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Date: August 29th
From: Eros

See them?

[The image comes into focus, revealing a pair of teens holding hands as they walk side by side down a quiet neighborhood street. They both appear happy. Laughing. You might even say they're in love. At the start of a new school year, it seems the perfect time for this sort of thing.]

... He prayed for her to love him.

[The young couple fade in and out of focus as he speaks, blurred and fuzzy around the edges. Behind the camera there's a scoff.]

I didn't know if I wanted to, but I gave it to him anyway. And now she'll love him until I tell her to stop.

[Finally they disappear around a corner... just as another boy appears into frame. He pauses, but the couple doesn't notice. He stares over his shoulder, but the couple doesn't notice. ... He has his eyes on the young girl. But she doesn't notice.]

That's who she used to love. ... He doesn't know why she left. Probably never will, even if he still loves her.

[After a minute of watching the two's backs, the boy finally turns around to continue trudging down the street alone, his head hung and eyes focused towards his shoes. Rin waits for him to also disappear out of frame before continuing.]

Tell me-- [a deep breath] --am I dangerous?
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Date: August 4th
Posted by: Anonymous

... what's your first kiss supposed to be like

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Posted: June 21st
From: Eros

[There's a dull clicking sound in the background when the feed starts but judging by the odd lower angle and blurred image it seems this wasn't supposed to start in the first place. Upon closer inspection, and with a bit of shifting, the video focuses and reveals what definitely looks to be a young man's bare back facing the camera. He's laying down on his side in the grass, currently unmoving, but when the clicking sound starts up again he finally shifts to lazily roll over and face the feed with tired, half-lidded eyes.

No, he isn't wearing a shirt. Too hot for that. And even if it wasn't, he'd probably feel too unenergetic to put one on anyway.]

Oi... Put that away. It's too hot for this.

[said as he lifts his hand up, considers reaching over... and chooses instead to drop it atop his forehead which is currently dappled with sweat. He could go for a swim. He could grab a drink, take a cold shower. He could. But he won't.

Whoever's on the other side of the screen makes a noncommittal, almost animal like growl... before finally obliging and dropping the device in the grass so it can eventually pad over and flop down beside Rin in the afternoon shade. Is that... an ayakashi? Seems somewhat tame for one, though there's no mistaking it's features. Bear. Small. Cuddly. Definitely ayakashi. Regardless, Rin doesn't seem pressed to move much, and with a lazy, cat-like stretch he rolls his shoulders before absently wiping more sweat away from his neck and chiseled stomach with the backs of his fingertips.

Well. There's Eros in the flesh for you.]

Tsk... stupid bear. Now I can't sleep.

(( ooc: Rin ran into a bear cub ayakashi and it's made him uncharacteristically tired, lazy, and all around listless! Please help... or take the opportunity to admire. Your choice bro. ))
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When: June 8
From: Anonymous

a question for shinki... and gods too, i guess. i dont know if this has been asked already... i rarely look at this thing so i wouldnt know. but im curious: what makes your god trustworthy? is it how they present themselves, or what they do as an individual? what made you realize that being their shinki wasn't an issue, even if you had no choice in the matter?

if youre a god reading this... how would you go about earning a shinkis trust?


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: May 23rd
From: Eros

[His tone is measured and purposeful, determined.]

Gods are powerful. No matter who we are, there's strength in all of us, terrifying strength we might not even understand. We can choose to control it, abuse it, and use it for whatever purpose suits our needs or the needs of the people.

But shinki aren't given that same choice.

As you might've heard... my shinki had a new name forced upon him while he was still in my care, by a god who couldn't have cared less and saw him as a tool. You heard what he had to say regarding freedom and rights and some of you even addressed his questions. ... You know he's afraid. You know that your shinki have wondered the same exact things from the moment they stood by your side. Whether we're trustworthy or kind or even worth their effort.

After all, we're strangers to them. And like it or not, we might as well be their biggest threat.

So... why not change that?

I want to form a defense team; a group dedicated to protecting shinki and their integrity. They shouldn't have to rely on us for their lives. They deserve proper rights and freedom and choice just as much as we do. And if any other gods believe the same, then I'd hope you'd consider working with me.

As for any shinki listening in: you aren't a tool. You're you before you're anyone else. If there's anything you need to say, tell me. I'll listen.
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Posted: May 21st
From: Sousuke Yamazaki

What are shinki? )

[A video feed flicks on. A full moon glows yellow in the sky above, encircled by spiraling clouds. The edge of a sakura tree billows pink and gentle at one side of the screen, releasing ghost-light sakura petals into the winds that carry them away. It’s silent, some for himself to gather his thoughts, some for letting whoever’s listening to him think. Maybe it is rambling, but the experience he went through…]

So what are our rights? Does anyone want to tell me how this is supposed to work?

All of this may not be something some of you gods care about.

But the shinki should know.

[His is a quiet voice, deep like the dark waters far below the surface of the sea.]

I’m aware I’m probably a rare case; most of the gods I’ve met seem decent. Some of you say you’d never act like I’ve described or think like this towards a shinki. That we can trust you. But we don’t know you. So how can we trust you? Ultimately we have to trust our gods because we don’t know anything else. Whether you use that to your advantage or not is up to you.

It’s a disgusting feeling to know you’re powerless against someone else. I can be stolen and wielded by any god who wants me, regardless of how I feel about it. And if I don’t want that, I have to eternally stick by my Master’s side like a frightened child. We’re not free; we can’t even rely on ourselves because our powers, beyond the borderline, is useless unless directed by a god. I didn’t want this, I don’t know if any shinki does.

[A quiet breath seeps backwards above the screen and the edge of a shirt sleeve flutters into view on one side of the screen. Sousuke’s leaning against the wall beside the window, not in sight, but obviously here if someone feels like talking.]

And if any of you gods haven’t yet learned how to track or trace your shinki, you should start working on that now. Otherwise you're going to find yourself out a useful tool for a while simply because some other god wants to do something different for a change.
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Posted: May 12
From: Anonymous

Has anyone ever noticed how many conventionally attractive people there are here? I know it's heaven but there are seriously a lot of attractive people here.

Just a random observation.
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Date posted: May 10th, midday
From: Nagisa

[ Nagisa pops up in front of his phone's camera with his usual huge smile on. It's obvious he's got something to say that requires more than just a simple text post. ]

Hey everyone! My name's Nagisa Hazuki. I've been here about a month now, I think. Or maybe two.. I'm not sure, I was never really good at keeping track of those sorts of things.

[ He taps at his chin with his free hand a moment, before deciding it doesn't really matter how long it's been. ]

Anyway I was thinking, there's so many of you here that Sako-chan and I haven't met yet. And that totally needs to be fixed! So, what better way to break the ice than a huge pool party! Well...not really a "pool" party, cause I don't exactly have a pool. But the backyard of my temple's got something even better!

[ The camera flips around to show a huge forest of tall trees and flowering shrubs decorating the fields below. But you get only a quick glimpse before the image flips back onto Nagisa. ]

See, It's like a forest with lots of natural water slides and a huuuge lazy river that runs through the whole thing. It's the perfect place for all of us to meet and have fun together! Sako-chan even has a kind of casino thing up in the tree house.

[ He thumbs over his shoulder where a large wooden structure is hung high above the ground, nestled in the canopy of the nearby trees. ]

Maybe we can do this next weekend. I'm thinking Saturday. Sunday too if some of you are too busy for the first day. And you can all come over at whatever time works for you! I'll even have music and tons of snacks for everyone!

I guess you can ask me questions here if you want. But just assume all of you are invited, whether we've met or not!

[ He gives a quick wink to the camera before the feed ends. ]

(( ooc: responses may come from Nagisa or Sakon, or both! ))
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Posted: May 4th
From: Eros

I've been here for a while now and I've had a lot of time to think... but even just sitting here brings up more and more questions and concerns.

... I still don't think I'm the right fit to be a god. I don't feel comfortable having shinki. I don't feel comfortable being anything BUT what I am.

Do we really have to fight? Do we really have to train and kill and put our own shinki in danger?

How am I supposed to be just and fair when everything about this feels like the exact opposite?

I can't be the only one. Someone out there-- You have to know how wrong this feels.

... Or maybe being the god of love really has turned me into a sentimental maniac.

At any rate. My name is Rin. I want you to know that. I've attached a photo of myself so you'll know me in passing too. ... I guess I just don't want to be a stranger.

(( ooc: Just a note, part of Rin's god power involves being aesthetically beautiful, but don't worry! It's only beauty and he won't be using it to manipulate anyone... I mean, unless you want to. Feel free to read more about that here and fill out some permissions while you're there~ ))


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