Heavens / Video

[The man gives a cocky smile.]

Um hello, far shore, is it? [He rubs the back of his neck nervously.] I'm new. I'm afraid most of what they told me didn't make a lot of sense, but I'll catch on. I was told that meeting others would help me orient myself.

So, hello.
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Heaven's BBS - Video

From: Chikusa Kakimoto
Date: September 1


[Mistakes were made.]

[As the video sparks into life, the focus is on Chikusa. Instead of the background being somewhere outside, or in some room in a temple, it's just... void. Endless void, in case that wasn't clear enough. If not for the fact that Chikusa's hair is still moving, indicative of movement in this weird zero gravity, it'd be easy to think that the background is fake somehow.]

[Instead of the usual blank expression, his lips are drawn thin in annoyance.]

...There's an intruder on the grounds of Epona's castle. He stuck me in a portal....

Someone tell Roy, the god for Epona, or Cho Hakkai, to tell Ken that I'll be back soon...

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Heaven's BBS ☆ Audio

Posted: September 3
From: Urashima Kotetsu

— — — — —

Do you think swords are boring? Someone told me that. I don't think its true. ( He sounds a little annoyed too but not too much. It's more like a kid whining than anything else. ) You know, there are a lot of different kinds of swords and that's really interesting!

For example, I use a wakizashi. It's short so it can't reach very far but that means I can move a lot easier in small places. I have to work harder to get close to my opponent but if I can do it and their weapon is too big, they won't be able to hit me very well. I think it's fun to see how close I can get.

I've also seen a sword that was a thousand years old! I think it was magic too but I don't know. Isn't that cool? There are a lot of different types of swords and even more styles so it's fun to learn about them.

( There's a bit of silence. He's thinking about what he just said. It's really cool, right? And not boring at all? )

Hey! Does anyone want to practice with me? It'll be fun. I'm pretty sharp, heh heh heh~

( And quietly, at the very end, there's a mutter, )

It'll be more fun than practicing math... ... Aaaah! I didn't mean to say that...!

Heaven's BBS | Video

Posted: September 2
From: Wenchang Wang

[Hello, Far Shore.

What greets you today are the wonderful faces of these dinosaurs. They both look livid.]

Hey! Don't scare people off if you want answers!

[The dinosaurs seem to huff but back off as Gohan appears on the screen.

The god rubs the back of his head, looking sheepish.]

Uh, sorry about that, but I was wondering if anyone's seen a couple of eggs. They look like this. [He directs the screen to the nest of eggs.] It's not anywhere around my temple grounds so if anyone sees them around, mind bringing them back?

[A brief pause as Gohan looks back at the dinosaurs before looking back at the screen.]

They're supposed to hatch soon so it'd be good if the eggs are returned safely. Thank you.

[And before the feed ends, the one of the left releases a deafening roar.]

Heaven's BBS | Video

Date: September 2
From: Caireen


I'd like to take this time to invite any interested parties to my Temple in two day's time for a group training session.  Our primary objectives will be to work on stealth, speed, and camouflage, along with surveying one's surroundings in potentially high-tension situations.

[...did she just describe a game of Hide and Seek?  Maybe.]

The session is open to all shinki and gods, regardless of age or experience.  I'll do my best to provide some refreshments on the side.  If you have any further questions, you're welcome to get in touch with either myself or my shinki, Trunks--really, it was more his idea than mine.

[Credit where credit is due] 

Hopefully, this can be a fun learning experience for many.

((ooc: Trunks has a log up for anybody who wants to thread out any training/mingling at Mai's Temple))
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Heaven's BBS | TEXT

Posted: August 31
From: William T. Spears

Can someone please explain to me why I would ever want my coffee or tea to taste like pumpkin? That or these other ridiculous flavors they seem to be adding to cream? Honestly.
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(Heaven's BBS)

Posted: August 31st
From: Dali

I formally invite gods and shinkis alike to a dinner party taking place on September the Sixth. If you need directions to my temple, I am happy to provide. Otherwise, dress as you wish - there is no set attire - and do not worry about burdening yourself with gifts or offerings.

(She has experience enough in organizing such gatherings - there will be plenty of food and some sort of entertainment.)

It may come as little surprise, all things considered, that I am therefore seeking the employment of Bards or those with musical gifts. I wish for the party to be lively and welcoming. If you are interested, contact me here or by visiting my temple.

I thank you in advance and I pray we can all spend an evening enjoying one another's company.


Date: August 30th
From: Anonymous

A simple question.

Of the names you bear, does one seem to you the truest?

Heaven's BBS - Text

From: Anonymous
Date: August 29


so as I have come to understand it in many places in the world it is possible for two men to get married
and its strange because that kind of thing should be a bit of a moot point for us here in the Heavens right?
i mean most of us dont have much in the way of family here so whose name you pick things like that
it doesnt matter so much
and a material or political union isnt very likely either

it seems to me like it is frequently used as a proof of love too
but i dont feel like either of us need to prove anything because we know

so its strange but... its still a very appealing thought

i bet that it might be a bit of a problem between a shinki and a god though

[He's great at being anon, shut up.]
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Heaven's BBS - Text

From: Anonymous
Date: August 29


How do you write romance stories? Or any sort of fiction.

What romance stories that are already written do you like?
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Heaven's BBS | video

Date: August 29th
From: Eros

See them?

[The image comes into focus, revealing a pair of teens holding hands as they walk side by side down a quiet neighborhood street. They both appear happy. Laughing. You might even say they're in love. At the start of a new school year, it seems the perfect time for this sort of thing.]

... He prayed for her to love him.

[The young couple fade in and out of focus as he speaks, blurred and fuzzy around the edges. Behind the camera there's a scoff.]

I didn't know if I wanted to, but I gave it to him anyway. And now she'll love him until I tell her to stop.

[Finally they disappear around a corner... just as another boy appears into frame. He pauses, but the couple doesn't notice. He stares over his shoulder, but the couple doesn't notice. ... He has his eyes on the young girl. But she doesn't notice.]

That's who she used to love. ... He doesn't know why she left. Probably never will, even if he still loves her.

[After a minute of watching the two's backs, the boy finally turns around to continue trudging down the street alone, his head hung and eyes focused towards his shoes. Rin waits for him to also disappear out of frame before continuing.]

Tell me-- [a deep breath] --am I dangerous?

Heaven's BBS 📷 Text

Date: August 28th
From: Prompto Argentum

whoa!! you guys!
remember that shopping center heaven had us investigate last week? it CAUGHT FIRE three days after we checked it out!!! ━(◯Δ◯∥)━ン
and the papers say it could've been arson??
does anyone have any idea what could've happened there? did we miss something???
i only found a good luck charm taped inside one of the air ducts.....

oh and also hi to everyone i haven't met yet! my name's prompto. i've only been here a little while AS FAR AS I CAN REMEMBER so if you know me and i don't know you i'm really sorry if things seem weird and awkward
(꒪꒫꒪,,) it's not like i meant to forget, i swear
i heard these things happen sometimes?
but if we were friends we can totally be friends again if you give me a chance to kind of catch up!
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Heaven's BBS | Text

Date: August 26th
From: Minerva

Hello, everyone.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I arrived home at my temple tonight to find that a shinki of mine, Shouhei Akagi, has apparently gone home.

It looks like he's left some things behind here for his friends, so if you were close to him at all, please come by the temple and get them whenever you like. I know he would definitely want you to have them.
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❀ Heaven's BBS | Text

Date: August 24
Posted by: Konohanasakuya-hime

Good evening.

Some of you may already know me but for those who don't, my name is Sakura. It's nice to meet everyone.

Where I'm from, I'm a healer and though I don't have all of my equipment here, I think I can still be of some use. I'm afraid there are some limits to my magic here but my shinki and I can at least help until we can get the assistance you really need. I also have plenty of holy water at my shrine if you need it so please, let me know or come whenever you need to.

I'm also looking for other healers and doctors. Even apothecaries or someone familiar with the medicine of this world would be good to know. I'd like to know my resources so I can help others better. With how things can be here, I'm sure others would appreciate the information too so if you could please respond with any useful information, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

- Princess Sakura of Hoshido

( At the end of the post, there are also instructions on how to get to Konohansakuya-hime's shrine. Also feel free to note that her writing style is pretty formal for a network post or who the heck still uses the word apothecary in daily language. )

Heaven's BBS | Text

Date: August 23
Posted by: Carl Adler

I wanted to ask a question, but first I have something I should let people know of.

Psyche, Exemplar of Lakshmi, has disappeared. I’m afraid that I don’t know who her friends are, so I can’t let you know through private messages.

On another note, Lakshmi’s temple has moved. Now it’s in the southeast district. Has any other temple belonging to the new gods moved?

Which is not the question I wanted to ask initially, but anyway, I’d like to know.

As for my original question:

Are there bullets of holy water that can be loaded into normal guns around? I mean, bullets that have holy water inside them, that pops open or explode, in some way, upon impact. I have been looking, but I might have missed it if there are. If not, do you think anyone would be able to make some?

Heaven's BBS | Text

Date: August 23
Posted by: Neptune

Quick question. What does everyone consider picnic foods?

It doesn't have to be fancy, or even cooked, just something you yourself would bring to an occasion like that.

Also, no alcohol. This isn't for a romantic occasion. Though food cooked with alcohol is a-okay.

Heaven's BBS | Text

Date: August 19
Posted by: Celty

Good evening everyone. I've been talking to a few people for advice about what to do in my spare time around here and getting a job of some sort came up a few times.

So I'd like to announce that if you have a need I will be offering my services as a delivery driver and courier in both the Near and Far Shores. I can ferry people as well, but not in large numbers. I'll be sure to keep prices reasonable considering our natures, but I will also ask for more for any more dangerous jobs.

If anyone knows of a good way to promote my services on the Near Shore side, please let me know.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or directly.
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Heaven's BBS | Text

Posted by: Davesprite
Date: August 18th

friends romans countrymen
also non romans and countrywomen
how many roman gods do we even have here it cant be that many
lend me your ears
or listening appendage of choice im not here to judge

the mysterious as fuck whims of this place have recently bestowed on me
a sickass turntable set
which i seem to be pretty fucking good with if i do say so myself

>FILE: crystalanthemums.mp3

so if anyone is in desperate need of the illest of beats for a special occasion
call my name and i will appear dramatically over the sunset like the cowboys of yore

while im here
i keep hearing about shinki spells
and also theres some flyers about them around now i guess
but lets have some personal anecdotes first
how actually useful are the spells we can learn
or are they just kind of arbitrary bullshit powers
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Heaven's BBS | Post ₍₍ ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜ ₎₎

From: Honoka Kousaka
Date: August 17th, Day

omg these new phones are so much nicer than the one i have back home lol thanks for the freebie

ANYWAY!!! i'm one of the newbies who just turned up so i figured i'd better get on with introducing myself so everyone knows who i am. i'm honoka kousaka! i'm also supposed to be ame-no-uzume-no-mikoto?? i thinK??? HONESTLY IT'S STILL KINDA HARD TO BELIEVE... crazy stuff like this just doesn't happen at home. but if i'm here then you guys must really need the help so i'm gonna do my best and get at it!

the big problem is im not very good at fighting tho? i'm only really trained for dancing and i go running every morning. so im fast Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ and i've got lots of stamina! i just have no idea how fighting works lol. so is there anybody here who's any good whod be okay with me learning?

AND IF YOU'RE NOT!! i still wanna get to know you!! so let's do like. a q&a or something! tell me what your fave food is and what kind of food you HATE MOST!!
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Heaven's BBS | Video

From: Minerva
Date: August 17th, morning

[ Pursuant to a conversation he’s had with Shizuo, Tatara’s become curious about a particular topic he was a bit too exhausted to delve properly into, (especially with a man he’d just met).

But, who better to ask than the Far Shore?

So Tatara flips on the video feed, his face clearly visible. He’s seated at some kind of breakfast bar. a countertop covered with odds and ends of knickknacks. A fish, (who may or may not be familiar to some), in a small tank swims in the background. ]

Good morning~!

A friend recently mentioned something to me -- something called an “ablution”.

Previously, I knew only that they’re for a shinki who has been very bad, and blighted their god. But, I wonder... exactly how bad would a shinki have to be to warrant an ablution? What’s the process like? What are the chances of success?

[ He pauses here. In immediate retrospect, this all looks pretty bad, doesn’t it? So Tatara waves his hands at the camera feed for a moment, shaking his head. ]

I’m not asking for myself, of course! [ A patter of nervous laughter. Neither of his shinki have done nothing wrong, he promises! ] Just curious, that’s all!