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From: Emizel
Date: August 6th

Does anyone know what to do about pest control? These guys have been everywhere since I first arrived and I've about had it.

[Posted along with it is an image of his temple field in a swarm of butterflies. Dark reds, oranges, and blues, all migrated to one place and attracted to him and the poppies. They're perfectly harmless, but they never leave.]
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From: Naoto Shirogane
Posted: July 14th


For those of you to whom I've not yet become acquainted, my name is Naoto Shirogane, and I'm one of the newer shinki who arrived here a little over a week ago. This is my first time posting to the BBS, so please excuse me if the length of this starter entry is perhaps a little longer than what is typical. First, I would like to thank those of you who I did have the pleasure of meeting at the Tanabata festival. You each have my sincerest gratitude for providing me your time and assistance as I attempted to get my bearings on that first day. There was a lot to process all at once, so your patience with me was most appreciated.

Second, I would like to pose a question at large purely as a point of curiosity. I've noticed that I seem to have a lingering sense of hunger that is never quite possible to satiate. I do not wish to cause alarm, as it's not exactly painful to any degree. Really, it's just an odd sort of sensation that I find distracting from time to time. Has anyone else ever felt something similar? If so, what did you do to alleviate it?
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from: anonymous
date: july 8

did anyone else act weird because of that stupid bridge in the middle of tanabata?
here's my advice: don't walk on it with anyone if it ever shows up again.
you'll thank me next year! ♥

what's the point of feeling nice things for someone if you don't actually like them like that? (҂⌣̀_⌣́)
waste of time, if you ask me.
would anybody actually walk on it just because?

[ replies will be anonymous as well ♥ ]
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From: Inti
Date: June 28

Greetings to everypony. My name is Princess Celestia, and here I have assumed the role of the god Inti.

This is not too far away from my role in Equestria, and yet this world's sun seems to require no intervention -- magical, divine, or otherwise -- to keep it moving neatly through the sky. I am also told that the moon keeps its own schedule irrespective of the night. All things considered, I have to conclude that things work very differently here.

Nonetheless, I am particularly interested in meeting other gods whose domain includes the sun. I would like to invite you all to my temple, so we can greet each other and learn more about our gods and our purposes of here. (Of course, anypony else is welcome to come as well. I have so much to learn here!)

Lastly, please allow me to conclude with a compliment to these amazing communication devices -- but perhaps we could find a way to make them more accessible? I am fortunate to have my magic, but if an earth pony or pegasus were to come here, they might have a terrible time with working these things.

~Princess Celestia
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From: Ross
Date: June 22

[He didn't use the BBS much, but today would have to be an exception. With all the all-nighters he'd been pulling as of late, it would be easy for any of the residents or even visitors to Ayumu's temple to tell that he was totally exhausted, but a BBS post made that much easier to hide.]

this is a list of things I need. If you've got extras you need to get rid of, drop them off at vesta's temple

[Some were common things that could be found around the house or close to it, while others ranged from unusual to downright strange.]

I need an angry person too but not right now

[What in the world was he doing.]

[ooc: Canon is vague on the stuff he actually needs and he's got reasons for putting red herrings on the list anyway, so feel free to just make things up for it!]
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[ I. Sparkling Knight ]

Posted: June 21
From: Anonymous

[ It’s the most peculiar thing. Without anyone’s willing it, or any clicks on the thread topic, a window pops up on the BBS of its own accord.

At first, there’s just static. Then, a countdown, grainy and jittery on the screen:

Followed by…darkness. Pure, unadulterated darkness, for several seconds more. The darkness lingers, undisturbed and silent, for several seconds, and is interrupted only by - a voice. It’s not yelling, it’s not whispering. It’s simply speaking, as if you and it are sharing an intimate moment together. It’s a sultry, deep voice. Regal, too. ]

Stellar nurseries. Cradles in the darkness of forsaken galaxies. Nestled to their bosom, a single gleam is born.

[ A flicker of golden light flashes in the center of the screen, then twinkles out. ]

To this world deprived of true radiance - appearing, lo, now on stage.

[ A trail of purple sparkles and rose petals streams through the darkness. ]

A new era dawns.

[ Lights up! Music up, immediately - the ringing of bells, the sounding of trumpets.

And the show begins. ]

Harboring a brilliance stars and planets surely envy… )

[ When the performance is finished, the lights go down again, replaced by a sign written in ornate letters, with a sunburst in the corner: CELEPARA TALENT AGENCY, by SHIKYOIN HIBIKI. NOW SCOUTING.

And then the video switches itself off. But don’t worry. As Hibiki's very first boon to the world as a god, it's listed on a message board.

You can watch it as many times as you want. ]

[ II. Private to Natsuru, Felicia, & Maria - From Apollo ]

[ Hibiki’s sitting at a desk with a laurel pattern on a door behind her. She’s got her crown of golden laurels tucked behind her ears, too, except instead of wearing her usual purple jacket and trousers, she’s wearing a business suit. ]

Senou Natsuru. Felicia. [ A pause. ] Maria Cadenzavna Eve.

I have something to discuss with all of you. Please accept my invitation.

[ And Hibiki sends along a little attachment. It’s a purple envelope with a pink heart on it that shows you a fancy invitation if you click on it. Apparently she wants you all to stop by this afternoon.

Also, since the “paper” the invitation appears on is monogrammed, it looks like Hibiki took the time to program this herself. ]

I await your presence.


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Date: May 19th
Post By: Guanyin

[ Watanuki has the camera set up in front of him. He's sitting upright on his bed, hands on his knees, dressed in some stylish Chinese-style attire in black-and-blue. He seems to realize the camera is on and he bows towards it. ]

Hello. [ He seems nervous about posting to the BBS. He is. ] My name is Guanyin. I'm the God of Mercy and Compassion. It's nice to meet you all. This is my first time posting here so... if I seem a little awkward... well, it's probably just me.


I had a run-in with an ayakashi, and even with my shinki I was unable to defend myself. Another god had to step in and save us. Even though my shinki is a weapon-type, I never fought in my previous life, so I don't have any clue on how to properly wield him. I guess what I'm trying to say is...

[ He seems to get a little nervous here. He looks down to his lap. His ears are blushing. ] Well, that is... I think I have a solution... but I need someone's help.

Ah, so... if anyone has ever previously held a hard weapon such as a long stick, a pole, a spear, javelin, or any sort of polearm, ah... could you...

Could you.... let me touch it?


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