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From: Anonymous
Date: August 29


so as I have come to understand it in many places in the world it is possible for two men to get married
and its strange because that kind of thing should be a bit of a moot point for us here in the Heavens right?
i mean most of us dont have much in the way of family here so whose name you pick things like that
it doesnt matter so much
and a material or political union isnt very likely either

it seems to me like it is frequently used as a proof of love too
but i dont feel like either of us need to prove anything because we know

so its strange but... its still a very appealing thought

i bet that it might be a bit of a problem between a shinki and a god though

[He's great at being anon, shut up.]
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From: Anonymous
Date: August 5th, early morning

This is for whoever has been killing people.

How do you kill a god?

OOC: This is a public post, so please come tell him off for doing something this stupid!

BBS | Video

Jul. 9th, 2017 12:56 pm
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Posted: 2 August 20:00
From: Leo

[There is video today! It's just of Leo outside what looks like a fancy warehouse with a box of books, but. It is video.

Anyone from Leo's world will probably recognize the building as being the bathhouse from the Deeprealms.]

I've had this bathhouse for a few months now and since it's just Niles and myself here now that Saix has gone home, I've decided to grant the heavens at large access to it. I don't think I need to go into details about not being a nuisance and what will happen if you cause problems, but all the same. It won't be open to the public at all hours, and there will be different times for men and women until we can get some sort of wall built that no one can peek through.

[He knows how these things go, okay.]

As far as I can tell, there's no healing benefits like one might find in the pool in Lakshimi's temple, so if you are blighted or injured I ask that you go there before coming here. Otherwise, all are welcome at Odin's temple.

[And on to the box at his feet. Which he kicks.]

Does the library take donations?
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so uh
i have seen certain kinds of relationships between gods and shinki argued for or against and all that
but this isnt really about that

what i want to know is more
what are you supposed to do as a shinki if you cant help having certain feelings for your god
and you KNOW that your god knows about this?

i mean its hard to avoid if you keep stinging your god every time you look at them in a certain way

my god doesnt seem angry about it or anything
actually they seem to think its fun
and you think they could show a bit of compassion and wear a bit more clothes around the temple but nooooo

im just wondering what im supposed to do about this
its getting embarrassing :(


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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