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From: Chiyou
Date: August 9th

I would ask that whoever is behind the increasingly threatening and macabre anonymous posts please refrain from such things in the future. It spreads distrust and is becoming extremely tiresome.

It is not acceptable to intimidate people simply because they cannot trace it back to you.
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Posted: July 15
From: Anon

Here’s a question for you all: what do you think about death?

Considering the recent murders, I’d say it’s something to think about, isn’t it?

It truly brings in the question of whether or not death plays a relevant role here. People seem to be able to come back to life, but seems to go from god to shinki or even shinki to god. Regardless of the reason for the change in reversal, it seems that one element in particular remains missing: memories.

I’m curious as to why memories seem to be the important element in deciding between a god and a shinki aside from the obvious.

So, here’s another question: how many of you were previously shinki who became a god? If you don’t remember your time as a shinki, would you want those memories back?
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From: anon
Date: 11 July

Help me test a theory: tell me what you know of a person named Zeno.

(As always, all replies from Jay will be anonymous unless otherwise stated.)
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From: Chiyou
Date: June 26

How can you tell if someone is a God or a Shinki without talking to theM?

This is extremely important
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From: Chiyou
Date: June 14

I do not think this is the time for beach parties. Half of us cannot remember who we are. Those of us who know a shinki's past could kill them with a single word, without ever meaning for them to come to harm. This should not be accepted as normal without so much as an explanation as to why it is necessary.

What reason could there possibly be to strip someone of all memory?

Why does nobody seem to know what is going on?


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: 22 May
From: Anonymous

1. Has anyone heard a prayer asking for someone else's death?

2. Has anyone considered answering such a prayer?

Names not required.

[All responses by Youji will be anon unless specified otherwise.]
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Posted: 03 May 2016
From: Genjo Sanzo

There are too many nosy fuckers with nothing better to do. I can't look through here without tripping over too much information about your personal lives.

There are enough brats on here that someone has to say it. Knock it off already. It's a pain to scroll past, and you're just handing out ammunition to any half-literate asshole that wants to use your emotions as a weapon.

The rest of you: get a damn job or do something worthwhile instead. No one cares about your navel-gazing idiocy.
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This post is for both gods and shinki alike.

I’m conducting research to understand better the various relationships between gods and their shinki. I will gladly share the information given to me once it has been gathered and condensed into a more refined form.

Hopefully this information can be used to improve the efficiency between gods and shinki if they happen to be struggling with completing prayers and combating ayakashi. It could also be used for gods to better understand their shinki and vise-versa and improve their relationship as a whole.

Please proceed for more information )
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Posted: May 2
From: Hedone

I have a sneaking suspicion I could find the answer to this by going through the archives, but let's give me the benefit of the doubt and say I want to be as accurate as possible and allow for new people's responses, or else opinions evolving over time... any shinki out there who wish they were gods? Or the reverse, gods who wish they were shinki? Why do you think you got the better and/or worse deal?

Devil's advocates welcome; I may indulge in it a bit myself.
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Posted: May 1
From: Sakon Shima

Look I'm writing on the thing! Oh hey it's fixing the words so they look right.

Okay so I was watching videos (they're called videos) on the thing

oh Nagisa says the thing is called a phone

So I was watching videos on the phone and there was this guy eating peppers on a bet and I could do that!

How many ghost peppers do you think I can eat? I'm already dead so it can't kill me, so how many? Leave bets here.

Does that work?

Anyway bet money and the closest guess wins it all! If I eat more than the highest guess and I don't die again, I win it all!

Leave money at Azeban's temple. This will work, right? I'm still working on it.
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Posted: 23 April 2016
From: Kija

Hello, my name is Kija. Thank you to those who provided assistance with my last request about the milk.

[It's... it's been a little while since the Milk Incident, but he feels like he should belatedly acknowledge that some people were actually helpful. Thanks; he still drank himself sick.


What do you do when your new god is only interested in going to bars and associating with women? He does not listen to me or express any desire toward doing his part! !!

I do not wish to misrepresent him, he is probably a capable man. But I would not know anything about that.

[There - he genuinely thinks this is not petty and is in fact very generous. Just one more unrelated piece to this message and he's done-]

Also, how do you prevent bugs from approaching you while outdoors...?
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Posted: April 13, 12:20 PM
From: Cho Hakkai

Does anyone have any experience with the care of small, white dragons? What foods do they prefer?

What is the best way to determine their mood: head movements? Wings? Tail? Vocalizations?

Specifically, how can you tell when they are about to bite?

[Not that he's failed to tell he was about to be bitten a few times already. Of course not.

There is a picture of a small, snaky-bodied white dragon with a ruff running all the way down its long neck attached. In the picture, the dragon is flaring its wings over a plate of raw hamburger with a look of serious annoyance and its mouth wide open in a silent kyuuuu!]
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Posted: April 13th, 4:39AM
From: Hermes

EVERYONE, EVERYONE LOOK! LOOK! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


This morning I was woken up by my dear Inoshishi no Ino nuzzling his face into to my armpit. What a wonderful awakening, today is simply the best day!

Hajime, Sheryl Nome, isn't he every bit as cute as I said he was? (*/∇\*)
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Posted: April 12th
From: Hiyoko | Mielikki

Guys! I met a bear! We bonded over the ancient ritual of single combat and now we are brothers forever.

Check it out!

[There is actually a selfie of her and a bear. They both look a little bruised. She looks very pleased with herself.]

And before I forget! Nageki, I forgot to ask you who your god was. Let me know.
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Posted: 7 April 2016
From: Kija

What do girls need from the grocery store? ???I have never been to o. E before but this is part of my duty...

[Unlike typing, which his big hand(tm) is apparently interfering with just enough.]


1. How many types are you supposed to buy?
2. Where do you put in the straw? ??

[file attached: image06.jpg]
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Posted: 7 April 2016 01:16am
From: Unregistered user

why don't we shit any more

i know we're dead but it's still werid right?

wher does it go?


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