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From: Goten Son
Date: June 22 ; evening

i learned alot of stuff about shinki and blight
why do gods get blight when their shinki get blight? thats not fair
is there some way to stop that cause i wanna fight without hurting mrick

ROCKSUS you jerk how can you do that to kairy
she loves you a lot and does her best


[The post switches to voice a moment after because Goten isn't that good at writing but he wanted to be sure to get two gods attention. Writing was better for that right?]

Kairi is really strong and doing her best for you and everyone else you know! Shes the best exemplar ever so she should be exemplar! I don't wanna be an exemplar if she isn't one too! The exemplar thing is dumb if the best shinki is the first shinki a god gets! That's cheating!

[There's a small pause as Goten remembers something]

Oh! Oh and Roxas, Aymeric! Neither of you can get mad at Kairi! Yeah! She really helped me out a lot with that prayer and I'd be ayakashi food without her!
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When: June 8
From: sora

so about a week ago i noticed a bunch of weird fireflies in the sky and the next thing i knew i was lost in a dark forest for a few hours. i ran into a whole bunch of different spirits and people! this is a giant heads up to everyone to stay far away from that crazy dark forest if you can help it! don’t follow the glowy things! it was really dangerous in there.

some of the weirdest spirits were a cat with a napkin on its head, a little boy with no eyes that wanted to know a memory, a lady pretending she was a shinki but was actually a giant spider and a giant fire breathing fluffy rooster. and that’s just some of them!

[Yes. A giant rooster demon. Insert bad jokes here.]

has anyone else run into weird spirits around the heavens? be careful! and stick together!

anyway, while out walking a day ago i found this really cool and really old temple. i kind of want to check it out! anyone up for some adventuring checking out some ruins? might find something really neat! hidden treasure? special artifacts?? we're in the heavens there's bound to be something super interesting!

look at it! it’s like right out of a story book!

[Sora attaches two images that he took with his phone of the outside of the temple. IMAGE ONE and IMAGE TWO.]
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When: June 8
From: Lavi

[There's a bit of a static sound, filled with sounds of someone fiddling the device before Lavi clears his throat.]

Is this thing working?

[Waiting for no answer, he proceeds on:]

Hi, the name's Lavi, and I've got a question for all of you.

Being new here, it's come to my understanding that there are gods here from different mythology and I'm curious as to know which gods are currently active. At the same time, if anyone wants to answer, if there are gods here who has earned ["taken"] the name from a former god that was once here. I figured it'd be easier to keep track of all of the gods here in this place, to see who's who, since people seem to come and go in this place at random intervals.

At the same time, I understand if no one is willing to come forthright about this kind of information.

[A pause.]

Or if anyone wants to personally message me, that's okay, too!
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Posted: June 4th
Posted by: Niles

Let's keep it straight to the point; I'll be teaching archery in the park today. If you want to learn, come.

Interested parties only, I'll bring all the supplies. Don't waste my time.

[Open log here!]
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Posted: May 31st 2016
From: Anon

Say you hated a specific god. Maybe you only distrust them instead of hate them.

Then they die, and a reincarnation takes the god's place. Maybe it even looks like the same, but the old memories are gone.

Could you give that reincarnation a second chance in spite of your old feelings?

[Schuldig's become more contemplative thanks to his new, empathetic feelings towards his own followers and what would happen if their prayers stopped being answered. Thanks, Eros.]

[[OOC: All answers are anon text unless stated otherwise.]]
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Posted: 29th of May
Sender: Athena


Hello to whomever might be reading this. My given name is Lara, and I am the current incarnation of Athena.

I've gathered I am not the first to bear her name, and I'd be interested in learning more about my predecessor. What sort of god was he/she? As I've begun settling into her temple here, I've found quite a lot of things that they probably left behind, and I also thought that perhaps it would be right to return them if any were on loan.

And I would also like to ask about the community's feelings on something. Truth be told, I've only recently begun to accept that the supernatural is real and there might be a higher power(s) at work. At least, until I woke up here and was hit in the face with it. It's a lot to absorb.

I'm feeling a touch overwhelmed and I'd like to know what role you believe a god should play. I've my own ideas, naturally, but I'm curious what others think. Do you want to live up to the legends of who came before? Do you want to change those legends into something else? Or is there something else you believe about divinity? I'm curious, so please, let me know your thoughts. It may help me better sort out my own.
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POSTED: 29th of May
SENDER: huitzipochtli

being a god is awesome and all, but i'm wasting my throwing arm in this place. 。゜(`Д´)゜。
how am i supposed to keep being the greatest pitcher in tokyo if i don't have anyone to pitch to?
i already know i'm the greatest one here in heaven, of course ( ´艸`)

i guess this is a wanted ad. let me try this again.

do you like hitting objects with a stick? do you have some form of hand-eye coordination? do you know anything about baseball at all?

★ charming, talented, devastatingly handsome ace god southpaw pitcher seeks pitching targets someone to stand in the batters box and swing. come bring me a challenge! ★

we have a little bit of equipment, so we're looking for people who might be interested in playing baseball every once in a while. i'm sure kazuya will teach you the basics if you don't know how to play. let me know here if you're interested. ♥


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: 24 May
From: Prvt. Franklin Delano Donut

[ The video turns on showing nothing but stark pink. It takes a few moments for the camera to zoom out to an armoured soldier, pretty in pink.  ]

---use this ancient technology. Wait. Is it working?

[ The camera shakes a little as Donut adjusts the device. In the background, a loud whistle can be heard as the video captures a bird-like ayakashi striking at an invisible wall behind him - his energy shield - while Donut safely makes the call from inside. ]

Hey guys.  [His visor shifts behind him taking a look at his little pest before turning back to the camera. ] I would really appreciate it if someone came and killed this thing. I think I made it angry and I kind of lost my shin-- [ Light suddenly explodes as the ayakashi unleashes an attack that gets absorbed by the shield dispersing it across the dome in a shower of light.  ]

Hey! I'm on a call here. Don't be rude!  [ The pink helmet turns back to the camera. ] Like I was saying, I could really use some help.

[ And with that the recording ends along with the light-show.  ]

[OOC: For anyone willing to help.... he's kind of lost so don't expect good or for that matter any kind of directions >_> ]

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Posted: May 15th
From: Aidos

A list of events that have happened in The Far Shore )

I haven't been here since the beginning and I don't think I'm aware of everything that's happened. So if you have something to add or questions, hopefully we can use this to better consolidate our information.

[ooc: feel free to threadjack away on this!]
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Posted: 7 May
From: Anonymous

I fly, yet I have no wings. I cry, yet I have no eyes. Darkness follows me; lower light I never see.

What am I?

[A couple more are added a few minutes later:]

I can bring tears to your eyes, resurrect the dead, make you smile, and reverse time. I form in an instant but I last a life time.

What am I?

I'm measured in temperature and time, but have neither.

What am I?
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Gooooooooooooooood morning everybody! I just thought I'd introduce myself because we're gonna be friends for a while because of the whole Heaven thing. I'm Mabel Pines and I am your go-to resident for advice on love, art, and all the latest trends! I might not be a god but I figured out pretty quickly that I am a spirit who understands the true calling of glitter and sugar.

And it's really your lucky day because for this one-time only deal, I'm Mabel Pines: After-Life Coach! For the low, low price of a fun fact, sticker or directions to cute single boys my age, you get my advice on all your ghostly or godly problems just for today!

You don't want to pass this one up, guys. Trust me.
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Posted: 03 May 2016
From: Genjo Sanzo

There are too many nosy fuckers with nothing better to do. I can't look through here without tripping over too much information about your personal lives.

There are enough brats on here that someone has to say it. Knock it off already. It's a pain to scroll past, and you're just handing out ammunition to any half-literate asshole that wants to use your emotions as a weapon.

The rest of you: get a damn job or do something worthwhile instead. No one cares about your navel-gazing idiocy.
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Posted: May 2
From: Artemis

Selene and Aphrodite left. Selene's shinki Riku is gone, too. If anyone was friends with them, just wanted to let you know that's why you can't find them.

And for anyone who doesn't know, Axel is dead.

[Roxas isn't going to go into more details on that last one.]
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Posted: May 1
From: Zangetsu

hey has anyone seen Axel lately?

he and I and our gods were supposed to go out and show off a little, kill a bunch of ayakashi.

But he's not responding to my messages??

I don't THINK i made him mad...

[he still doesn't know 8] ]
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Posted: 1 May
From: Izanagi

    Recently, there was some talk about doing study groups for those of us that wanted to either fill the missing void of school, since we can't attend or don't feel comfortable attending for whatever reason, or who wanted to learn more from others who might be willing to share their knowledge. It can also supplement school, if you're one of the people that's decided to continue attending while we're here.

    I know there's also some people who might not be accustomed to Japanese culture and language, and, judging by the posts regarding people learning about technology, might not know a lot about the current tech used here.

    Personally, I'd like to learn more in general, and would be willing to share what I know with others.
    [ It'd also be a distraction, since his shinki appears to have disappeared? ]
    So consider this a survey on how much interest there might be in this kind of thing. And it doesn't matter if you just want to learn, or if you're just interested in sharing something you know with others. If you want to participate, let me know, and we'll see if we can't put something together.
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Posted: Saturday April 23, 2016 10:15
From: Yukine

Yummy flavour text )

I saw the post a little while ago asking about having more than one god, and have seen some other people mention the same. Wow, I’m surprised that it sounds like a lot of you have become nora. I really wonder what kind of situations made you do it. I’d be interested to hear about it and how many names you have now. Or for gods, how many shinki you have now.
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Posted: 22 April 2016
From: Anonymous

Are you bored?

Me too. Let's have some fun.

I'd like to say I'm somewhat of a relationship expert, so I'd like to answer all your relationship problems.

Why? Boredom mostly. I'm giving you guys a gift so don't waste it.

Well. Send them in. And if you need a name, call me Relationship Guru.

[ooc: Niles will be giving intentionally bad advice because he's still an asshole at heart, so just keep that in mind!]
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Posted: 17 April 16:00
From: Roxas & Sora

Attention! This is Roxas.(dkhdgdgf and SORA here too) I’m getting really tired of people asking me if I’m Sora’s brother or other relative. HE. IS. NOT. MY. BROTHER! There’s nothing there family wise! I just happen to look like him, but that’s it.

YEP we hardly even look alike too so I don’t know why you guys are always saying that! we have completely different hair color too! no cousins or distant relatives or anything either. so don’t say weird things please! (roxas gets really mad lol) (DO NOT)

And there’s nothing else going on either! It’s way too complicated to explain and I don’t wanna explain it again. Sora can do that because people keep getting the wrong idea from me. STOP THINKING WEIRD THINGS, PIPPA.

see, mad lol. UHHH roxas is a piece of my heart but he’s totally a separate person from me! he’s 1000000000% his own person. being related is silly. we’re just friends. (Don’t listen to Pippa she’s wrong. She’s Aphrodite, so don’t listen to her!)WHAT IS PIPPA EVEN SAYING


welp. good enough. posting this like it is because roxas got mad.

[ooc: Feel free to specify which one of them you want to talk to. Or either. Or both. Have fun with it.]


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