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Date: July 19th
From: Anonymous

How would you define the word monster?

[A few recent conversations have gotten her thinking about certain things and she's genuinely curious about the answers she might get. Cardia is well aware that there are a few people who do know her secret and could probably guess that this is from her. But she's not brave enough to ask something like this without anonymity to hide behind.]
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Date: July 19th
From: Eric

I need some help with something...

[ There's a small pause as he tries to figure out how to word it best. ]

I want to get a gift for a girl as a thank you, but I don't know what to get. If anyone has Ideas, it'd be nice to hear.

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Posted: July 18
From: Barry Goodman

So, that sure happened.

Gotta say, I'm glad to be back to normal. Kinda wish I coulda kept that younger body I was in, though - easiest forty pounds I've ever lost, haha! Anyway, though, I got some things to say.

First off, Izuku - I owe ya, man. I almost made the biggest mistake of my life yesterday, but I remembered what ya told me and I came back from the point of no return. If there's ever anything you need - and I mean anything - you just call on your pal Barry, okay? You literally saved my soul back there. No joke.

And second - you guys gotta see what I found at the zoo. Check this out:

Cut for dumb meme )

Lookit that little guy! He totally knows what's up! 2D > 3D! I can't believe I almost forgot that! I'm sorry, Blueprint-chan! I'll never betray you like that again! I'm gonna buy all your figures and plushies and drama CDs, I promise!

Well, uh, I kinda got off-topic there a little bit. But I'm doin' good, ain't nobody gotta worry about that. Barry Goodman, signing off!
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Posted: July 18th
From: Shuusei Kagari

Just a heads up for everyone, Reika who was Surtr vanished. The temple's gone too.

I really don't know who her friends were so hopefully they see this. I guess that makes me a pretty poor shinki doesn't it?

Also, if anyone's got some space at their temple for me to temporarily crash at that'd be appreciated. I can offer to cook in return for a cot.
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From: Naoto Shirogane
Posted: July 14th


For those of you to whom I've not yet become acquainted, my name is Naoto Shirogane, and I'm one of the newer shinki who arrived here a little over a week ago. This is my first time posting to the BBS, so please excuse me if the length of this starter entry is perhaps a little longer than what is typical. First, I would like to thank those of you who I did have the pleasure of meeting at the Tanabata festival. You each have my sincerest gratitude for providing me your time and assistance as I attempted to get my bearings on that first day. There was a lot to process all at once, so your patience with me was most appreciated.

Second, I would like to pose a question at large purely as a point of curiosity. I've noticed that I seem to have a lingering sense of hunger that is never quite possible to satiate. I do not wish to cause alarm, as it's not exactly painful to any degree. Really, it's just an odd sort of sensation that I find distracting from time to time. Has anyone else ever felt something similar? If so, what did you do to alleviate it?
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From: Hebe
Date: July 13, 2016

It's Zeno's first time posting to the BBS! Because Zeno's been called out! It looks like it happened here in this post but let Zeno know if it happens anywhere else, all right?

Such as this one right here.

On the one hand, it's good to leave a note like this where it's easy to see, since Zeno forgets sometimes that you can use your voice on these phones. On the other, Zeno has no guarantee it's the same person who picks up the response! It might be more than one, even a whole group. Considering that first question about gods dying, Zeno actually begins to doubt if this was a person at all. Having met fish ayakashi before, has an ayakashi ever been known to possess a BBS? Zeno wonders, since going to meet this person did end with something failing to attack Zeno.

[He's actually quite certain this individual is an individual, probably a god or shinki of some description, but throws a little smoke in the air anyway. It might make the person underestimate him a little bit more, if they think he's completely wrong.]

Whatever the case, please be careful when you're talking to strangers who have something to hide! Of course we all hide things, and some of us are really good at it or really need to do it for a good reason, but if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck and it goes against your better judgment, maybe stay away from the redwood forest.


      Also, also! Congratulations to any new couples from Tanabata!
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From: Shuusei Kagari
Date: July 13th, 2016

Okay, with Obon coming up quickly I was wondering if anyone needs a date to this celebration.

Us shinki don't really have a connection to our ancestors anymore and we wouldn't remember them even if we did. So I figure it'd be better to hang out with someone you have a bit more in common with, right?

BBS | Video

May. 7th, 2017 01:45 pm
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Posted: 13 July. Evening
From: Ixtab

[Yuri almost never shows her face on the network, literally or in text. She prefers to lurk and read, but she knows this is the fastest and most effective way to reach a lot of people.]

Has anyone-- [She begins, and then stops, gaze lowering a moment. It's a question she shouldn't have to ask. She knows he's gone, can feel it, but maybe he's not gone entirely. Maybe they just moved him to a new god, again. Maybe there's still hope.

So she takes a breath, sighs, and tries again.
] Has anyone seen Hakkai? His phone's disconnected. And... I can't feel him anymore... But I thought, maybe, he'd just gone to another god, or... [She makes a helpless gesture and shrugs, shaking her head. 'I don't know,' she seems to be saying.]

If not then I'm afraid he's probably-- Gone. Entirely. [And damn if that doesn't absolutely gut her to say. She's always been good at masking her emotions, but she closes her eyes here and takes a breath, giving herself away entirely to just how badly it effects her.]

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From: Aidos
Date: July 9

Hello. This is Midoriya Izuku for those of you who don't know me well. I've been talking with a few people, and it seems that while newly minted gods often get somebody to guide them through their arrival, shinki aren't so lucky.

I think it would be good if we could compile a resource for newly arrived shinki. There's no reason they need to be so confused upon their arrival.

As I'm not a shinki, I don't know everything that should go into it. Could those who are please say what they would have liked to know earlier?

Thank you for your time.

BBS [Video]

May. 2nd, 2017 08:03 pm
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From: Raphael
Posted: July 11

Hello, everyone. I have a question - well, two questions, I suppose. Is it common to wake up to find items from your homeland in a random place in your temple?

[She holds up a small plant with some ripe berries growing on it.]

I found this in...

[There's a pause here as she reconsiders that statement, and she shakes her head.]

...Well, in Raphael's cathedral, this morning. I'd like to plant it and share the taste of home with everyone, but it's only a small plant. So my second question is: are there any gods or shinki out there who have the ability to make plants grow? I thought it would be nice to start a little garden behind the cathedral, but we're already in the middle of the harvest season. I'll gladly give whoever can help some berries to take home. Please let me know, and thank you.
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From: Kairi & Yukine
Date: Dusk on July 8, 2016

[ Kairi and Yukine both look worn out and stressed. They'd each been holding a Borderline active for a very long time, relatively speaking, on top of the emotional strain of the confession they heard and the empathy they tried to give back.

The backdrop will tell anyone who knows the area that they're not far from Hakkai's school, just not directly inside it anymore. Kairi speaks first. ]

This message is for my fellow shinki specifically, although I hope gods will be sensitive to this as well. I know that we as shinki struggle with the knowledge that our gods can feel things we feel. It's not something we can change, though. The biggest thing they can feel from us... is guilt. You might have heard it called by another name: blight.

Blight is... it's like this acid on your skin. It hurts. Guilt makes the blight appear, but you can also get it by touching someone who's blighted. That goes for touching blighted gods and shinki both, but it also goes for touching ayakashi, which are nothing but blight. There's a way to reverse really bad blight - the guilt kind, because holy water can fix the kind you get by touching someone.

It's called an ablution. It's not easy and it's definitely not painless and it requires the support of your god as well as three strong shinki friends.

[ She'd started to get a little hysterical in her description of how much effort goes into an ablution, but then she pauses to take a breath. Her voice gets quieter, more purposeful. ]

... I need you all to hear this: I have witnessed two ablutions now, and participated in one of them. It's awful what someone has to go through during that, and it's awful to watch it too.

So please, if you start to feel some blight, don't hide it and refuse to talk to your shinki or god about it. It doesn't just go away like a bad cold. It gets worse and worse and worse.

[Yukine edges into frame, the bags under his eyes and tight expression worth more than a few words on their own.]

I've been telling you guys from the start to get along with your gods. This is a part of it... a part I'd hoped none of you'd have t' see. But it's happened.

When you do something you feel guilty over, admit it. Pretending to smile and acting like everything's fine does neither you or your god any good. Talk about it, fight about it.
[He gives a jagged smile as he adds in a low voice,] You can go a bit crazy. Gods don't die so easily.

But after getting it all off your chest then apologize and start fresh.

... Shinki are spirits. We're just across the line from ayakashi. We're human... none of us are perfect. The darkness... is always by our side. So be careful. Don't let it in.

... Damn. That's all I have to say. I'm going to go sleep for a few dozen hours now.

[ Kairi leans a little then, like she would have given Yukine a hug but thought better of it, so he gets a shoulder lean instead. ]

Yukine brought up a good point too. Since our gods feel all this stuff, but "don't die so easily"? They're basically going through the ablution too. They're hurting just like their shinki is.

[ But she doesn't leave the focus on Yukine by that point, knowing without voicing it that he'd been on the other side of the ablution before. That had come up earlier today. So she stands back up straight and pulls her phone back so that he can leave. It's getting late, after all. ]

So that's our warning. Please take care of yourselves and your shinki friends. And please be understanding if you see some blight, offer to help with it or tell someone who can help. I know it's scary.

Thank you.

[[OOC: Both Yukine and Kairi can respond to this BBS post, but if you'd like one of them specifically you can ask for it in the subject line or tag.

Chronologically, this happens not long after Hakkai's Ablution.]]
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[Takuma propping up his head in his hand with his elbow planted firmly on the table.]

If you say "oh my god" as a shinki, are you referring to your own god? Do they feel it every time you say that?

If you say it as a god, who are you referring to? Are you talking about a god you really like?

Also, is it normal for shinki to refer to their god by their god name or their whatever name?

What if your shinki form was a toilet or a trash receptacle? What would you do then?

If a god were to pray, who would it be to? Would it be like someone who idolizes a J-Pop star?

These are the important questions.
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From: anonymous
Date: July 4th

Are you tired of trying to order a beer only to have the bartender not see you? Now there is an answer! KINYOBI [map] in Musashino, Tokyo, is now shinki friendly on Thursday through Sunday nights. Tell your friends! Tip well!
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From: Osiris
Posted: July 1.

Shinki and gods: I, the Valkyrie, open the temple of Osiris to those of you who wish to train in combat.

Battle against the ayakashi is a service gods and shinki alone can offer the mortal world. Though mortals voice prayers for all manner of things, they have the strength within them to improve their own lot -- to vanquish their personal demons, to overcome their obstacles, to deal with their fellow man. Divine aid in these cases is a boon, not a necessity. Not so with the ayakashi, who as we know can only be truly defeated when god and shinki align their strengths.

Therefore your duty must be to defeat these enemies. As most of you gained your position here through arbitrary assignation, many of you lack the ability to fight, and thus your ability to perform that task. I shall rectify that, should you wish to fulfill your duty.

-The Valkyrie
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From: Kairi
Date: July 1, 2016

[ At first, it's just a still photo - from the night of the Sleepover, Kairi is leaning over Sora's shoulder while messing with his hair and Sora is striking a dramatic pose.

Then there's a second photo, from the night of the Black Parade - when it was just the festival - of the crowd enjoying some of the games, such as darts. Then a third, from the Temple Adventure day, of Kairi hugging some monkey spirits.

And so forth, and so on a couple more pictures go!** ]

Does anyone else use Instagram? [ Kairi switches to video for this part. ] Or take photos any other way? I'm really enjoying keeping these memories of my adventures.

--Filtered from Leo and Roxas--

Actually... [ She makes a beckoning motion to lean in as she whispers - which isn't necessary, she's just being a little silly. ] I made sure Roxas and Leo couldn't see this part. If you have any pictures of them - not embarrassing ones! - I'd love to borrow them for two big decorations at their joint birthday party!

[[**OOC #1: If you'd like to assume Kairi has a pic of your character, I'd love for you to leave a comment about it :D Of course she'd have to have taken it, or done it Selfie style with both of them in the frame, but from any thread they had together is fine!

OOC #2: If you'd like Kairi to swing by and pick up a picture, or help her with party decoration creation, I have an Open Log up!]]
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From: Aidos
Date: June 28

It's been a while since I last posted the timeline of events. We've had a lot of new people showing up. Some might be curious about when we started arriving and everything that's happened afterward.

These are my notes, but I haven't been here since the beginning. If there's anything you'd like to add or question, please feel free.

cut for length )
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[Hot on the heels of Amaterasu's announcement, there's an angry post from Barry. It shows up as fast as he can slam it out, because he is pissed.]

Awright, listen up, gods and shinki! And not the ones like me an' Hiyoko an' the others that've been comin' here from other places. I'm talkin' to the rest of you guys - the ones who already lived here before all this. You guys're supposed to know what's goin' on, right? And not a single one of you was able to see this comin' or stop the people who did it? What's the point of havin' all those shinki when they can't even do anything to save their goddess from some jerks with a photocopier and a book of matches? That precious perfect sunshine child She works so hard... tries so hard for all of us, every single day, and this is what she gets - a burned down temple that she has to apologize for. That's bullshit. We can do better. She deserves better.

(OOC: The strikethrough above was edited by Barry shortly after putting up the original post.)


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