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May. 4th, 2017 03:03 pm
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Posted: 11 July 20:00
From: Leo

Something occurred to me today and I realized that practically no one has mentioned it. We all know by now that sometimes we just randomly get items from home, usually in the strangest places, but there's something that I feel should be mentioned.

There are times where a shinki will suddenly remember something from before their death. This does not cause them to turn into ayakashi. I don't know what causes it, but one of my shinki, who is my best friend from home, woke up a few weeks ago and suddenly the day we met back home as well as several other events.

[Trying to keep this short here.]

He hasn't turned into an ayakashi with this knowledge. I don't know why he hasn't turned into an ayakashi, though I'm obviously not complaining, and since it's been a few weeks I can safely say he's unlikely to. Shinki, if you suddenly remember something, you should be okay. Gods, do not attempt to cause these memories yourself. There is something different about the shinki remembering these things on their own and us gods telling them these things. I would also assume that if Shinki A remembers something about Shinki B and tells B about it, B will turn into an ayakashi.

Anyway, if there are any shinki out there who woke up with memories they didn't have before and were panicking I hope this helps.
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From: Goten and Izumo
Date: July 11

Alright, here we go.

[The video clicks on to show Izumo, who looks as if he’s just finished running a marathon. Behind him, it’s obvious he’s standing what appears to be an abandoned temple before the video moves to the side, showing Goten.]

Here, Goten.

Are you sure it’s on? [Goten peeks into view, looking at the screen with wide eyes. His hair is messier than usual, sweat beading under his bangs. But his smile is big as ever.]

Hey everyone! Izumo and me did some training together. It’s a lot of fun so you should try it to. Izumo is one of the strongest people ever and he can get you stronger too! Right, Izumo? C’mon you gotta tell them or no one is gonna want to come!

[Izumo adopts an expression of feigned exasperation, though anyone could see the fondness in his eyes as he ruffles Goten’s hair.]

You might be exaggerating there, Goten. [But he does look at the video, a smile on his face.] But anyone’s welcomed to come and train with us if you’d like. The more, the merrier.

Yeah! But you should train with us! Sparring, shinki stuff, any of that stuff is good! It doesn’t matter how good you are at it either cause we wanna get stronger too and the only way to do that is to keep training!

[Goten’s fist shoots into the air as he gives a quick nod.] But you gotta be nice cause Izumo sorta shy about his powers.

[He tilts his head back to flash a playful grin up to the older shinki before looking back to the video, waving.]
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From: Hekate
Date: July 8th

[Riku is faintly awkward in his seat; he doesn't have any experience with large networks like this one. This seems a lot more efficient than to ask every single person he meets about whether they've seen him around before though, so here he is.

Posting a video to the heaven's network. No way this will go wrong, right? Right.]

So, for those that don't know me – hi, my name is Riku and I'm a recent arrival. I've been told that I've been around before twice already… once as a shinki and once as a god, but I can't remember either occasion.

Has anyone made a similar experience here? If yes, how do you deal with it? I don't like the thought of having been here and not remembering a thing about it…

Also, if I offended you while I was here the last time, I'm sorry. I probably don't mean it now.

[After what Sora and Roxas told him about his last self… apologizing seems like a good move. If he's gotten mad at his best friend about something like his romantic affairs, who knows what else he's done.]
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From: sora
Date: June 28

[Private: Filtered to CR of Leo and Roxas. Locked from Leo and Roxas.]

hey there! if you didn’t already know leo’s birthday is on June 30th! and a week later is roxas’ birthday on July 7th!

we (being me, kairi and forrest) are planning a surprise birthday party for them right smack dab in the middle of that week on july 3rd! we’ll be having it at my temple—baldr’s temple. you’re all invited! just don’t spill the beans about the party to either of them!! we want them to grumble in surprise!

gifts for them are more than welcome and feel free to bring all the food and snacks and drinks you’d like, there’s never enough of those things. there will be games and my temple is on the beach so feel free to bring whatever for the sand!

does anyone know how to bake a cake from scratch that can teach me, too?

see you there!!

oh and we do have a bear that wanders around the grounds once in a while, just be careful not to upset her she's super mean sometimes.

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From: Goten Son
Date: June 22 ; evening

i learned alot of stuff about shinki and blight
why do gods get blight when their shinki get blight? thats not fair
is there some way to stop that cause i wanna fight without hurting mrick

ROCKSUS you jerk how can you do that to kairy
she loves you a lot and does her best


[The post switches to voice a moment after because Goten isn't that good at writing but he wanted to be sure to get two gods attention. Writing was better for that right?]

Kairi is really strong and doing her best for you and everyone else you know! Shes the best exemplar ever so she should be exemplar! I don't wanna be an exemplar if she isn't one too! The exemplar thing is dumb if the best shinki is the first shinki a god gets! That's cheating!

[There's a small pause as Goten remembers something]

Oh! Oh and Roxas, Aymeric! Neither of you can get mad at Kairi! Yeah! She really helped me out a lot with that prayer and I'd be ayakashi food without her!
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From: Carl Adler
Date: June 19th (afternoon)

My god Anpao/Riku has disappeared. He seemed like a good kid, I'm going to miss him.

That being said, I need to fins a new god, or at least somewhere to crash while I wait to be assigned one. Would I be able to stay with anyone else for a day or two? Otherwise, is it safe to sleep outside here? Do we actually need to sleep anyway?
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From: Nyanta
Date: June 19th, afternoon

[Why yes, that's a humanoid cat dressed in gentleman's clothing gracing your screen.]

Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Nyanta and yes, I'm not exactly human, nya. I meant to ask everyone sooner but it seems something pops up right when I'm about to post.

I was actually considering doing cooking classes to anyone who would like to learn. I always felt that being able to cook to be something everyone should at least experience. Though I'm still in the process of developing these workshops, I thought it was best if I did an interest check first, nya.

I expect there might be a high demand so group classes based on experience will most likely happen. I shall keep everyone posted once all plans are finalized.
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Posted: 19 June 2016 11:00 AM
From: Henir






D/N: Don't ask for it to do anything weird or you're getting blacklisted.

((replies by Apocalypse will come from [personal profile] hexahedron))
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From: Katsuki Yuuri
Date: June 19

Hello :)

My name is Yuuri, and I'm a shinki of Bastet's. I've been here for several weeks and haven't really gotten around to using the BBS very much so far, but it's nice to meet any of you I haven't met before!

There are two things I wanted to talk about... or ask about, really.

First, I've heard a lot about the skills shinki are supposed to be able to use, but if any older shinki would be willing to explain more or help me train to use them better, I'd really appreciate the guidance.

Second, I wondered if anyone might have any guidance about how to find a part time job on the Near Shore. My god provides for us, of course, but I'd like to have a little bit of pocket money for things. My own clothes that my god didn't pick out, things like that. I thought maybe I might try to find work at a cat cafe, since that seems like it would be serving my god, too, or maybe at a dance studio since I seem to know a lot about that, but... I'm not sure, and I thought maybe it would be nice to brainstorm with some other people.

Thank you for your time!
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From: Dali
Date: June 19th

I should think even soulless Shinki deserve a name? Since I cannot say they are a male or a female, are there names that are...neutral? I have sought out Georgian names - since their origin seems the most fitting - but only a few appeal to me.

Eteri, for example, has a nice sound; as does Imeda. Can you immediately determine gender based on them?

(The first means "ether, air" and the second means "hope", which is why they appeal to her so much (besides their sound).)

I welcome all suggestions.
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When: June 12
From: Neith


Gatchaman Hajime, aka Neith here! I have a question about something. I've wondered about it for awhile now but even more so since working on my collage of everyone! I feel like I'm about to explode from wondering about it for so longgggg!

[She hums the word thoughtfully for little while. Her voice is loud and cheerful as ever.]

I've been here for awhile, you know! Since mid February or so. I've met a lot of super amazing gods and awesome cool shinki alike! But there's been something that has caught my attention and I can't figure it out no matter how much I think about it.

How do some of you have such spiky pointy hair? I don't think it's gel. It doesn't look like gel. I know Yuto doesn't use gel. Kuroro-kun...maybe? But it's so shiiiiing! I think hair like that would take hours to do but I don't think Sora or Roxas-kun are the type to do that. That's some amazing bedhead!

AKA you all have amazing hair! Even the not-so-spiky people.
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From: Izumo Kusanagi
Date: June 11

Thanatos is gone.

For any of you who was working at the diner, you're free to come work at my bar if you still want a job.

Feel free to contact me if you need anything.
[Or want to know where he is.]
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When: June 8
From: sora

so about a week ago i noticed a bunch of weird fireflies in the sky and the next thing i knew i was lost in a dark forest for a few hours. i ran into a whole bunch of different spirits and people! this is a giant heads up to everyone to stay far away from that crazy dark forest if you can help it! don’t follow the glowy things! it was really dangerous in there.

some of the weirdest spirits were a cat with a napkin on its head, a little boy with no eyes that wanted to know a memory, a lady pretending she was a shinki but was actually a giant spider and a giant fire breathing fluffy rooster. and that’s just some of them!

[Yes. A giant rooster demon. Insert bad jokes here.]

has anyone else run into weird spirits around the heavens? be careful! and stick together!

anyway, while out walking a day ago i found this really cool and really old temple. i kind of want to check it out! anyone up for some adventuring checking out some ruins? might find something really neat! hidden treasure? special artifacts?? we're in the heavens there's bound to be something super interesting!

look at it! it’s like right out of a story book!

[Sora attaches two images that he took with his phone of the outside of the temple. IMAGE ONE and IMAGE TWO.]


Jan. 21st, 2017 12:05 am
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Posted: June 6th
From: Saburouta Bandou

i need a healer again
someone cheap
or free
yeah free would definitely be better
im at freyjas temple


Jan. 14th, 2017 02:01 pm
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Posted: June 4th
From: Hachiman

[The video feed shows a rather spartan room in what appears to be a simple, old-fashioned Japanese building -- dark-stained wood framing, tatami with a hint of green left in the grass, a shoji screen that's been pushed open to reveal part of the gardens. Hijikata sits in the middle of the screen, dressed in a plain black yukata with a simple crest embroidered into the shoulders. Those familiar with Shinto mythology might recognize it as Hachiman's, though it's common enough to have been used for a number of different groups and households, including Hijikata's own in life.]

This is Hijikata Toshizou, the current incarnation of Hachiman. I apologize if any of this has already been said on the BBS. I'm still not as accustomed to this sort of technology as I'd like to be, so I'm sure I've missed a number of previous discussions. That said, I have a couple of open announcements.

Regarding the recent incident at a festival on the Near Shore:

Cut for length! )

[[OOC: tl;dr of what's behind the cut: Hijikata is pissed about his theory about the zombie incident, and interested in brainstorming about forming some kind of Shinki Defense Squad with any other gods who think the shinki situation is pretty BS, hit him up!]]
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Posted: June 4th
From: Kairi

[Some people may recognize the forest line, lake, a rustic manorhouse, and a pair of ghost dogs romping in the background as Artemis's Temple.

The young woman in stylish modern clothing smiles and waves at everyone, then her expression gets more curious.]

Hi everyone, my name's Kairi if we haven't met before. I'm a shinki and I saw a couple of my fellow shinki using their Borderline as more than just a barrier at the Parade awhile ago. I only know of one other way right now - kind of like a dagger in your hand - but are there other ways you know about?

Also if we didn't get to exchange names with all of the craziness happening, I'd love to have a name to go with your face! In particular I meant to find Seta Souji and....

[Here she implements air quotes]

"Aki-onii-chan" but didn't get a chance to.

Thanks everyone!
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Posted: 29th of May
Sender: Athena


Hello to whomever might be reading this. My given name is Lara, and I am the current incarnation of Athena.

I've gathered I am not the first to bear her name, and I'd be interested in learning more about my predecessor. What sort of god was he/she? As I've begun settling into her temple here, I've found quite a lot of things that they probably left behind, and I also thought that perhaps it would be right to return them if any were on loan.

And I would also like to ask about the community's feelings on something. Truth be told, I've only recently begun to accept that the supernatural is real and there might be a higher power(s) at work. At least, until I woke up here and was hit in the face with it. It's a lot to absorb.

I'm feeling a touch overwhelmed and I'd like to know what role you believe a god should play. I've my own ideas, naturally, but I'm curious what others think. Do you want to live up to the legends of who came before? Do you want to change those legends into something else? Or is there something else you believe about divinity? I'm curious, so please, let me know your thoughts. It may help me better sort out my own.
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POSTED: 29th of May
SENDER: huitzipochtli

being a god is awesome and all, but i'm wasting my throwing arm in this place. 。゜(`Д´)゜。
how am i supposed to keep being the greatest pitcher in tokyo if i don't have anyone to pitch to?
i already know i'm the greatest one here in heaven, of course ( ´艸`)

i guess this is a wanted ad. let me try this again.

do you like hitting objects with a stick? do you have some form of hand-eye coordination? do you know anything about baseball at all?

★ charming, talented, devastatingly handsome ace god southpaw pitcher seeks pitching targets someone to stand in the batters box and swing. come bring me a challenge! ★

we have a little bit of equipment, so we're looking for people who might be interested in playing baseball every once in a while. i'm sure kazuya will teach you the basics if you don't know how to play. let me know here if you're interested. ♥


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: May 24
From: Izumo Kusanagi

Would anyone happen to know or be familiar with this tattoo?

[Attachment: tattoo.jpg]

[ooc; The tattoo mentioned is the Homra tattoo on his right shoulder blade, but everyone can take note of his shinki named tattooed on his left shoulder blade, too. Picture taken by Izumo's god, Kensei.]


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