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[Text/Public] Need Advice

From: Anonymous
Date: August 9th

Say you are a shinki... and you have lost your god. You have waited for them to come back... but you have begun to realize, perhaps they never will return. Now, you feel empty... and lost.

But then, a god who has watched over you since you arrived here takes you in. You care about them a great deal. You want to ask if they will allow you to be their shinki...

But do you do it, if the chances are slim that they will accept? Is it best... to spare yourself the embarrassment... and pain... of being rejected? I am currently living with them... so I also fear that perhaps if I pose the question and am rejected... perhaps they will not want me to stay with them anymore. I would like to think that they are a better person than that... a kinder person... but what if I am wrong? What if I am just fooling myself into thinking otherwise... due to my own loneliness?

What would you do?
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From: Raphael

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Ask. Follow your feelings. Chances are you're right about the kind of person the god in question is. If you don't approach them about it, and lose that chance later, you'll always wonder what could have been. And while rejection may be painful and embarrassing, it's also temporary. Even if they don't take you in as a shinki, it doesn't necessarily follow that they'll also cut all ties. And that's not even accounting for how relieved you'll be if they do say yes. But the only way to know for sure is to take that risk. It's better than worrying yourself over it.
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Of course not. It's hard, opening up to someone and laying your feelings bare. Even to someone you care about. In fact, sometimes those can be the hardest people to be that honest with, because their opinion of you means so much.

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text, from: anonymous

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In your place, I would ask them to name me.

If you don't ask, you may be reassigned to a stranger at any time. The fear of rejection is not worth the risk of finding yourself serving someone you don't care for or respect.
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Yes. It's happened to me and to many shinki I know.

In the worst case, should you be rejected by this god, it may be a comfort to know you will not be without one forever.

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text, anonymous

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Ask. If they looked over you enough to take you in, they probably wouldn't be the kind of person to kick you out for asking that.

Besides, finding a decent god seems a little rare around here. If you found one you like and can trust, then I think it's worth the risk. You never know what you'll end up with otherwise.
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[ There's a long hesitation before Yata answers. ]

Yeah. They can. And trust me, you don't want to run into one like that without the protection of a god.

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From: Osiris

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There is no shame in falling in battle. There is great shame in running from it.
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To put it another way: you cannot hit your enemy if you do not swing your sword in the first place. You cannot achieve victory unless you enter the battle.

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They let you stay, they seem fine with you. Better to ask then get stuck with a god who mistreats you. At least if they say no, you won't have to worry about it
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from: lux

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What makes you think that they won't accept you if they have already taken you in?
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If they've looked after you, and have you under their protection already, the odds of them rejecting you seem slim. And even if they say no, I doubt they'll revoke their hospitality over it.

As a god, it's an honor for any shinki to trust me enough to offer their service to me. That said, in your position, I'd ask. The worst case scenario is that they say no, and you're in no better or worse a position than before, you can just see the same position more clearly.
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Not every god is going to feel the same. If he's hesitant, it might help to make sure he understands your motivations. To make sure he knows that you care for him and want to help him.

If you know what you need to do and courage is all that's holding you back, I could help with that.

[He's definitely used his powers for similar things before.]

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I don't think that they'd turn you out, probably, if they're kind enough to offer you a place to begin with.

But I understand what you're feeling about that. I've been assigned to a new god now, but after my old one disappeared, I couldn't find it in me to ask any of the gods I knew for help. People insisted on looking after me now and then, but even letting them do that much felt like such a burden on them that I almost wished they wouldn't.

I wish I had a good answer for you, Anon. I hope things turn out alright for you.
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Not really, no. Maybe it would have been good to choose, but... I did have time to ask someone, and I didn't do it. It doesn't really feel like I was denied my say in the matter, if that makes sense.

The truth is, I'm a bit of a troublesome shinki. I worry too much, so I'm a lot of trouble for a god to deal with. It would have felt especially selfish for me to ask one, I guess. That and I think if I'd tried to choose on my own, I'd have doubted my choices, and probably wouldn't have been able to force myself to actually ask even if I did make up my mind. It's sort of a relief to have it taken care of for me, honestly.

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honestly in your situation I would be scared to ask too
I can't believe any god who would care for you and look after you would simply reject such a heartfelt request
surely they understand that not having a god must be terribly lonely