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Posted: September 2
From: Wenchang Wang

[Hello, Far Shore.

What greets you today are the wonderful faces of these dinosaurs. They both look livid.]

Hey! Don't scare people off if you want answers!

[The dinosaurs seem to huff but back off as Gohan appears on the screen.

The god rubs the back of his head, looking sheepish.]

Uh, sorry about that, but I was wondering if anyone's seen a couple of eggs. They look like this. [He directs the screen to the nest of eggs.] It's not anywhere around my temple grounds so if anyone sees them around, mind bringing them back?

[A brief pause as Gohan looks back at the dinosaurs before looking back at the screen.]

They're supposed to hatch soon so it'd be good if the eggs are returned safely. Thank you.

[And before the feed ends, the one of the left releases a deafening roar.]
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From: Anonymous
Date: August 29


so as I have come to understand it in many places in the world it is possible for two men to get married
and its strange because that kind of thing should be a bit of a moot point for us here in the Heavens right?
i mean most of us dont have much in the way of family here so whose name you pick things like that
it doesnt matter so much
and a material or political union isnt very likely either

it seems to me like it is frequently used as a proof of love too
but i dont feel like either of us need to prove anything because we know

so its strange but... its still a very appealing thought

i bet that it might be a bit of a problem between a shinki and a god though

[He's great at being anon, shut up.]
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Date: August 24
Posted by: Konohanasakuya-hime

Good evening.

Some of you may already know me but for those who don't, my name is Sakura. It's nice to meet everyone.

Where I'm from, I'm a healer and though I don't have all of my equipment here, I think I can still be of some use. I'm afraid there are some limits to my magic here but my shinki and I can at least help until we can get the assistance you really need. I also have plenty of holy water at my shrine if you need it so please, let me know or come whenever you need to.

I'm also looking for other healers and doctors. Even apothecaries or someone familiar with the medicine of this world would be good to know. I'd like to know my resources so I can help others better. With how things can be here, I'm sure others would appreciate the information too so if you could please respond with any useful information, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

- Princess Sakura of Hoshido

( At the end of the post, there are also instructions on how to get to Konohansakuya-hime's shrine. Also feel free to note that her writing style is pretty formal for a network post or who the heck still uses the word apothecary in daily language. )
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Date: August 19
Posted by: Celty

Good evening everyone. I've been talking to a few people for advice about what to do in my spare time around here and getting a job of some sort came up a few times.

So I'd like to announce that if you have a need I will be offering my services as a delivery driver and courier in both the Near and Far Shores. I can ferry people as well, but not in large numbers. I'll be sure to keep prices reasonable considering our natures, but I will also ask for more for any more dangerous jobs.

If anyone knows of a good way to promote my services on the Near Shore side, please let me know.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or directly.
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From: Honoka Kousaka
Date: August 17th, Day

omg these new phones are so much nicer than the one i have back home lol thanks for the freebie

ANYWAY!!! i'm one of the newbies who just turned up so i figured i'd better get on with introducing myself so everyone knows who i am. i'm honoka kousaka! i'm also supposed to be ame-no-uzume-no-mikoto?? i thinK??? HONESTLY IT'S STILL KINDA HARD TO BELIEVE... crazy stuff like this just doesn't happen at home. but if i'm here then you guys must really need the help so i'm gonna do my best and get at it!

the big problem is im not very good at fighting tho? i'm only really trained for dancing and i go running every morning. so im fast Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ and i've got lots of stamina! i just have no idea how fighting works lol. so is there anybody here who's any good whod be okay with me learning?

AND IF YOU'RE NOT!! i still wanna get to know you!! so let's do like. a q&a or something! tell me what your fave food is and what kind of food you HATE MOST!!
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From: Mohini
Date: August 10th

[She'd normally go by Despair, sure, but she likes her new god name, so get used to it!]


O. M. G. Was Obon fun or wut?! I used 2 think it was the laaaaaaaaaaaaaamest thing ever, but now that I'm a goddess (so cool), I think it was lots of fun.

I missed sum of it because I was breakin n a new shinki. He's sorta extra work, but I promise to work my hardest and make him the best shinki I can! I just luv his face sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! So, if U guys know a Neji, please feel free 2 drop by my temple and come say hi! I promise you won't forget it!

Also, I'm gettin some prayers dun soon, so if NE1 wants 2 help, I'm open for that!

☮ out!
~ JE
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From: Chiyou
Date: August 9th

I would ask that whoever is behind the increasingly threatening and macabre anonymous posts please refrain from such things in the future. It spreads distrust and is becoming extremely tiresome.

It is not acceptable to intimidate people simply because they cannot trace it back to you.
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From: Sha Gojyo
Date: August 9th

Announcing SHINKI SUNDAYS at KINYOBI. Show your shinki mark and drink for half price all night!

SHINKI SUNDAYS are a god-free event.

Directions: [map] Take Amaterasu's southernmost temple to Musashino, then the K bus heading north.
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Posted: 28 July 2016 04:55 PM
From: Henir


At the beginning of the month, Ekko and I began working on a collaborative project that combined our technology as well as our status as time-related gods in this world. The intended goal was to visit or otherwise witness a specific time and location in the "past" of this world's timeline, approximately two months ago.

On July 15th we were able to successfully generate a portal to the past. Unfortunately, there were some unintended side-effects in the present. Rest assured that reality is quite resilient and there should be no significant long-term damage caused by the mishap.

Read more... )

I'm posting this information publicly so that it doesn't become lost or destroyed. Considering that Ekko was killed earlier today and will likely have forgotten all of this if he's revived, I'd rather not let all of this data go to waste if something happens to myself. I'll also be backing up my data somewhere safe while I continue processing what's left.

If anyone has any questions, I'll attempt to explain as best as I can.
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[ The video begins at an unflattering upward angle on Gojyo's shell-shocked face. He's holding the phone at about chest height, the camera pointed at him. Judging from his expression, whatever he's looking at beyond the camera's view must be absolutely horrifying.

He opens his mouth to speak, closes it again, then looks down at the camera.

This is for anyone who knew Ekko. Chronos. [ He can't look away from the view in front of him for long -- his eyes are drawn back to it, again and again. ] He's dead.

[ He clearly considers turning the camera toward whatever it is he's been looking at -- it's obvious in the way he glances between the two -- but he decides against it. And there's really nothing more to say, is there? The feed goes dark. ]

(OOC: As of about 3pm on the 28th, nearly all of the remains have been gathered up and buried a the foot of a nice tree. There's no gravesite marker, but it should be obvious to anyone that somebody's recently buried something at the base of that tree, and the grave is shallow enough that if anyone wanted to dig it up, it wouldn't take much effort at all.)
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Date: July 19th
From: Anonymous

How would you define the word monster?

[A few recent conversations have gotten her thinking about certain things and she's genuinely curious about the answers she might get. Cardia is well aware that there are a few people who do know her secret and could probably guess that this is from her. But she's not brave enough to ask something like this without anonymity to hide behind.]
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Posted: July 18
From: Li Tieguai

Good afternoon, everyone. Please excuse my change of name: this is Cho Hakkai.

I appear to have reappeared. Although I don't want to give undue hope to anyone who's recently lost a god or shinki, I'd like to announce that my classes will be continuing as usual.

To those who were living upstairs at the school the past few days, I expect you to help me clean up the mess. You know who you are.

[There are animal cracker crumbs everywhere.

And apart from that he's just not going to mention the events of last few days. At least he wasn't an actual child, but....]

Does anyone have an idea what might have caused it? I'm certain I felt something in the air for a few hours before it happened.

BBS | Video

May. 7th, 2017 01:45 pm
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Posted: 13 July. Evening
From: Ixtab

[Yuri almost never shows her face on the network, literally or in text. She prefers to lurk and read, but she knows this is the fastest and most effective way to reach a lot of people.]

Has anyone-- [She begins, and then stops, gaze lowering a moment. It's a question she shouldn't have to ask. She knows he's gone, can feel it, but maybe he's not gone entirely. Maybe they just moved him to a new god, again. Maybe there's still hope.

So she takes a breath, sighs, and tries again.
] Has anyone seen Hakkai? His phone's disconnected. And... I can't feel him anymore... But I thought, maybe, he'd just gone to another god, or... [She makes a helpless gesture and shrugs, shaking her head. 'I don't know,' she seems to be saying.]

If not then I'm afraid he's probably-- Gone. Entirely. [And damn if that doesn't absolutely gut her to say. She's always been good at masking her emotions, but she closes her eyes here and takes a breath, giving herself away entirely to just how badly it effects her.]

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From: Owain
Date: July 10, 2016

It appears I am like a sword without a hand to wield it. My goddess has departed, leaving only a letter of farewell and freeing me of the bonds that tie shinki to god.

Without direction, I wonder if it is best to take my sword and hunt ayakashi until my path reveals itself. I am told I cannot rid the land of their existence myself, but that I may weaken them for others. Maybe this is my true fate, to be a lone weapon, unfettered of my duty and facing evil in the darkness.

I know not my path but I am open to hearing the thoughts of those more experienced in this existence as well as others of strong opinion.
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From: Kairi & Yukine
Date: Dusk on July 8, 2016

[ Kairi and Yukine both look worn out and stressed. They'd each been holding a Borderline active for a very long time, relatively speaking, on top of the emotional strain of the confession they heard and the empathy they tried to give back.

The backdrop will tell anyone who knows the area that they're not far from Hakkai's school, just not directly inside it anymore. Kairi speaks first. ]

This message is for my fellow shinki specifically, although I hope gods will be sensitive to this as well. I know that we as shinki struggle with the knowledge that our gods can feel things we feel. It's not something we can change, though. The biggest thing they can feel from us... is guilt. You might have heard it called by another name: blight.

Blight is... it's like this acid on your skin. It hurts. Guilt makes the blight appear, but you can also get it by touching someone who's blighted. That goes for touching blighted gods and shinki both, but it also goes for touching ayakashi, which are nothing but blight. There's a way to reverse really bad blight - the guilt kind, because holy water can fix the kind you get by touching someone.

It's called an ablution. It's not easy and it's definitely not painless and it requires the support of your god as well as three strong shinki friends.

[ She'd started to get a little hysterical in her description of how much effort goes into an ablution, but then she pauses to take a breath. Her voice gets quieter, more purposeful. ]

... I need you all to hear this: I have witnessed two ablutions now, and participated in one of them. It's awful what someone has to go through during that, and it's awful to watch it too.

So please, if you start to feel some blight, don't hide it and refuse to talk to your shinki or god about it. It doesn't just go away like a bad cold. It gets worse and worse and worse.

[Yukine edges into frame, the bags under his eyes and tight expression worth more than a few words on their own.]

I've been telling you guys from the start to get along with your gods. This is a part of it... a part I'd hoped none of you'd have t' see. But it's happened.

When you do something you feel guilty over, admit it. Pretending to smile and acting like everything's fine does neither you or your god any good. Talk about it, fight about it.
[He gives a jagged smile as he adds in a low voice,] You can go a bit crazy. Gods don't die so easily.

But after getting it all off your chest then apologize and start fresh.

... Shinki are spirits. We're just across the line from ayakashi. We're human... none of us are perfect. The darkness... is always by our side. So be careful. Don't let it in.

... Damn. That's all I have to say. I'm going to go sleep for a few dozen hours now.

[ Kairi leans a little then, like she would have given Yukine a hug but thought better of it, so he gets a shoulder lean instead. ]

Yukine brought up a good point too. Since our gods feel all this stuff, but "don't die so easily"? They're basically going through the ablution too. They're hurting just like their shinki is.

[ But she doesn't leave the focus on Yukine by that point, knowing without voicing it that he'd been on the other side of the ablution before. That had come up earlier today. So she stands back up straight and pulls her phone back so that he can leave. It's getting late, after all. ]

So that's our warning. Please take care of yourselves and your shinki friends. And please be understanding if you see some blight, offer to help with it or tell someone who can help. I know it's scary.

Thank you.

[[OOC: Both Yukine and Kairi can respond to this BBS post, but if you'd like one of them specifically you can ask for it in the subject line or tag.

Chronologically, this happens not long after Hakkai's Ablution.]]
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From: Dali
Date: July 7th

What wishes do you desire the most? Are they simple? Complex? Have your aims grown in magnitude since you were made a god? Have they decreased since you were made a shinki?

I have noticed a certain hierarchy, you see, and I mean no offense. I should like to hear from a shinki who has seemingly impossible wishes - or a god who possesses a simple nature. There is nothing wrong with either and, in fact, I applaud both natures.

(Ambition is dangerous, but not bad - if it is held in check by a good heart and a strong mind.)
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From: Aidos
Date: June 28

It's been a while since I last posted the timeline of events. We've had a lot of new people showing up. Some might be curious about when we started arriving and everything that's happened afterward.

These are my notes, but I haven't been here since the beginning. If there's anything you'd like to add or question, please feel free.

cut for length )
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From: Demyx
Date: June 24

So a friend told me that shinki can go off on their own somehow. Like if their god doesn’t like them or something. But also that people get, like, upset about it for some reason.

[ Which doesn’t make sense to him at all. But maybe he’s being closed-minded about this. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? ]

How does that happen? And why do people get upset?

Asking for a friend.
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From: Goten Son
Date: June 22 ; evening

i learned alot of stuff about shinki and blight
why do gods get blight when their shinki get blight? thats not fair
is there some way to stop that cause i wanna fight without hurting mrick

ROCKSUS you jerk how can you do that to kairy
she loves you a lot and does her best


[The post switches to voice a moment after because Goten isn't that good at writing but he wanted to be sure to get two gods attention. Writing was better for that right?]

Kairi is really strong and doing her best for you and everyone else you know! Shes the best exemplar ever so she should be exemplar! I don't wanna be an exemplar if she isn't one too! The exemplar thing is dumb if the best shinki is the first shinki a god gets! That's cheating!

[There's a small pause as Goten remembers something]

Oh! Oh and Roxas, Aymeric! Neither of you can get mad at Kairi! Yeah! She really helped me out a lot with that prayer and I'd be ayakashi food without her!


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