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From: Anon
Date: July 13, 5:00

I have an inquiry for the other shinki today in regards to an issue that has been picking at me for quite some time. In addition to the memory loss we all arrive with, is it common to experience a loss of, or severe dampening of emotions and the ability to express them?
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From: Saix
Date: June 20

[On the morning of the 20th, Saïx addresses the BBS as a whole (minus Niles and Leo,) via a video, a necessary measure to prove that it is him posting and not Niles pretending to be him. He stares into the camera on his brand new phone, expression and voice cold and unwavering as he speaks.]

Yesterday my phone was stolen while I slept. During that time, a certain asshole shinki by the name of Niles posted on the BBS pretending to be me. I am not now, and will never be, seeking out the sort of relationship that was advertised for. Please look elsewhere to get your kicks. Given that Niles came up with it, I would not put it past him to be interested in such things.

The picture included in the BBS post was one taken without my knowledge or consent.

I will go through and individually respond to those who replied to that post to correct this mistake. However, I thought it necessary to put out a warning to guard your phones and other internet devices when around Niles. If you see him around, do me a favor and punch him for me.

[He holds up a picture of Niles that he found on Leo's phone then printed out.]

[ooc: this post is in response to this post.]
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From: Saix
Date: June 19

- - -


My name is Saix, and I'm looking for a companion to keep me close.

[Attached is a picture of him.]

I like long walks, not just on the beach, but everywhere, so long as you walk beside me. I hope you don't mind the collar, it's a statement for when I go out. Alone or with company.

I also like eating only out of bowls for every meal, but I hate using a spoon, I know that's a little weird, but trust me when I say it makes everything taste better.

I also really enjoy the game of catch, so if you'd play that with me, I'd be the happiest man alive.

I know this sounds a little ruff, but I'm really looking forward to going on a date. Just let me know when and where, and I'll meet you there.

Thanks for looking~.

[I have permission from Saix's mun to do this, and she will be tagging things back within a day or two, so expect thread jacking!

edit: Niles's comments will be from the 19th, Saix's will be from the 20th.]


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: May 5, morning
From: Saïx

I can only assume this sword was left as a gift for me, as it feels like an extension of my arm when I hold it, however I have no clue why it would be gifted to me or why it's so easy to wield. Also, the shirt was an odd additional gift. If anyone has any information regarding this gift, it would be appreciated.

Unrelated, the animal shelter I have been working at is waiving the adoption fees for all adult cats and dogs on the 6th and 7th. If anyone has been considering adopting a pet, this would be a prime time to do so. I will be working both days if anyone is concerned about being overlooked by the living employees.

[The picture shows a claymore planted in the ground in front of Odin's temple with a white t-shirt on the handle.]
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Posted: May 4th
From: Eros

I've been here for a while now and I've had a lot of time to think... but even just sitting here brings up more and more questions and concerns.

... I still don't think I'm the right fit to be a god. I don't feel comfortable having shinki. I don't feel comfortable being anything BUT what I am.

Do we really have to fight? Do we really have to train and kill and put our own shinki in danger?

How am I supposed to be just and fair when everything about this feels like the exact opposite?

I can't be the only one. Someone out there-- You have to know how wrong this feels.

... Or maybe being the god of love really has turned me into a sentimental maniac.

At any rate. My name is Rin. I want you to know that. I've attached a photo of myself so you'll know me in passing too. ... I guess I just don't want to be a stranger.

(( ooc: Just a note, part of Rin's god power involves being aesthetically beautiful, but don't worry! It's only beauty and he won't be using it to manipulate anyone... I mean, unless you want to. Feel free to read more about that here and fill out some permissions while you're there~ ))
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Poster: May 4
By: sora

[Now that more than half of Sora’s friends have vanished, he spent two days stuck on bed rest, lost a shinki, got severely blighted again by his other shinki and lost his best friend- Sora is about UP TO HERE with crappy things happening.

Sick and tired of always being sick and tired he decides all he wants to do is chatter with people. Socialising picks him up and that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

He’s also read a ton of science fiction lately thanks to Leo. So there’s that.]

let’s talk god and shinki powers! who’s got what? what are your powers as a god and what power do you give your god as a shinki? anything super mega cool? flying? shape shifting? fire breathing? cosmic energy control!?

i’ll start. i’ve got the god power of dispelling magic and unlocking. i’m basically a walking skeleton key. pretty awesome, right? it’s not just doors and stuff i can unlock magic barriers and seals too and reset them if i want to.

no funny ideas of asking me to break into a bank for you i won’t do it!

so people of the heavens, what do?

Private to Leo, Elise, Forrest, Saix, Aymeric )
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This post is for both gods and shinki alike.

I’m conducting research to understand better the various relationships between gods and their shinki. I will gladly share the information given to me once it has been gathered and condensed into a more refined form.

Hopefully this information can be used to improve the efficiency between gods and shinki if they happen to be struggling with completing prayers and combating ayakashi. It could also be used for gods to better understand their shinki and vise-versa and improve their relationship as a whole.

Please proceed for more information )
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Posted: May 2
From: Artemis

Selene and Aphrodite left. Selene's shinki Riku is gone, too. If anyone was friends with them, just wanted to let you know that's why you can't find them.

And for anyone who doesn't know, Axel is dead.

[Roxas isn't going to go into more details on that last one.]
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Posted: May 1
From: Zangetsu

hey has anyone seen Axel lately?

he and I and our gods were supposed to go out and show off a little, kill a bunch of ayakashi.

But he's not responding to my messages??

I don't THINK i made him mad...

[he still doesn't know 8] ]
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Posted: 29 April 20:00
From: Leo

[Remember the last time Leo made a voice post, how detached he sounded?

Yeah, not so much this time. Leo is not happy right now, and his arm still hurts a little from the fighting which means it's a voice post.]

Does anyone know what caused the ayakashi attack and how we're going to keep that from happening again?
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Posted: 27 April 2016
From: Hariti

As the elderly among us have realized, most of us seem to be underage. Since that's the case, I have a question regarding my education.

I'm not quite sure what to do without highschool. The concerns of reaching graduation aside, my days seem emptier without the responsibilities I had back home. Time passes much slower when I can only spend it on hobbies. And it's frustrating knowing that looking for a job would be pointless due to our apparent invisibility to normal people.

(Which is ridiculous, by the way.)

To be blunt, it's stressing me out. Apparently. My shinki noticed it enough to point it out. They even threatened me if I didn't write this.

So let me know if you have an answer. I'm obviously at a loss. Please also let me know if you have any excess paperwork. At least I know that soothes me.

[He sure is offering to be anyone's secretary.]
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Posted: 24 April 2016
From: Jae-Ha

Why are so many of you so young? I'm not the only one at a more mature age, am I? Is anyone over 20? I'm getting wrinkles just thinking about this.

[He's just 25 but if he has one more person tell him they're too young to drink when he thought they were older... his heart can't take it.]
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Posted: 18 April 2016
From: Lakshmi

I'm afraid I have a bit of an emergency that I need help with as soon as possible.

I can pay.

Please hurry.
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Posted: 22 April 2016
From: Anonymous

Are you bored?

Me too. Let's have some fun.

I'd like to say I'm somewhat of a relationship expert, so I'd like to answer all your relationship problems.

Why? Boredom mostly. I'm giving you guys a gift so don't waste it.

Well. Send them in. And if you need a name, call me Relationship Guru.

[ooc: Niles will be giving intentionally bad advice because he's still an asshole at heart, so just keep that in mind!]
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Posted: 22 April 2016
From: Aengus

[Why does it have to be this shitty god name..... he'll privately resent that. Anyway.]

I'm doing myself a favor and doubling down on that spring cleaning business. Anybody who's got a use for any of this stuff, it's yours, free of charge. Courtesy of yours truly.

[Attached: image_01.jpg]
[Attached: image_02.jpg]
[Attached: image_03.jpg]
[Attached: image_04.jpg]
[Attached: image_05.jpg]
[Attached: image_06.jpg]

There's more where all that came from. Come on down and I'll even wrap it for you.

[No he won't, but he'll happily give you free expensive stuff and/or free weird novelty items. Free him, his temple is full of this.]

And another thing, while I've got the floor, more or less: the markings that turn up on shinki, what's the meaning of that? Don't lecture me on the basics, my skull ain't that thick, but is there a particular reason they turn up in the places they do? Something to do with the name you give, maybe?

["why does my shinki have a weird hip tat, did I do that" and other stories]
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Posted: 17 April 16:00
From: Roxas & Sora

Attention! This is Roxas.(dkhdgdgf and SORA here too) I’m getting really tired of people asking me if I’m Sora’s brother or other relative. HE. IS. NOT. MY. BROTHER! There’s nothing there family wise! I just happen to look like him, but that’s it.

YEP we hardly even look alike too so I don’t know why you guys are always saying that! we have completely different hair color too! no cousins or distant relatives or anything either. so don’t say weird things please! (roxas gets really mad lol) (DO NOT)

And there’s nothing else going on either! It’s way too complicated to explain and I don’t wanna explain it again. Sora can do that because people keep getting the wrong idea from me. STOP THINKING WEIRD THINGS, PIPPA.

see, mad lol. UHHH roxas is a piece of my heart but he’s totally a separate person from me! he’s 1000000000% his own person. being related is silly. we’re just friends. (Don’t listen to Pippa she’s wrong. She’s Aphrodite, so don’t listen to her!)WHAT IS PIPPA EVEN SAYING


welp. good enough. posting this like it is because roxas got mad.

[ooc: Feel free to specify which one of them you want to talk to. Or either. Or both. Have fun with it.]
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Posted: Wednesday March 9th, 2016 13:05
From: 雪音

[For all that Yukine might have been complaining about how many new shinki there are, how frequently they pop up, and how increasingly impossible it is to mentor the lot of them, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been thinking about a better way to do this.

So when you, as a new shinki (or god), come to this link on Heaven’s BBS, you will find this carefully put together list of information.
(He took the time to put this all together. You darn well better take the time to read it all.)]

Here is some useful information for the new shinki. I think the gods can get something out of this too, so they should read it also.

● Get along well with your god, as much as possible.
If you are feeling upset or anxious, it will affect your god negatively.
If you do things under a guilty conscience, you will blight your god.
Being touched by ayakashi causes blight too, so don’t do that either.
Mild blight can be cured by cleansing water from a shrine.
A lot of blight can be fatal. Let’s not find out the hard way what happens to the new shinki when their god dies. And vice-versa.

● To start, change into your vessel form when your god calls your vessel name, and return to your normal form when called by your common name.
It will happen naturally but it might feel strange. It’s better to not resist the change. (If you resist it, you’ll grow a rabbit tail.)
You can’t choose your vessel form. So whatever you turn into, work together with your god to find out the best way to be used.

● Your task is basically to help your god in what they want to accomplish as far as granting prayers.
One shinki per god is the ‘exemplar’, and as the name implies they set a good example. Gods should listen to them in particular about how to do things.

● To level up your abilities, I recommend you learn how to make a borderline as soon as possible. It usually functions as a wall between you and whatever is on the other side.
It’s easier to practice against tiny ayakashi. But do it carefully- no matter how small they are they’ll still blight you.
The borderline can also cut, but it can’t kill ayakashi. Only a shinki wielded by a god can kill them.

That’s everything I have for now. A lot of it you’ll just figure out as you go along.
If you want to share a point for adding to this list, leave it in the comments.


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