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Trois ♔ Heaven’s BBS ♔ Video

Posted: August 3
From: Apollo

”Celepara Prince Hour!”

[ That…sure is a trumpet fanfare behind the cheery, neutral announcer’s voice reading off the name of this particular video program. And following up on it - ]

I have a tremendous announcement.

[ Here we go again.

The camera slowly pulls back so the whole screen is no longer occupied by Hibiki’s face. ]

CelePara Talent Agency’s reach has expanded. I, Shikyoin Hibiki, have been successfully cast in a feature film.

[ A moment to let that sink in for everybody. A god. In a Near Shore movie. Oh yeah, she’s that charismatic. She’s that good.

She’s also setting up a small, antique-looking TV set. ]

I’ve recorded a preview for your viewing pleasure. As you bask in its splendor, may the sun rise anew in these darkened days of your souls.

[ She switches the TV on. Static crackles. The camera zooms in, switches to showing just what's on its screen. A picture takes shape. ]


[ Back to Hibiki, looking at the camera and frowning at how it’s all the way over there so she can’t stop filming. She grunts, then smooths over her expression. ]

An....erroneous broadcast. Behold.

[ She presses another button. This time, the screen fills with the sight of the very same throne Hibiki currently occupies, except there’s a little silver-haired girl sitting on it instead. A tiara gleams upon her long curls.

An imposing, and possibly familiar, song starts up, and the little girl starts to sing. And do the choreography. Perfectly. ]

”You, if that strong, but fleeting heart of yours
Is now stirred by revolution,
You, behold the future within unwavering righteousness
Forget the past—


[ Hibiki’s whole face fills the screen for another moment. She's gotten up to fiddle with the main camera, but it won’t turn off - switches back to the other video, in fact. You can hear her grunting as the video of the little girl keeps playing. ]


[ Wow, look at that little girl go. Her leg went. All the way in the air. And she’s having the absolute time of her life.

The whole video finally ends with the sound of what sounds like dozens of tiny, tinny voices laughing. ]

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