple, as always, is open to those who come in friendship and peace. Should we see war or some great shift in our lives in Heaven and beyond, I will be honored to stand at your side. Until then, be wary and keep armed.

(She lays a hand on a rather dainty sword that might be able to fit nicely under a skirt. Every lady needs one.)
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[The morning of July 31st, all residents of Mielikki's lodge will receive a rather rude awakening in the form of one Barry Goodman jolting up in bed and screaming. And as a fun bonus for everyone else, in his panic he knocks his phone off the side table next to the bed, so everyone else in the Far Shore gets to witness this fit too. Thankfully, he sleeps in shorts and a t-shirt, so at least he's clothed. What he is not, however, is quiet.]


[Throwing the covers off, Barry jumps out of bed and immediately falls to his knees right in front of the phone. Viewers are treated to a low perspective shot of him balling his fists, raising them into the air, and screaming into the heavens as tears begin to stream down his face.]


[This will especially troublesome for Hiyoko and Hibiki, at least until he calms down. There's enough guilt here about something to cause problems, but he's also constantly apologizing about it, so it won't actually progress very far. But the way he's pinballing between guilt, sorrow, and a deep desire for repentance is sure to cause some discomfort.]


[...Still, someone should probably do something about this.]
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Date: July 29
Posted by: Inti

Good day, everypony! I have a question for you all: when those ayakashi that looked like fireflies came out of the opening near the viewing, at one point there was a giant sword hovering above the scene.

Does anypony know what that was about?
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[Zeno takes a bite of a juicy golden-yellow apple.]

Gods are so high-maintenance, right? Anyone who got some of the alcohol from Zeno at the firefly picnic, please accept this apology! Zeno was only trying to bear cups and properly embody Hebe, but it didn't work out so well!

[Another, smaller bite. He has to wipe some fruit juice off his face with his sleeve.]

Hebe should be serving nectar, though. Or ambrosia? Some things Zeno reads say nectar is the drink of the gods that makes them immortal, and some say ambrosia is the food, and others say the opposite. Zeno has been looking for ambrosia and nectar for a while now!

Moreso lately. Given some recent events, immortality might be a useful thing to have for shinki as well as gods.

[He quickly takes another, bigger bite of his apple, in order to disguise his distaste for that sentiment. Immortality isn't something to play around with-- just like mortality isn't something to take advantage of.]

Who'd think being dead can't stop you from being killed? [That, that he allows himself to visibly react to. Mostly in a look of disgust and a tone of utter disdain for the murderer.]

The way to obtain immortality is by ingesting something, it seems. Ambrosia and nectar, the elixir of life, amrit, dragon blood, golden apples... so very high-maintenance!

[A bigger, more involved bite of his delicious yellow apple.]

What does everyone think? Is searching for the source of immortality worth it while we try to stop this person? [His voice sounds a little more serious, now.] If the gods who used them exist, surely they must, too-- but is immortality worth the trouble? Is it even the right thing to do?
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Who: Zero and OPEN
When: During the Haunted Festival Season
Where: The NearShore
What: After he decides to answer a prayer concerning the set-up of one of a handful of Haunted festivals popping up.
Warnings: PG-13
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( The video is normal enough! Urashima props his phone up so it's at a good angle and holds up a poster for everyone to see. )

Look! There's going to be a lot of haunted houses in this park soon! Everyone should go! It looks like a lot of fun!

( And he sets the poster down next to Kamekichi, his always sleeping turtle. Right now, she appears to have a cooling washcloth on her shell. It's hot, guys. Summer is here. Someone get this turtle to a cool pond. )

Hmm... you know, it's that time of year, too! Isn't that fun? Maybe we can tell each other ghost stories! I'll start, I'll start!

Have you ever heard of tsukumogami? They're spirits that live in "things." I think the scariest one is Boroboroton! Boroboroton is an angry futon spirit. If you don't take care of your futon, it'll come to life, throw you out of bed, and cover your face. Isn't that scary? So you should take care of your things before they get angry!

( He isn't very good at this ghost story thing and he has twenty more stories just like this one. )

What do you think?
For those interested, this is a mini prelude for my upcoming player plot so check it out!
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Posted: 28 July 2016 04:55 PM
From: Henir


At the beginning of the month, Ekko and I began working on a collaborative project that combined our technology as well as our status as time-related gods in this world. The intended goal was to visit or otherwise witness a specific time and location in the "past" of this world's timeline, approximately two months ago.

On July 15th we were able to successfully generate a portal to the past. Unfortunately, there were some unintended side-effects in the present. Rest assured that reality is quite resilient and there should be no significant long-term damage caused by the mishap.

Read more... )

I'm posting this information publicly so that it doesn't become lost or destroyed. Considering that Ekko was killed earlier today and will likely have forgotten all of this if he's revived, I'd rather not let all of this data go to waste if something happens to myself. I'll also be backing up my data somewhere safe while I continue processing what's left.

If anyone has any questions, I'll attempt to explain as best as I can.
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[ The video begins at an unflattering upward angle on Gojyo's shell-shocked face. He's holding the phone at about chest height, the camera pointed at him. Judging from his expression, whatever he's looking at beyond the camera's view must be absolutely horrifying.

He opens his mouth to speak, closes it again, then looks down at the camera.

This is for anyone who knew Ekko. Chronos. [ He can't look away from the view in front of him for long -- his eyes are drawn back to it, again and again. ] He's dead.

[ He clearly considers turning the camera toward whatever it is he's been looking at -- it's obvious in the way he glances between the two -- but he decides against it. And there's really nothing more to say, is there? The feed goes dark. ]

(OOC: As of about 3pm on the 28th, nearly all of the remains have been gathered up and buried a the foot of a nice tree. There's no gravesite marker, but it should be obvious to anyone that somebody's recently buried something at the base of that tree, and the grave is shallow enough that if anyone wanted to dig it up, it wouldn't take much effort at all.)


Jun. 22nd, 2017 03:26 pm
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Date: July 28th
Posted by: Anonymous

The shortest nights have passed, but the heat of the summer draws near.

There are those who say that that the crossing to the Near Shore is narrow, on nights like these. When the mist and steam rise through the night, and campfires draw out the strange shadows of the forests, talk of ghosts and demons is never far...

Tell me.

What tales have you heard?


Jun. 22nd, 2017 02:55 pm
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Date: July 27th - Afternoon
Posted by: Yuuri Katsuki


[Yuuri looks like he might very well be thinking better of posting on the network at all, and actually moves like he's making for the "off" button for half an instant, but then he pauses halfway there. He's visibly steeling himself for a moment, as he takes a deep breath, exhales it back out, and gets a look of intense determination on his face before he plunges forward.]

Some of the rest of you have found things lying around when you woke up before, right?

It's just that... )
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Hello, everyone. It's been a while since I've made an announcement like this, but I'm afraid I've been a little busy lately. I hadn't intended to stop taking clothing commissions, but I've been training with Lady Orihime over the past few weeks to learn more about creating divine raiments and it's been taking up most of my free time. I've finished my first major project, though, so I've got a little more flexibility lately.

I still won't be taking commission work until I've finished my training, but I do have enough time to open the temple up for beauty treatments. The pools in the garden behind the temple have healing properties and help keep skin soft, and I can also do hair and nail work for anyone who's interested. In addition, I'll be teaching a sewing class once a week at Hakkai's school. And once Lady Orihime is satisfied with my progress, I'll be able to start making clothing again too. So if anyone is interested in any of that, feel free to let me know and we can either set up an appointment at Lakshmi's temple or get you enrolled at the school.

[Forrest smiles, nodding at the feed.]

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you all!

BBS - Text

Jun. 17th, 2017 11:23 pm
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Date: July 26 - Late Afternoon
Posted by: Kaede

Hello everyone. May I please have a moment of your time?
I have had the opportunity to meet or speak with some of you before but for those of you I have not, my name is Kaede. I am exemplar to Fuujin-sama.

Allow me to personally apologize for the mix up that happened earlier today. We have been shifting things around and it was still a work in progress. But those issues have been resolved over the last few hours.

All newly arrived gods should have personally received a notice from myself or been approached and told the name of your shinki by this time. It will be a little strange at first but please do your best to work together.

If there is anyway I can assist any of you further, please let me know.

Thank you,

((OOC: God/Shinki pairing list is here))
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Posted: July 24th
From: Dali

Have you ever been in love before? Was it returned?

Do you think some are meant to be alone?

(These are the thoughts she entertains when her temple is quiet and her fires burn low.)

You need not get into specifics if it is uncomfortable for you.
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Date: July 24
Posted by: Thoth

I've been a bit busy the past few days, but in light of some recent occurrences, I've been meaning to ask:

How much do you remember of your childhoods?

BBS | Video

Jun. 9th, 2017 11:32 am
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Date: July 23rd
Posted by: Fushimi

[The video opens up on Fushimi standing by a pile of hay stacked in a vaguely humanoid manner and some throwing knives stuck in it. Fushimi pulls them out and shows the camera that all four of them are pretty normal. He moves back, still visible in the camera, and prepares to throw throw two of them.

They catch fire and the hay-target starts to burn.]

That's normal.

[Fushimi grabs a nearby bucket of water to douse the flames before throwing the next two.

These gain a strange bluish aura that seems to make them sharper or at least more durable. The hay-target is obliterated.

He turns to the camera]

That only happened a few days ago. Someone want to explain it?

[Or: Fushimi freaked out when he saw Munakata's Sword during the event and accidentally called on the blue aura. So that's a thing!]
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Date: July 22nd
Posted by: Akagi Shouhei

- - -

What does being strong mean to you? What makes you think someone looks strong?
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Date: July 20th
From: Carl Adler

Grell Sutcliffe, aka The Morrigan, has disappeared. Just thought I should mention it since there should be people around who knew her.

[ Which means that he's without a god again, but he'll try think up some people to ask instead of actually asking or mentioning it. .....And it's been a month. Only a month. What the hell is this, going through two gods in two months. Plus Grell's other shinki had disappeared after D2 was named by her, too. ]
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Date: July 19th
From: Anonymous

How would you define the word monster?

[A few recent conversations have gotten her thinking about certain things and she's genuinely curious about the answers she might get. Cardia is well aware that there are a few people who do know her secret and could probably guess that this is from her. But she's not brave enough to ask something like this without anonymity to hide behind.]
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Date: July 19th
From: Eric

I need some help with something...

[ There's a small pause as he tries to figure out how to word it best. ]

I want to get a gift for a girl as a thank you, but I don't know what to get. If anyone has Ideas, it'd be nice to hear.

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Posted: July 18
From: Barry Goodman

So, that sure happened.

Gotta say, I'm glad to be back to normal. Kinda wish I coulda kept that younger body I was in, though - easiest forty pounds I've ever lost, haha! Anyway, though, I got some things to say.

First off, Izuku - I owe ya, man. I almost made the biggest mistake of my life yesterday, but I remembered what ya told me and I came back from the point of no return. If there's ever anything you need - and I mean anything - you just call on your pal Barry, okay? You literally saved my soul back there. No joke.

And second - you guys gotta see what I found at the zoo. Check this out:

Cut for dumb meme )

Lookit that little guy! He totally knows what's up! 2D > 3D! I can't believe I almost forgot that! I'm sorry, Blueprint-chan! I'll never betray you like that again! I'm gonna buy all your figures and plushies and drama CDs, I promise!

Well, uh, I kinda got off-topic there a little bit. But I'm doin' good, ain't nobody gotta worry about that. Barry Goodman, signing off!


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