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Date: August 26th
From: Minerva

Hello, everyone.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I arrived home at my temple tonight to find that a shinki of mine, Shouhei Akagi, has apparently gone home.

It looks like he's left some things behind here for his friends, so if you were close to him at all, please come by the temple and get them whenever you like. I know he would definitely want you to have them.
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so wait shouheis gone??
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but i just talked to him last night!
ok yeah
ill be over soon


[ Knock knock, Totsuka. It really didn't take him long to get over there, at all. ]
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[ That's the response Totsuka will get as Bandou lets himself in. He almost has to stop himself from automatically walking towards Shouhei's room. ]
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[ He doesn't move along to Shouhei's old room, though. Instead he just turns back to Totsuka, obviously bothered by something. ]

How can he just go and leave stuff for people? That means he knew he was leaving!
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[ He clicks his tongue. ]

He did last time...

[ When they were separated the first time, as kids. ]

Where the hell is the idiot even going, anyway?

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... Sorry. You alright?

[ He has a feeling that Tatara would prefer to speak about this more privately... That's the impression he got, anyways. ]
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[ Still... he can imagine that saying good bye is hard. ]

San-chan... Your shinki?

I think he's pretty lucky to have you as his god.
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Wait -- did your shinki know?

That's true, huh? Even though we say good bye to those who go home, we can see our friends back there, too!
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Do we get to know when we leave and go back home beforehand?


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text, from: Li Tieguai

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My condolences on your loss.
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Someone back home?

[Ah, he thinks. It's someone else who believes that shinki go home when they disappear.

That's... sweet, he supposes.]
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I'm sure. I wish you both the best, in that case.

I wonder if he ever managed to arrange that date...
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Maybe it was for you! Ha ha.

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