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Date: August 28th
From: Prompto Argentum

whoa!! you guys!
remember that shopping center heaven had us investigate last week? it CAUGHT FIRE three days after we checked it out!!! ━(◯Δ◯∥)━ン
and the papers say it could've been arson??
does anyone have any idea what could've happened there? did we miss something???
i only found a good luck charm taped inside one of the air ducts.....

oh and also hi to everyone i haven't met yet! my name's prompto. i've only been here a little while AS FAR AS I CAN REMEMBER so if you know me and i don't know you i'm really sorry if things seem weird and awkward
(꒪꒫꒪,,) it's not like i meant to forget, i swear
i heard these things happen sometimes?
but if we were friends we can totally be friends again if you give me a chance to kind of catch up!
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From: Anonymous
Date: August 9th

Say you are a shinki... and you have lost your god. You have waited for them to come back... but you have begun to realize, perhaps they never will return. Now, you feel empty... and lost.

But then, a god who has watched over you since you arrived here takes you in. You care about them a great deal. You want to ask if they will allow you to be their shinki...

But do you do it, if the chances are slim that they will accept? Is it best... to spare yourself the embarrassment... and pain... of being rejected? I am currently living with them... so I also fear that perhaps if I pose the question and am rejected... perhaps they will not want me to stay with them anymore. I would like to think that they are a better person than that... a kinder person... but what if I am wrong? What if I am just fooling myself into thinking otherwise... due to my own loneliness?

What would you do?
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From: Anonymous
Date: August 5th, early morning

This is for whoever has been killing people.

How do you kill a god?

OOC: This is a public post, so please come tell him off for doing something this stupid!
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Date: August 4th
Posted by: Anonymous

... what's your first kiss supposed to be like


BBS | Video

Jul. 9th, 2017 12:56 pm
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Posted: 2 August 20:00
From: Leo

[There is video today! It's just of Leo outside what looks like a fancy warehouse with a box of books, but. It is video.

Anyone from Leo's world will probably recognize the building as being the bathhouse from the Deeprealms.]

I've had this bathhouse for a few months now and since it's just Niles and myself here now that Saix has gone home, I've decided to grant the heavens at large access to it. I don't think I need to go into details about not being a nuisance and what will happen if you cause problems, but all the same. It won't be open to the public at all hours, and there will be different times for men and women until we can get some sort of wall built that no one can peek through.

[He knows how these things go, okay.]

As far as I can tell, there's no healing benefits like one might find in the pool in Lakshimi's temple, so if you are blighted or injured I ask that you go there before coming here. Otherwise, all are welcome at Odin's temple.

[And on to the box at his feet. Which he kicks.]

Does the library take donations?
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Posted: August 1, 2016 16:40:38
From: Asato Tsuzuki


If you're a shinki, how do you know if you knew how to do something before you died? We all have skills and talents, I mean, mostly. I haven't found a whole lot of mine so far.

I feel like there's got to be something, though! So.

How did you remember?

Do I just have to try doing everything once?

EDITED 16:55:20

Oh yeah also if anybody knows anything about onmyojitsu, text me? Thanks!

[He's appended his phone number.]
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Posted: July 24th
From: Dali

Have you ever been in love before? Was it returned?

Do you think some are meant to be alone?

(These are the thoughts she entertains when her temple is quiet and her fires burn low.)

You need not get into specifics if it is uncomfortable for you.
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Date: July 24
Posted by: Thoth

I've been a bit busy the past few days, but in light of some recent occurrences, I've been meaning to ask:

How much do you remember of your childhoods?
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Date: July 22nd
Posted by: Akagi Shouhei

- - -

What does being strong mean to you? What makes you think someone looks strong?
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Date: July 19th
From: Eric

I need some help with something...

[ There's a small pause as he tries to figure out how to word it best. ]

I want to get a gift for a girl as a thank you, but I don't know what to get. If anyone has Ideas, it'd be nice to hear.

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From: Sakon
Posted: June 29



If your god leaves, are you supposed to go somewhere...? Or call someone...?

I ate too many manju and I think I'm gonna be sick.

[Warning: Unaccompanied manchild.]
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From: Hades
Date: June 27, 2016


[ The video turns on showing Zero holding down an amobea-like ayakashi with silver rose vines. While stalking Chikusa, he found the thing attached to a baseball player and went to remove it using Bloody Rose to get it off. The thing continually tries to get free but the silver vines are strong as diamond. ]

Who has a shinki to rend this thing?

[ The thing rages silently releasing a noxious stench as it tries to slash at him only to pass through as if he were a ghost. Before it has a chance at a second attack the rose vines engulf the limb rendering it immobile. ]

Hurry up.

[ooc: zero has no shinki. also, his god power is density manipulation. ]

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From: Aidos
Date: June 28

It's been a while since I last posted the timeline of events. We've had a lot of new people showing up. Some might be curious about when we started arriving and everything that's happened afterward.

These are my notes, but I haven't been here since the beginning. If there's anything you'd like to add or question, please feel free.

cut for length )
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From: sora
Date: June 28

[Private: Filtered to CR of Leo and Roxas. Locked from Leo and Roxas.]

hey there! if you didn’t already know leo’s birthday is on June 30th! and a week later is roxas’ birthday on July 7th!

we (being me, kairi and forrest) are planning a surprise birthday party for them right smack dab in the middle of that week on july 3rd! we’ll be having it at my temple—baldr’s temple. you’re all invited! just don’t spill the beans about the party to either of them!! we want them to grumble in surprise!

gifts for them are more than welcome and feel free to bring all the food and snacks and drinks you’d like, there’s never enough of those things. there will be games and my temple is on the beach so feel free to bring whatever for the sand!

does anyone know how to bake a cake from scratch that can teach me, too?

see you there!!

oh and we do have a bear that wanders around the grounds once in a while, just be careful not to upset her she's super mean sometimes.

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From: Amaterasu
Date: June 27, 2016


I would first like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone for the troubles that I have caused. You do not deserve to suffer for my sake, but I have unknowingly put you all through so much despite that. I am very sorry to have worried you all and I promise that I will be kept very safe, so please put your minds at ease.

With that said, I find myself in a position of making a hard choice. As the Queen of the Heavens, it is up to me to ultimately decide our choices from this point forward. I feel that it is important to acknowledge what has happened here and try to fix the underlying problems that have caused the most recent fuss.

Before I make any decisions, though, I want to hear from all of you. You all fall under my jurisdiction as much as any of the Old Gods and I would hate to leave you out of my reasoning and choices. I fear that we have done that for too long already.

Please feel free to offer me your opinions and thoughts on how the insurgents should be sought out and handled and I will do my best to reply to you all. Again, I am sorry for what has transpired. I know my apologies mean little, but they are the most important things I can offer right now.

And thank you all. Especially to those who came to my aid in my time of need. I owe you all a huge debt of gratitude.

☼ Amaterasu ☼
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From: Chiyou
Date: June 26

How can you tell if someone is a God or a Shinki without talking to theM?

This is extremely important
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From: Demyx
Date: June 24

So a friend told me that shinki can go off on their own somehow. Like if their god doesn’t like them or something. But also that people get, like, upset about it for some reason.

[ Which doesn’t make sense to him at all. But maybe he’s being closed-minded about this. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? ]

How does that happen? And why do people get upset?

Asking for a friend.
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From: Goten Son
Date: June 22 ; evening

i learned alot of stuff about shinki and blight
why do gods get blight when their shinki get blight? thats not fair
is there some way to stop that cause i wanna fight without hurting mrick

ROCKSUS you jerk how can you do that to kairy
she loves you a lot and does her best


[The post switches to voice a moment after because Goten isn't that good at writing but he wanted to be sure to get two gods attention. Writing was better for that right?]

Kairi is really strong and doing her best for you and everyone else you know! Shes the best exemplar ever so she should be exemplar! I don't wanna be an exemplar if she isn't one too! The exemplar thing is dumb if the best shinki is the first shinki a god gets! That's cheating!

[There's a small pause as Goten remembers something]

Oh! Oh and Roxas, Aymeric! Neither of you can get mad at Kairi! Yeah! She really helped me out a lot with that prayer and I'd be ayakashi food without her!


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