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Video / Action

[Video - BBS - August 7th]

Heheh! Looks like the heavens decided to apologize for gettin' me all wound up about Mamori a little while ago. I woke up to check my e-mail alerts for new MGDP merch, and there was a program I've never seen installed on my laptop. Somethin' called Singaloid TiKi. I don't remember buyin' it, but it's pretty awesome - one of those vocal editing software packages. And there was even a video already installed! Check this out!

[Barry's already loaded the video onto his phone, so he just switches the feed over to it. Denizens of the Far Shore are treated to a video of what is ostensibly a virtual idol programmed by the software, but the quality of both the video and the sound are so good that it's hard to tell she's not a real person. The actual video he posts doesn't feature the cutaways or the other characters - just Tiki herself, singing the song on a dazzling virtual stage.]

Pretty amazin', huh! I'm gonna play around with it some more and see if I can come up with some more songs for Sparkle Motion. Remember to come see us at Obon - our show is really gonna blow you away!

[Action - Sparkle Motion - later that day]

Okay, everyone! We've only got a little bit of time left before the big show! Let's give it our best at practice today, and bring this thing home! And if anybody wants to try and write some new songs or come up with some new choreography...

[He turns his laptop around to show them the Singaloid software he'd recorded earlier that day.]

...Tiki here'll be happy to help!
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Action | Sparkle Motion | OTA to members

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[Maria is just as concerned with getting everyone into shape for this performance as Barry, and though she's never worked with vocal software before now, she's fine doing things the old-fashioned way as well.

With a sharp clap of the hands, she commands attention to follow up.]

I need to work on my own performance, but please don't hesitate to approach me as well if you have any worries or ideas. To make this the best performance we can, we all need to work together as one.

[There's an obvious passion to the statement before Maria makes a motion with her hands as if to indicate them dismissed to their work. As promised, she'll be happy to talk with anyone who approaches her.]
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It's going well. [Maria smiles a little wistfully, though she still looks confident and composed.] There's a song from my world that I thought would fit the occasion, but it was a group arrangement, so I've been working on making it sound right with just me. It's a way for me to respect the people waiting for me on the other side of here, as well.
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[That name rings a bell for Maria, though it takes her a moment to remember that post of Barry shouting about her the other week, and she smiles a little awkwardly.]

Yes, you...mentioned her. At least you have one person you can remember for something like that. Kirika and Shirabe have been with me for a very long time, so it only feels right to share their song.

[As they would have done if they were together, so Maria will do now that she's alone.]

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video ♔ from Apollo

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[ Hibiki stands up as her video feed starts. There is a crash fading away, and an empty saucer next to her. RIP teacup.

Really, she probably should have just hacked his computer and made herself a copy of the program. But no. This merits yelling. Wendy is not in the room. So. You will do. ]

Why should you be gifted with an ideal incarnate?!
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This -

[ It wasn't quite a Vocal Doll. Hibiki could, of course, tell that much. It lacked the sophistication, the self-awareness. But!

But!!! ]

This perfect algorithm, unspoiled by human error or exhaustion! This composite of effortless timing, rhythm, steps, and melody--

Why should the heavens grant you this blessing?!

[ I think she liked it. ]
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[ This is not fair. ]

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[Meanwhile, here Mabel was just staring at the screen wondering what kind of amazing wonder she just saw before her!]

Whoa, that's not fair! How about you get to have something that cool and we don't? I want a friend that can sing with me!
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[Then there was a gasp!]

Wait, wait! Hold up! You're a Shinki? Does this mean that there's a chance I might get one if I do really good too?! And that we can make some awesome music together?!
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Then do you mind if I came on over right now? Pretty please? With lots and lots of sugar on top?

[Can he say no to Mabel?]

Video -> Action

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That's actually pretty cool.
Except for the installing it without telling you thing
Because that's 1000% intrusive even if you like what's there!!
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Probably installed it remotely via the internet
I could do it
but i'd have needed more details about your laptop first probably
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She would also need access to your laptop.
Either through a vulnerability or knowing your login.

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[Yuuri peers at the laptop. He remembers Barry saying something about it on the network, actually...]

How does it work, exactly? I've seen an arcade games with similar characters, but I don't think I've ever used this kind of software...
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You can customize the dancing, too?

[He reaches over to fiddle with the settings experimentally, adjusting his glasses to make sure he can read the screen easily.]
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There isn't really much flair to something you'll find pre-programmed, is there.

[The quiet, awkward guy dressed head to toe in Uniqlo gear definitely looks like an expert on flair. On the other hand, Barry's seen him dance -- however timid he seems offstage, he's all about the artistic impact of his performances.]

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