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From: Chikusa Kakimoto
Date: August 6


[Chikusa actually meant to make this post a while ago, but.... Well. Things happened. Whatever. He's making it now.]

This is for the benefit of what new people who have arrived and all those who ignored Kairi and Yukine's warning here, but I'll repeat it all. It's apparently necessary.

There are three ways to get blight:
1. Touch a person that is blighted.
2. Touch an ayakashi.
3. Feeling guilt.

The first two can be washed away with holy water from a shrine or temple. The last can only be cleaned up reliably if you apologize for your guilt and repent to your god. If you don't and only continue to feel guilt, it will build up.

Shinki carrying too much blight become ayakashi. This should be enough of a deterrent but it's repeatedly been shown not to be.

In the event that a shinki doesn't repent and a god doesn't want to release them, an ablution can help. However, not only is it extremely painful for both shinki and god alike, it requires three separate shinki with extremely powerful borderlines and knowledge of the ablution incantation.

I have taken part in three ablutions in the last two months. I have no faith that people will do the sensible thing. So I'm offering myself for any future ablutions since an ayakashi on the loose in the Far Shore would be annoying. I guarantee that my borderline is reliable and that it won't matter how the targeted shinki reacts.

Just repay me for having to deal with such a troublesome and annoying thing.
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Who: Zero and OPEN
When: During the Haunted Festival Season
Where: The NearShore
What: After he decides to answer a prayer concerning the set-up of one of a handful of Haunted festivals popping up.
Warnings: PG-13
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[Takuma propping up his head in his hand with his elbow planted firmly on the table.]

If you say "oh my god" as a shinki, are you referring to your own god? Do they feel it every time you say that?

If you say it as a god, who are you referring to? Are you talking about a god you really like?

Also, is it normal for shinki to refer to their god by their god name or their whatever name?

What if your shinki form was a toilet or a trash receptacle? What would you do then?

If a god were to pray, who would it be to? Would it be like someone who idolizes a J-Pop star?

These are the important questions.
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From: Hades
Date: June 27, 2016


[ The video turns on showing Zero holding down an amobea-like ayakashi with silver rose vines. While stalking Chikusa, he found the thing attached to a baseball player and went to remove it using Bloody Rose to get it off. The thing continually tries to get free but the silver vines are strong as diamond. ]

Who has a shinki to rend this thing?

[ The thing rages silently releasing a noxious stench as it tries to slash at him only to pass through as if he were a ghost. Before it has a chance at a second attack the rose vines engulf the limb rendering it immobile. ]

Hurry up.

[ooc: zero has no shinki. also, his god power is density manipulation. ]

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Posted: 28 May
From: Anonymous


I have a question for the shinki among us.

How important to you is your connection to your god?

If you could go without a name, and not worry about your safety or a place to stay, would you prefer to?

[All comments from Hakkai will be anonymous unless otherwise marked.]


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: 23 May
From: Masaki Kurosaki

Ok, two things. Kind of related, kind of not, but I didn't want to post twice; that seems like kind of a waste of space.

One, are there any shinki that want to practice borderlines together? We could do it at one of the unused temples on the Far Shore.

Two, and I'm being serious about this! Completely!

What's your favourite kind of muffin?

Edit: Since so many people are interested, we'll be meeting at the Sand temple on the 25th! Directions can be found below, as well as a photo!

If you can, PLEASE BRING 1 bottle of HOLY WATER just in case!
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Posted: May 21st
From: Jade Curtiss

[So at first you don't see much of anything but the camera moving around and going through an ornate chinese style temple.

The camera view comes into contact of a boy from behind. He's slender with short black hair and seems to be preoccupied with something that isn't visible on the camera.

From behind the camera, a long, dried up spider leg with a human-like hand attached comes into view-- sort of like a first person shooter video game.

Slowly, the grotesque appendage reaches it's destination which is the boy's cheek, then shoulder.

Jade then whispers in a low voice.]

Daddy long legs wants to play

[The calm before the storm] )

[There's a beat of silence and then a loud screech erupts from Watanuki.]


[Jade steps back quickly as six extra arms (making eight in total) shoot out from Guan Yin's body and flail about wildly, knocking things off of the counter he was just working on which happened to be making tea. The boy steps right into the tea and then slips and falls then squirms on the floor screaming while his extra limbs fling about.

There's no laughter on the other end, just an amused:]

Well that's new.

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Posted: May 21st
From: Kiryuu Zero
Location: Temple of Hades

[ The video turns on showing Zero in a dark room inside his temple. A quiet look falls across his eyes as he faces the camera. He's not one to speak to people let alone about himself but after his encounter with
Sheryl, he has no choice. He knows what happened even if he can't remember it. He lost control. ]

My name is Zero Kiryuu and I was here before as a shinki.

[ A pause as he squares his shoulders to face his crimes.  ]

I need to know if I killed someone.

They took my memories when I was brought back as a god but that doesn't erase my crimes. I need to know what happened. What I did.

I won't let this go.

[ OOC: He doesn't know he died, he simply assumes his loss of memories is due to the whole turning a shinki into a god deal. Some kind soul, please spring that up on him. Also, for any future in-action meet ups Zero will mysteriously have some pomegranate fruit/seeds on him at all times. If you eat them you'll be sentenced (only if you want!) to stay one night at his temple before the seeds effects let them escape! ]

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Posted: May 21st
From: Sousuke Yamazaki

What are shinki? )

[A video feed flicks on. A full moon glows yellow in the sky above, encircled by spiraling clouds. The edge of a sakura tree billows pink and gentle at one side of the screen, releasing ghost-light sakura petals into the winds that carry them away. It’s silent, some for himself to gather his thoughts, some for letting whoever’s listening to him think. Maybe it is rambling, but the experience he went through…]

So what are our rights? Does anyone want to tell me how this is supposed to work?

All of this may not be something some of you gods care about.

But the shinki should know.

[His is a quiet voice, deep like the dark waters far below the surface of the sea.]

I’m aware I’m probably a rare case; most of the gods I’ve met seem decent. Some of you say you’d never act like I’ve described or think like this towards a shinki. That we can trust you. But we don’t know you. So how can we trust you? Ultimately we have to trust our gods because we don’t know anything else. Whether you use that to your advantage or not is up to you.

It’s a disgusting feeling to know you’re powerless against someone else. I can be stolen and wielded by any god who wants me, regardless of how I feel about it. And if I don’t want that, I have to eternally stick by my Master’s side like a frightened child. We’re not free; we can’t even rely on ourselves because our powers, beyond the borderline, is useless unless directed by a god. I didn’t want this, I don’t know if any shinki does.

[A quiet breath seeps backwards above the screen and the edge of a shirt sleeve flutters into view on one side of the screen. Sousuke’s leaning against the wall beside the window, not in sight, but obviously here if someone feels like talking.]

And if any of you gods haven’t yet learned how to track or trace your shinki, you should start working on that now. Otherwise you're going to find yourself out a useful tool for a while simply because some other god wants to do something different for a change.


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