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From: Hestia
Date: August 10, 5:33 AM

[ The phone turns on in the dark of night, and the first thing that comes across is simply breathing. The occasional shuffling noise accompanies it. Then there’s a crash. ]

Chikusaaaaa, did you redecorate while I was gone?

[ It’s clear that Axel’s a bit drunk. Also that he’s trying to contact Chikusa. Also also that he is not in his temple. Especially when another voice chimes in. ]

[ A frown subconsciously mars his mouth at the shinki’s name as the loud crash pulls Zero from the depths of his coma. He wakes instantly, sitting up automatically in the middle of the bed with a hand pressed to his temple. A headache dulls his senses but not enough to hide the intruder. ]

Breaking and entering is a crime you know.

[ Axel has to pause a moment to figure out what’s going on. Clearly, the simplest solution… ]

Wait… hat thief asshole? Why are you in my temple?

[ Axel is confused. ]

Get out.

[ Axel’s voice is still confused. ]

… What? Isn’t this my temple?

Get out. [ The covers are thrown aside. ] Or I throw you out. [ And he’s up on his feet only he’s been in a coma for almost two weeks and his legs can’t quite hold him, so the moment he stands he falls. ]

[ As Zero falls, Axel attempts to catch him, attempts being the operative word. They both end up on the floor, the phone’s camera catching them in the pre-dawn light. Axel lets out a groan, but then starts to chuckle. ]

I still don’t know if I can say this, but GODS am I ever drunk.

[ The moment they fall, Zero automatically twists using the god to break his fall and at the confession the less than happy vampire glares at him before grabbing the spare anti-vampire cuffs from his drawer and handcuffing him to the metal headboard. ]

You’re going to tell me who you are and what you’re doing here.

[ As he starts his interrogation, the recording times out. ]
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audio, from: Li Tieguai

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Oh my. Do either of you need a hand? Should I call Chikusa?

[Who will, no doubt, be thrilled to wake up and bust his drunken god out of being handcuffed by someone who's already been dubbed "hat thief asshole."

This will be fun.]
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[ Hades stares down at the device as an unfamiliar voice filters through. ]

Who's Chikusa.
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Yes, that's right. I don't think we've met, Mr. Hat Thief?

... Don't forget to drink a big glass of water before bed, Axel, or you'll regret it in the morning!

[With how drunk he sounds, he will anyway, but Hakkai can't resist a bit of old-wives' wisdom.]
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[ Sadly, Zero has no idea you're referring to him here, but he does catch on to that name. ]


[ He tries out the name but it does little to jog his memory. ]

You know him?

[ A question directed at the device aka Hakai. ]
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I do know Chikusa better, but Axel and I have spoken, yes.

[And, more briskly, to Zero:]

Should I call his shinki to come pick him up? Or has he seen this already?
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[ He pays little attention to the tone, but at that line does jog his memory, but not of the past but his dreams, the Heaven's had explained things before he woke. About shinki's, gods, which made... He looks down at the red-head. He was a god. Suspicion flickers behind light eyes as he watches the god. ]

Call him. [ To Hakkai. ]
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[What the fuck.]

You guys okay over there?
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[ Zero stares down at the device as an unfamiliar voice filters through. ]

Who are you.
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["Who are you."

...Not again.

Izumo holds back a sigh.]

Where are you guys at?
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The temple of Hades.

[ Zero answers, doing nothing to help Axel reach that phone. He's not letting you go anytime soon, not without answers either from you or your friends. ]

Who wants to know.
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audio | from: Carl Adler

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Wow. Uh, if you need any directions to the right temple, I have maps.
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Only by word of mouth. I’m friends with Chikusa.
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[ His eyes narrow on the device. He knows that name. It's the same person who the intruder has yelled for. ]

Who's Chikusa?
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Like he said. I know where they lives since I've mapped the whole place.