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🐼 Hello, friends! 🐼

From: Mohini
Date: August 10th

[She'd normally go by Despair, sure, but she likes her new god name, so get used to it!]


O. M. G. Was Obon fun or wut?! I used 2 think it was the laaaaaaaaaaaaaamest thing ever, but now that I'm a goddess (so cool), I think it was lots of fun.

I missed sum of it because I was breakin n a new shinki. He's sorta extra work, but I promise to work my hardest and make him the best shinki I can! I just luv his face sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! So, if U guys know a Neji, please feel free 2 drop by my temple and come say hi! I promise you won't forget it!

Also, I'm gettin some prayers dun soon, so if NE1 wants 2 help, I'm open for that!

☮ out!
~ JE
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Text, from: Li Tieguai

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Oh my. You're Neji's new god?

It's a pleasure to meet you. I've been told that we may get along.

[And, frankly, Neji, he's offended now.

She types in chatspeak.]
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Ha ha, honestly, I can't recall who mentioned it, but it's a pleasure regardless. He is a charming young man, isn't he? We worked together some time back.

Do you go by Mohini, or is there a name you prefer?
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Junko it is, then! Please, feel free to call me Hakkai.

I'm very sorry about your friends. Still, I'm sure they're doing well back ... where are you from, exactly?
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My, what a coincidence. But it's not that unusual, in fact! Quite a few of us have seen familiar faces here. Except for the shinki, of course. None of them recognize anyone at all.

Luckily, just like you, they can make all the new friends they like here.

I'm afraid I haven't met Nagito yet, no. Do you know what god he is?
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Yes, it is. As a matter of fact I was a shinki myself for some time.

Is he not a fortunate person? -- Ah, you say 'senpai,' so I assume you must both be students.
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My, that sounds challenging. I can certainly sympathize.

And I can see why you would assume he is a god of fortune, in that case. Luck is a changeable thing.

In that case, are you a deceiver?

[You know -- considering the deity she is here as...]
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Text, from: Aditi

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[So this is Neji's new god. That's an... interesting match. Sharak finds herself a little fascinated despite herself.]

It's good that you're so eager to get to work.

[Or something.]
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[She plans to look into it.]

That's a smart outlook. Does your shinki not agree? It sounds like you're having to pick up the slack for him.
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text; from Lakshmi

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It's nice to meet you, Mohini. I'd be happy to accompany you on a prayer if you'd like. I've been trying to meet other members of the Hindu pantheon lately.
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I only know one other - Aditi. I'm sure she'd be happy to meet you.

[For some definition of the word 'happy.']

A little of everything, really. I helped my shinki fight ayakashi at first, but lately I've been focusing on fashion-related prayers. Those are much more up my - and Lakshmi's - alley.
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Oh, that's wonderful! I happen to be an aspiring clothing designer. I also do beauty treatments every so often when I have time.

If you'd like to handle a prayer of that variety together, I'd be happy to help. It sounds like something we would both be good at.
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Thank you for the offer, if I'm understanding you correctly.

[Sorry, Junko, he's from a medieval world and isn't down with the cool kid net slang.]

And if you'd ever like me to do your hair or nails, feel free to pay a visit to Lakshmi's temple. The amrita in the healing pools is wonderful for keeping your skin soft and smooth, too.
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[personal profile] clothes_make_the_man 2017-08-03 11:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes, I think so too!

[What is bff. But it sounds good, so he's winging it.]

I'm especially talented at styling hair. I'd be happy to help you find a new style.
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Anon Text

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Wow, it's impressive you could even type words at all while drunk.
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Anon Text

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Oh, so you just like to type like a complete and utter idiot. That's so much better.

Have you considered never talking to anyone again? We'd all be better off for it.
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Text, from: Averruncus

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Why do I feel as though I know who this is, even with just the initials? Have you become predictable?
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Curses, I was editing because I didn't see the link the first time BUT I WAS TOO SLOW

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You've definitely become predictable...what's the point of the Monobear charade anymore? You always used it to conceal your presence before, but here there's not much need for you to hide. Is it just a bad habit at this point? Using the exact same trick three times in a row...I'm disappointed.

And why conceal your name? Aren't I the only one who'd recognize it?
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It's my bad anyway for not paying enough attention~

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You should be more respectful, Enoshima-chan. A god of causing or averting disaster...isn't that something you would respect? In fact, one could argue it's what you aspire to...

For all your talent, Enoshima-chan, creating artificial personalities isn't one of them. Monokuma is pretty annoying. At least before, he was meant to be an attention-grabbing distraction, so that had its practical merits. But this? If you create something to be aggravating, removing it from the situation in which one requires aggravation to be caused robs it of any reason to exist.
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text; from Heimdallr

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My shinki and I will help!

But, what exactly do you mean by breaking in your shinki?
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Text, from: Carl Adler

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Why would you think Obon was lame in the first place?

With breaking him in, do you mean learning to work with him?
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Text: Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

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I think you'll find that heaven has a penchant for throwing rather lively parties.
If that's what you're into, then you'll hardly ever be bored
I take it this was your first?