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From: Njord
Date: August 15, evening-- after the new arrivals show up


[Nami wastes no time. As soon as she finds herself back at this familiar place, as soon as she learns who her shinki is, as soon as she has the opportunity, she opens up her device to the BBS and fires it up to record the following message of utmost importance:]


[So we need answers, are we clear on that? Good. Next items of business! Tone shifts from outraged to worried.]

Zoro, are you still here? You better tell me you’re all right or I'm going to kill you!

Yata, where are you? I’m coming to find you.
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From: Yata
Date: August 14th

[ So after waking up from a vivid dream that he's becoming more and more convinced isn't a dream at all, Yata sits in the barn at Roy's temple late this morning having a minor panic attack. Unsure what he's supposed to do about this and when the first person he would normally go ask is the one person he can't go ask, he does the obvious thing. At least for him.

He flips open a video feed to the BBS. ]

So, uh, I know this has been talked about on here before but it hasn't really been relevant to me before now... [ Which, in Yata-speak, means he didn't pay attention. ] ...but.

What do you do if you wake up and suddenly remember something - or someone - from before. And you're pretty sure they don't? I mean. That's bad, right?

(( OOC Note: Both Fushimi and Yata have woken up with the same memory, Fushimi is just the sort to freak out about it privately while Yata is not, hence this post. Both characters may be tagging back replies in this thread however, and both are open to contact or action logs as well, just specify what/who you want in your starter ))
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From: Ra
Date: August 12th

[ The recording turns on showing Mikoto slouched on a couch with his bare foot tucked underneath his leg. His jacket's gone, leaving him in a white tee. His brow creases in irritation, his mood clearly lousy. In the background this can be heard. Unfortunately, his play so far has been more like this. ]

How do you play this thing.

[ He's so bad, he's reaching out to all you folks. He's got a promise to keep, only problem is, he sucks at Mario Kart. ]

[ ooc; On the last day of Obon, in order to get one of the ghostly children to cross, Mikoto promised to play with his little brother in his stead. Problem is, the kids favorite game is Mario Kart and Mikoto just picked up a controller for the first time today. ]
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From: Chiyou
Date: August 9th

I would ask that whoever is behind the increasingly threatening and macabre anonymous posts please refrain from such things in the future. It spreads distrust and is becoming extremely tiresome.

It is not acceptable to intimidate people simply because they cannot trace it back to you.
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From: Anonymous
Date: August 9th

Say you are a shinki... and you have lost your god. You have waited for them to come back... but you have begun to realize, perhaps they never will return. Now, you feel empty... and lost.

But then, a god who has watched over you since you arrived here takes you in. You care about them a great deal. You want to ask if they will allow you to be their shinki...

But do you do it, if the chances are slim that they will accept? Is it best... to spare yourself the embarrassment... and pain... of being rejected? I am currently living with them... so I also fear that perhaps if I pose the question and am rejected... perhaps they will not want me to stay with them anymore. I would like to think that they are a better person than that... a kinder person... but what if I am wrong? What if I am just fooling myself into thinking otherwise... due to my own loneliness?

What would you do?
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Posted: August 2
From: Misaki Yata

[ Yata doesn't normally leave open messages like this, because he usually much prefers dealing with people face to face rather than messing with all this tech stuff, but unfortunately the cause for this message is pretty much the same as the last one he'd ventured on here to make. ]

So I don't know how many people knew them, but uh. Tsunayoshi Sawada - uh, Vulcan? - and Hibari Kyoya aren't here anymore, I don't think. I don't know if there's anyone who keeps track of things like that, but I figured I'd let people know, since Tsuna's temple is gone and I... haven't seen Hibari since.

[ Not that he'd put a lot of effort in keeping track of the other shinki, but he had definitely discovered the missing temple on his own and no one else had been around since. Unless the guy had gone to ground somewhere, Yata was pretty certain he'd poofed around the same time as Tsuna. ]
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( The video is normal enough! Urashima props his phone up so it's at a good angle and holds up a poster for everyone to see. )

Look! There's going to be a lot of haunted houses in this park soon! Everyone should go! It looks like a lot of fun!

( And he sets the poster down next to Kamekichi, his always sleeping turtle. Right now, she appears to have a cooling washcloth on her shell. It's hot, guys. Summer is here. Someone get this turtle to a cool pond. )

Hmm... you know, it's that time of year, too! Isn't that fun? Maybe we can tell each other ghost stories! I'll start, I'll start!

Have you ever heard of tsukumogami? They're spirits that live in "things." I think the scariest one is Boroboroton! Boroboroton is an angry futon spirit. If you don't take care of your futon, it'll come to life, throw you out of bed, and cover your face. Isn't that scary? So you should take care of your things before they get angry!

( He isn't very good at this ghost story thing and he has twenty more stories just like this one. )

What do you think?
For those interested, this is a mini prelude for my upcoming player plot so check it out!
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From: Naoto Shirogane
Posted: July 14th


For those of you to whom I've not yet become acquainted, my name is Naoto Shirogane, and I'm one of the newer shinki who arrived here a little over a week ago. This is my first time posting to the BBS, so please excuse me if the length of this starter entry is perhaps a little longer than what is typical. First, I would like to thank those of you who I did have the pleasure of meeting at the Tanabata festival. You each have my sincerest gratitude for providing me your time and assistance as I attempted to get my bearings on that first day. There was a lot to process all at once, so your patience with me was most appreciated.

Second, I would like to pose a question at large purely as a point of curiosity. I've noticed that I seem to have a lingering sense of hunger that is never quite possible to satiate. I do not wish to cause alarm, as it's not exactly painful to any degree. Really, it's just an odd sort of sensation that I find distracting from time to time. Has anyone else ever felt something similar? If so, what did you do to alleviate it?

BBS | Text

May. 7th, 2017 11:58 am
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From: Saruhiko Fushimi
Date: 12 July 22:00

[What? He doesn't sleep!]

I haven't been here long but my god vanished before I ever got to meet him which makes me wonder: what the hell is a shinki good for? What are we supposed to do? Is there any point in serving a god if they can just vanish?
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From: Goten and Izumo
Date: July 11

Alright, here we go.

[The video clicks on to show Izumo, who looks as if he’s just finished running a marathon. Behind him, it’s obvious he’s standing what appears to be an abandoned temple before the video moves to the side, showing Goten.]

Here, Goten.

Are you sure it’s on? [Goten peeks into view, looking at the screen with wide eyes. His hair is messier than usual, sweat beading under his bangs. But his smile is big as ever.]

Hey everyone! Izumo and me did some training together. It’s a lot of fun so you should try it to. Izumo is one of the strongest people ever and he can get you stronger too! Right, Izumo? C’mon you gotta tell them or no one is gonna want to come!

[Izumo adopts an expression of feigned exasperation, though anyone could see the fondness in his eyes as he ruffles Goten’s hair.]

You might be exaggerating there, Goten. [But he does look at the video, a smile on his face.] But anyone’s welcomed to come and train with us if you’d like. The more, the merrier.

Yeah! But you should train with us! Sparring, shinki stuff, any of that stuff is good! It doesn’t matter how good you are at it either cause we wanna get stronger too and the only way to do that is to keep training!

[Goten’s fist shoots into the air as he gives a quick nod.] But you gotta be nice cause Izumo sorta shy about his powers.

[He tilts his head back to flash a playful grin up to the older shinki before looking back to the video, waving.]

BBS | Video

May. 2nd, 2017 10:57 am
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From: Misaki Yata
Posted: July 10

[ The video turns on to a shot of Yata looking... well, that's a little harder to tell right away because he's trying to appear as neutral as possible at the moment. Despite that, inwardly he's panicking a little.

He rubs a hand against the back of his neck awkwardly as he addresses the BBS. ]

So, uh. I'm guessing waking up to find your god's temple missing is a bad sign, huh?
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From: Misaki Yata, Saruhiko Fushimi
Posted: July 6

[ The video starts scrolling to show a floor filled with multicolored plush toys - most of which might be familiar from the recent festival. There’s easily several dozen filling the frame before the feed swings up to catch the pair of people addressing the BBS today.

Yata, the one clearly holding the phone, looks a little sheepish about it, but isn’t letting that stop them. Fushimi, meanwhile, just looks...grumpy. ]

So, uh. We might need some help. We sorta…. overdid it at the festival and ended up with… a lot more prizes than we know what to do with. ….Help?

You overdid it. You wouldn’t admit defeat.

[ Cue a twitch from the shorter boy at his side. ] That’s because I wasn’t defeated!

You were. Several times, but you just had to keep going “five out eight” or whatever.

[ Fushimi was honestly not much better. He’s just not going to say that. ]

Argh! Whatever! Just. Look! If anyone wants some of these, we have too many, so come take them off our hands, alright?

[ Fushimi swipes the camera for a second. ]

Five hundred yen for one.

[ He smirks the tiniest bit.

He is one hundred percent trying to get a reaction out of the redhead. He’s discovered it’s easy and entertaining!

It works. ] What?! [ Yata punches him in the arm before stealing the camera back and looking more than a little exasperated. ] Ignore him. They’re free. I’ve got them at my god’s temple for the time being if anyone wants to swing by and grab some. Or knows anything else we could do with them.

First person to suggest “burn them” gets burned themselves. These things reek when you set them on fire.

[ He’s not sure how he knows that, but he does. And before the rest of the Heavens start questioning what else could follow that rather dubious statement, Yata flicks the video feed off to end the transmission. ]

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 From: Ra
Date: June 21st 

[ Sand. Ocean. Sky. Sand. The device is thrown on a bank recording a blaze of fire and at its center stands Mikoto. He's grinning, eyes bright with anticipation as an amoeba-like ayakashi charges in. The Red King stares down his opponent and smirks when it charges. He breathes in, compressing his powers, and with a small grunt releases an explosion of red that erupts like a dormant volcano driving away the creature. Mikoto stands on melted sand watching it flee as flames cover him like a second skin. Beneath him, molten sand begins to cool into glass that reflects the sun. Mikoto turns then, red eyes staring into the camera. He smiles, a thought sliding into place. ]




We need to talk.

[ The steps forward but stops when a secondary thought slips in undetected and on a whim -- ]

Guan Yu, you too.

[ooc: he's calling out the gods of his men, plus the blue. ]


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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