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Date: August 30th
From: Anonymous

A simple question.

Of the names you bear, does one seem to you the truest?
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Date: August 29th
From: Eros

See them?

[The image comes into focus, revealing a pair of teens holding hands as they walk side by side down a quiet neighborhood street. They both appear happy. Laughing. You might even say they're in love. At the start of a new school year, it seems the perfect time for this sort of thing.]

... He prayed for her to love him.

[The young couple fade in and out of focus as he speaks, blurred and fuzzy around the edges. Behind the camera there's a scoff.]

I didn't know if I wanted to, but I gave it to him anyway. And now she'll love him until I tell her to stop.

[Finally they disappear around a corner... just as another boy appears into frame. He pauses, but the couple doesn't notice. He stares over his shoulder, but the couple doesn't notice. ... He has his eyes on the young girl. But she doesn't notice.]

That's who she used to love. ... He doesn't know why she left. Probably never will, even if he still loves her.

[After a minute of watching the two's backs, the boy finally turns around to continue trudging down the street alone, his head hung and eyes focused towards his shoes. Rin waits for him to also disappear out of frame before continuing.]

Tell me-- [a deep breath] --am I dangerous?
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From: Chiyou
Date: August 9th

I would ask that whoever is behind the increasingly threatening and macabre anonymous posts please refrain from such things in the future. It spreads distrust and is becoming extremely tiresome.

It is not acceptable to intimidate people simply because they cannot trace it back to you.
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From: Anonymous
Date: August 5th, early morning

This is for whoever has been killing people.

How do you kill a god?

OOC: This is a public post, so please come tell him off for doing something this stupid!
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Posted: August 1, 2016 16:40:38
From: Asato Tsuzuki


If you're a shinki, how do you know if you knew how to do something before you died? We all have skills and talents, I mean, mostly. I haven't found a whole lot of mine so far.

I feel like there's got to be something, though! So.

How did you remember?

Do I just have to try doing everything once?

EDITED 16:55:20

Oh yeah also if anybody knows anything about onmyojitsu, text me? Thanks!

[He's appended his phone number.]
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( The video is normal enough! Urashima props his phone up so it's at a good angle and holds up a poster for everyone to see. )

Look! There's going to be a lot of haunted houses in this park soon! Everyone should go! It looks like a lot of fun!

( And he sets the poster down next to Kamekichi, his always sleeping turtle. Right now, she appears to have a cooling washcloth on her shell. It's hot, guys. Summer is here. Someone get this turtle to a cool pond. )

Hmm... you know, it's that time of year, too! Isn't that fun? Maybe we can tell each other ghost stories! I'll start, I'll start!

Have you ever heard of tsukumogami? They're spirits that live in "things." I think the scariest one is Boroboroton! Boroboroton is an angry futon spirit. If you don't take care of your futon, it'll come to life, throw you out of bed, and cover your face. Isn't that scary? So you should take care of your things before they get angry!

( He isn't very good at this ghost story thing and he has twenty more stories just like this one. )

What do you think?
For those interested, this is a mini prelude for my upcoming player plot so check it out!


Jun. 22nd, 2017 03:26 pm
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Date: July 28th
Posted by: Anonymous

The shortest nights have passed, but the heat of the summer draws near.

There are those who say that that the crossing to the Near Shore is narrow, on nights like these. When the mist and steam rise through the night, and campfires draw out the strange shadows of the forests, talk of ghosts and demons is never far...

Tell me.

What tales have you heard?
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Posted: July 24th
From: Dali

Have you ever been in love before? Was it returned?

Do you think some are meant to be alone?

(These are the thoughts she entertains when her temple is quiet and her fires burn low.)

You need not get into specifics if it is uncomfortable for you.
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Date: July 19th
From: Anonymous

How would you define the word monster?

[A few recent conversations have gotten her thinking about certain things and she's genuinely curious about the answers she might get. Cardia is well aware that there are a few people who do know her secret and could probably guess that this is from her. But she's not brave enough to ask something like this without anonymity to hide behind.]
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From: The Medicine Seller
Posted: June 19th

[The camera shows a view of what appears to be one of the old, abandoned shrines that litter certain areas of the Far Shore. The post comes in the evening, as shown by the golden, slanting quality of the light filtering in through the trees.]

[The Medicine Seller is sitting on the roots of an old tree near an abandoned torii gate, with his legs politely crossed and his hands folded in his lap. His expression betrays nothing at all -- there's no hint of his usual small, secretive smile, but there's no fear, either, or sadness, or anger. There's just... nothing.]

I am afraid it would seem... that Hyacinthus, known to some as "Donut", no longer walks among us.

[One slim hand rises to brush against his sternum through the layers of clothes that he wears, against the spot where his name was before.]

And I am without a name.

[Which does put him in a position he hasn't been in before, until this point:]

[He has a choice, perhaps.]

I wish, if possible, to serve a god who hunts often for Ayakashi. If any such god should wish to name me before the Heavens choose on my behalf... the matter can be discussed.

[He bows politely to the camera, before the feed cuts out.]


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: May 14
From: Anonymous

It seems that I require advice.

Recently, I was... unable to control my emotions in my god's presence. He said something that aroused a suspicion in me, though without the truth of my memory, I cannot easily explain why. The way that he reacted to what he felt from me... now leads me to question what I assumed in that moment.

I have not been able to learn if he was blighted at all, but I suspect he may have been. It seems unlikely that he didn't cry.

I understand that damage of this sort is a risk to god and shinki when we are called on to fight together. What I ask of you, then, is this:

How am I to amend it?

[[OOC: TRIGGER WARNING, especially if your character digs at what made him suspicious and uncomfortable, for potential discussion of sexual and domestic abuse! He doesn't remember any of the abuse survivors he encountered through his work in life on a conscious level, of course, but what made him get all upset was basically misunderstanding a situation as potentially sexual and then hearing "not taking no for answer." If you'd like to reply to this post but would rather avoid some aspect of that, please let me know either in an OOC comment or on my Plurk ([plurk.com profile] cognitiveleague) what I should avoid bringing up, and I'll be happy to work with you!]]


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