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Aug. 6th, 2017 01:55 am
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From: Hestia
Date: August 10, 5:33 AM

[ The phone turns on in the dark of night, and the first thing that comes across is simply breathing. The occasional shuffling noise accompanies it. Then there’s a crash. ]

Chikusaaaaa, did you redecorate while I was gone?

[ It’s clear that Axel’s a bit drunk. Also that he’s trying to contact Chikusa. Also also that he is not in his temple. Especially when another voice chimes in. ]

[ A frown subconsciously mars his mouth at the shinki’s name as the loud crash pulls Zero from the depths of his coma. He wakes instantly, sitting up automatically in the middle of the bed with a hand pressed to his temple. A headache dulls his senses but not enough to hide the intruder. ]

Breaking and entering is a crime you know.

[ Axel has to pause a moment to figure out what’s going on. Clearly, the simplest solution… ]

Wait… hat thief asshole? Why are you in my temple?

[ Axel is confused. ]

Get out.

[ Axel’s voice is still confused. ]

… What? Isn’t this my temple?

Get out. [ The covers are thrown aside. ] Or I throw you out. [ And he’s up on his feet only he’s been in a coma for almost two weeks and his legs can’t quite hold him, so the moment he stands he falls. ]

[ As Zero falls, Axel attempts to catch him, attempts being the operative word. They both end up on the floor, the phone’s camera catching them in the pre-dawn light. Axel lets out a groan, but then starts to chuckle. ]

I still don’t know if I can say this, but GODS am I ever drunk.

[ The moment they fall, Zero automatically twists using the god to break his fall and at the confession the less than happy vampire glares at him before grabbing the spare anti-vampire cuffs from his drawer and handcuffing him to the metal headboard. ]

You’re going to tell me who you are and what you’re doing here.

[ As he starts his interrogation, the recording times out. ]
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Who: Zero and OPEN
When: During the Haunted Festival Season
Where: The NearShore
What: After he decides to answer a prayer concerning the set-up of one of a handful of Haunted festivals popping up.
Warnings: PG-13
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From: Asato Tsuzuki
Posted: July 14, 2016

Hey! Um... so I've been thinking about this for a couple of days, but I heard....

[He trails off before regrouping. He should've rehearsed this before he started recording it, but he's got no idea how to go back and delete and re-record now. Onward!]

I heard I used to be a god! I mean, I don't remember, obviously, but if I really was, I guess I should say I'm sorry. And I look forward to meeting you all again. And, um.

[Really should have rehearsed.]

I don't owe anybody money, right?

[He laughs uncomfortably and rushes ahead.]

-- Anyway I guess that's about it! Nice to meet you all again! Sorry I forgot!

[Nailed it. Before he can think better of this whole idea, he hastily stops the recording and hits send.]
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From: Chikusa Kakimoto
Date: July 10

[The camera bleeps on to Chikusa adjusting it on the steps of Axel's temple, where it faces out to the nice grassy areas in front of it. A goat is in the background nibbling away, but Chikusa mostly ignores the animal as he takes a step back. Still bent over, he pulls a red rubber ball out of his pocket and holds it up where it can be seen clearly. After keeping it there for a second, his hand falls to his side and he walks off a bit further onto the grass.]

[Turning around, he tucks his hands into his pockets again and gives out a call.]


[Patiently, he waits a few minutes, and then there's the sound of the door by the camera opening before Ken walks into view straight towards Chikusa. It doesn't seem like he's noticed the phone or that it's recording, and sharp eyed viewers might notice he has a dog collar around his neck now.]

What're you doing all the way out here if you want me, byon?

[Chikusa suddenly pulls his hand out of his pocket, revealing the bright red ball, which immediately snags Ken's attention. Idly, the bespectacled teen moves it side to side, watching as Ken watches it, something which only seems to be getting the blond worked up more and more.]

[And then, Chikusa abruptly pulls his hand back and flings the ball off into the distance.

Ken makes a startled, borderline offended sound, because he clearly knows what Chikusa is up to - but he's also taking off after the ball, even as he yells.]

Dammit, I'm not a dog, shitty kappa!

[Evidence suggests otherwise.

[For a second, Chikusa just stares where Ken is chasing after the ball offscreen before he heaves out a sigh and starts to slump back to where he's left his phone. Picking it up, he stares directly at the camera, mouth sort of quirked- ]

[The ball suddenly slams into the side of his head and, as the phone drops to the ground, Ken's triumphant laughter can be heard.]
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From: Hestia
Posted: July 27th

[The video cuts to Axel, smiling tiredly. He must be in bed, given that there are pillows behind him and he's covered up to his chest in sheets. It's all white, looks pretty idyllic.]

Sorry for that... Extended absence. I collapsed while caring for the sacred fire. Gave my shinki a bit of a scare.

[He laughs a little, but it turns into a cough.]

Basically, I burned myself out. Any of you have advice on what to do while you're supposed to be resting? I'd appreciate it; nice as this vacation is, I'm gonna go stir-crazy here.
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From: Sakon
Posted: June 29



If your god leaves, are you supposed to go somewhere...? Or call someone...?

I ate too many manju and I think I'm gonna be sick.

[Warning: Unaccompanied manchild.]
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From: Hades
Date: June 27, 2016


[ The video turns on showing Zero holding down an amobea-like ayakashi with silver rose vines. While stalking Chikusa, he found the thing attached to a baseball player and went to remove it using Bloody Rose to get it off. The thing continually tries to get free but the silver vines are strong as diamond. ]

Who has a shinki to rend this thing?

[ The thing rages silently releasing a noxious stench as it tries to slash at him only to pass through as if he were a ghost. Before it has a chance at a second attack the rose vines engulf the limb rendering it immobile. ]

Hurry up.

[ooc: zero has no shinki. also, his god power is density manipulation. ]

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Posted: June 21st
From: Eros

[There's a dull clicking sound in the background when the feed starts but judging by the odd lower angle and blurred image it seems this wasn't supposed to start in the first place. Upon closer inspection, and with a bit of shifting, the video focuses and reveals what definitely looks to be a young man's bare back facing the camera. He's laying down on his side in the grass, currently unmoving, but when the clicking sound starts up again he finally shifts to lazily roll over and face the feed with tired, half-lidded eyes.

No, he isn't wearing a shirt. Too hot for that. And even if it wasn't, he'd probably feel too unenergetic to put one on anyway.]

Oi... Put that away. It's too hot for this.

[said as he lifts his hand up, considers reaching over... and chooses instead to drop it atop his forehead which is currently dappled with sweat. He could go for a swim. He could grab a drink, take a cold shower. He could. But he won't.

Whoever's on the other side of the screen makes a noncommittal, almost animal like growl... before finally obliging and dropping the device in the grass so it can eventually pad over and flop down beside Rin in the afternoon shade. Is that... an ayakashi? Seems somewhat tame for one, though there's no mistaking it's features. Bear. Small. Cuddly. Definitely ayakashi. Regardless, Rin doesn't seem pressed to move much, and with a lazy, cat-like stretch he rolls his shoulders before absently wiping more sweat away from his neck and chiseled stomach with the backs of his fingertips.

Well. There's Eros in the flesh for you.]

Tsk... stupid bear. Now I can't sleep.

(( ooc: Rin ran into a bear cub ayakashi and it's made him uncharacteristically tired, lazy, and all around listless! Please help... or take the opportunity to admire. Your choice bro. ))
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From: Hades
Date: June 14

[ The recording starts showing Zero with an unamused shinki on his shoulder. ]

The temple of Chikusa's god. Where is it?

[Chikusa's apathetic voice chimes in.]

Someone please tell the god of festival stalls to leave me alone....

[ooc: After this. Zero. Chikusa. ]

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When: June 10
From: Zangetsu

me and five chickens need a place to stay

I mean I can sleep anywhere but the chickens need more structure and, ideally, a pen. they keep running off and i can't find them


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: May 24
From: Izumo Kusanagi

Would anyone happen to know or be familiar with this tattoo?

[Attachment: tattoo.jpg]

[ooc; The tattoo mentioned is the Homra tattoo on his right shoulder blade, but everyone can take note of his shinki named tattooed on his left shoulder blade, too. Picture taken by Izumo's god, Kensei.]
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Posted: May 21st
From: Kiryuu Zero
Location: Temple of Hades

[ The video turns on showing Zero in a dark room inside his temple. A quiet look falls across his eyes as he faces the camera. He's not one to speak to people let alone about himself but after his encounter with
Sheryl, he has no choice. He knows what happened even if he can't remember it. He lost control. ]

My name is Zero Kiryuu and I was here before as a shinki.

[ A pause as he squares his shoulders to face his crimes.  ]

I need to know if I killed someone.

They took my memories when I was brought back as a god but that doesn't erase my crimes. I need to know what happened. What I did.

I won't let this go.

[ OOC: He doesn't know he died, he simply assumes his loss of memories is due to the whole turning a shinki into a god deal. Some kind soul, please spring that up on him. Also, for any future in-action meet ups Zero will mysteriously have some pomegranate fruit/seeds on him at all times. If you eat them you'll be sentenced (only if you want!) to stay one night at his temple before the seeds effects let them escape! ]

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Posted: May 2
From: Artemis

Selene and Aphrodite left. Selene's shinki Riku is gone, too. If anyone was friends with them, just wanted to let you know that's why you can't find them.

And for anyone who doesn't know, Axel is dead.

[Roxas isn't going to go into more details on that last one.]
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Posted: 1 May 2016
From: Jae-Ha

Have any shinki woken up one morning to find that they could suddenly recall something? Like a piece of their memory had been restored, as if it were never missing to begin with.

I need to know if it's a bad sign, or if anything needs to be done.
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I know everybirdie is really busy and there's been a lot going an lately but I've been thinking a lot about what happened at the party.

[Hiyoko is well aware that a lot of other stuff happened right after and there were plenty of gods and shinki still dealing with the fallout from that. That's why she gave it a few days. But now it's time to see if anybirdie else is thinking along the same lines as her.]

That fire was obviously set by people who aren't happy with Amaterasu. I'm not sure if it's her they don't like, or if she's put some unpopular policies in place, but we can't really ignore an attack like this. Has this group tired anything like this before? Have they made any other demands?

[Because 'down with Amaterasu' is one thing, but 'down with the heavens?' What are they supposed to do? Start hurling their temples at the near shore? That demand is way too vague.]

I also heard about an incident with poisoned chocolates. That was before I got here but the whole thing sounded pretty fishy. Does anybirdie else think that might have been an attempt to discredit Amaterasu? And if there any other incidents like that, I wouldn't mind hearing about them.

What you guys think?
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Posted: May 1
From: Zangetsu

hey has anyone seen Axel lately?

he and I and our gods were supposed to go out and show off a little, kill a bunch of ayakashi.

But he's not responding to my messages??

I don't THINK i made him mad...

[he still doesn't know 8] ]
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With the closing of Lady Minerva's Temple and the closure of classes temporarily, I wanted to make an announcement that I will be teaching Shinki Techniques at my lady Bishamon's temple.

Classes would be hold Monday through Friday from 5pm to 7pm, with additional classes upon request if you desire private tutoring. The classes will feature the basics such as perfecting Borderlines, preventive measures, as well as casting spells using song. If there are any questions or request feel free to address them here or reach me by my phone


Exemplar of Lady Bishamon.
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Posted: April 26th
From: Xuanwu

[Have a video, people of the Far Shore, because typing this out would take too long. Judar is patient enough to do his make-up for this, but not enough to keep typing out every single response.]

My shinki is broke or something. She keeps leaking her feelings everywhere. Somebody tell me how to get her to shut it off.

[He gestures to the girl next to him, who looks incredibly uncomfortable with the topic. Apparently, his patience doesn’t extend to his shinki, either… A single day of knowing how she feels was enough to sink that ship.]

I’m not dealing with this every day!

[Jennifer glances to Judar, her expression apologetic.] I-- I'm sorry. I really will try to do better...

[Someone, please help what is possibly the worst god-shinki match in history avoid blighting each other.]

((OOC: Both Judar and Jennifer will be responding!))


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