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Posted: July 31st
From: Dali

(Sansa is moving about her study, slipping books from shelves and spreading out what looks like a map on a large table. Her hair - which now easily reaches the small of her back - falls over her shoulders, touching the parchment until she brushes it away.)

This began as a personal project of sorts. Maps are essential when - and if - one must wage battle. We have seen skirmishes with the ayakashi, however it feels as if those conflicts are intensifying into a greater war.

(She has marked the places where certain skirmishes have occurred with red pins and they are too numerous for comfort.)

Visions should not be ignored, though I much prefer relying on something tangible.

(Tangibility and being a god don't always go hand in hand, unfortunately.)

My temple, as always, is open to those who come in friendship and peace. Should we see war or some great shift in our lives in Heaven and beyond, I will be honored to stand at your side. Until then, be wary and keep armed.

(She lays a hand on a rather dainty sword that might be able to fit nicely under a skirt. Every lady needs one.)
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From: Raphael

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[Luna frowns thoughtfully at the video as she considers Sansa's words, trying her best to see the places she has marked on the map.]

...You think these attacks are part of a larger pattern, then? As if the ayakashi were being controlled, or sent here on purpose by someone?
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That's very wise, although I'm not certain it will be easy to organize all of the substitute gods and shinki.
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Yes... no one should ever have to fight alone.

[Said with the exact tenor of someone who has had to do just that.]

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That's quite a project you got yourself there.

[And definitely handy, too.]

But do you really think there's a war coming?
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That's really impressive, Miss Dali.

[He looks a bit intrigued.]

What kind of war do you think would occur then?
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If that's the case, then there's also a concern of whether or not our numbers are enough. After all, there are shinki here without gods and vice versa, and there's no telling if some are agreeable to becoming 'Nora'.

[Just a thought.]

An alert system would be useful, however.

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[ This sort of message is exactly the sort to catch Yona's attention and the redhead is quick to reach out in reply, her own curiosity piqued at the sight of the maps and the carefully tracked instances. ]

I, too, prefer something tangible. And things can easily be overlooked when not seeing the bigger picture. Your efforts are impressive, I must admit. I'd like to take a closer look sometime, if I may? [ Understanding what's happening here is a rather large priority for her, after all. ] Is there any pattern you can detect in what's happened to date? I had not realized there were so many, but I'm still rather new here in comparison with many of the other gods. [ And still getting her feet wet in being one herself. ]
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I arrived the day of the temple fire, so I'm not sure the level of peace has altered much more since then.

If there is anything I can do to assist, I'd be happy to. Please let me know if I can help you with this in any way.
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I'll do that. The murders are troubling enough in itself. Do you think that could have something to do with the rest of it?

[ She hadn't thought so, since those who had been targetted had seemed random, and were among the newer gods and shinki, rather than the older ones - who most of the outside animosity she'd observed had been directed towards, between the posters she'd seen and the fire. ]
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Has the war started already?
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A child could have seen it coming.
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You were summoned? By who? When did this happen?
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Visions? War?

[She didn't understand this message very well on account she was very much new, but was encourage to respond upon the invitation of friendship. Something she wanted more than anything right now: friends to count on.]

Um, thank you very much for the invitation.... [Checks on name.] Dali-sama. I would very much like that. Friendship and peace. And maybe information too, if that's okay?
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The sword? I know I've heard something about fireflies, but...

[She had no idea they were ayakashi in disguise. It was difficult to understand, but she believed the other woman all the same. A nod will be given.]

I'd love that. I'm still pretty new to this whole shinki and god thing, so I want to learn the ropes as quickly as I can. [With that thought.] Where is your temple at?
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A glowing image? [She hasn't really notice any floating, glowing swords, but it was curious.] That sounds incredible and ominous all at once. I'd wish I seen it too.

[It'd be interesting to see the color of the sword in question. A weapon like that can symbolize so many things, she thinks. While all at once, she would be curious to learn of the types of tugs and sensations it'd offer her.]

Okay, got it! I'll try to reach you as soon as I can. [A beat.] About the horn creatures, can I greet them upon crossing their paths? They won't mind it? [Just to get an idea if they were friendly or not, as she would want to pet them or attempt to get close to get a good look at them, knowing her.]

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