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Posted: 28 May
From: Anonymous


I have a question for the shinki among us.

How important to you is your connection to your god?

If you could go without a name, and not worry about your safety or a place to stay, would you prefer to?

[All comments from Hakkai will be anonymous unless otherwise marked.]


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: 23 May
From: Masaki Kurosaki

Ok, two things. Kind of related, kind of not, but I didn't want to post twice; that seems like kind of a waste of space.

One, are there any shinki that want to practice borderlines together? We could do it at one of the unused temples on the Far Shore.

Two, and I'm being serious about this! Completely!

What's your favourite kind of muffin?

Edit: Since so many people are interested, we'll be meeting at the Sand temple on the 25th! Directions can be found below, as well as a photo!

If you can, PLEASE BRING 1 bottle of HOLY WATER just in case!
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Posted: May 23rd
From: Eros

[His tone is measured and purposeful, determined.]

Gods are powerful. No matter who we are, there's strength in all of us, terrifying strength we might not even understand. We can choose to control it, abuse it, and use it for whatever purpose suits our needs or the needs of the people.

But shinki aren't given that same choice.

As you might've heard... my shinki had a new name forced upon him while he was still in my care, by a god who couldn't have cared less and saw him as a tool. You heard what he had to say regarding freedom and rights and some of you even addressed his questions. ... You know he's afraid. You know that your shinki have wondered the same exact things from the moment they stood by your side. Whether we're trustworthy or kind or even worth their effort.

After all, we're strangers to them. And like it or not, we might as well be their biggest threat.

So... why not change that?

I want to form a defense team; a group dedicated to protecting shinki and their integrity. They shouldn't have to rely on us for their lives. They deserve proper rights and freedom and choice just as much as we do. And if any other gods believe the same, then I'd hope you'd consider working with me.

As for any shinki listening in: you aren't a tool. You're you before you're anyone else. If there's anything you need to say, tell me. I'll listen.
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Posted: 22 May
From: Tohru Adachi

So do people just normally disappear around here?

Or has anyone actually seen a little blue haired midget around? Has ice powers, thinks she's bigger than she is?

[ A long moment passes before the following is added: ]

What am I supposed to do if she's actually gone?
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Posted: 20 May 2016 16:22
From: Cho Hakkai


[Attached to the post are a few slightly off-kilter photographs of a abandoned building with the bright skies of the Far Shore and overgrown foliage visible in most of the shots.]

Do you suppose this temple belonged to a god of education?

I'm afraid I haven't found enough documents left behind to be sure! With a bit of work, it could be a good place to hold classes, though. Don't you think?

The blackboards mostly aren't cracked.

If anyone would be interested in helping us clean it up, assistance would be appreciated. Directions are attached.

[ooc; images sourced from here! Hakkai has had this post sitting around for a while, hoping that his fruit-induced haiku curse would wear off, but has given up. Responses will be in haiku syllable count. He's sorry.]
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Posted: May 21st
From: Kiryuu Zero
Location: Temple of Hades

[ The video turns on showing Zero in a dark room inside his temple. A quiet look falls across his eyes as he faces the camera. He's not one to speak to people let alone about himself but after his encounter with
Sheryl, he has no choice. He knows what happened even if he can't remember it. He lost control. ]

My name is Zero Kiryuu and I was here before as a shinki.

[ A pause as he squares his shoulders to face his crimes.  ]

I need to know if I killed someone.

They took my memories when I was brought back as a god but that doesn't erase my crimes. I need to know what happened. What I did.

I won't let this go.

[ OOC: He doesn't know he died, he simply assumes his loss of memories is due to the whole turning a shinki into a god deal. Some kind soul, please spring that up on him. Also, for any future in-action meet ups Zero will mysteriously have some pomegranate fruit/seeds on him at all times. If you eat them you'll be sentenced (only if you want!) to stay one night at his temple before the seeds effects let them escape! ]

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Posted: May 21st
From: Sousuke Yamazaki

What are shinki? )

[A video feed flicks on. A full moon glows yellow in the sky above, encircled by spiraling clouds. The edge of a sakura tree billows pink and gentle at one side of the screen, releasing ghost-light sakura petals into the winds that carry them away. It’s silent, some for himself to gather his thoughts, some for letting whoever’s listening to him think. Maybe it is rambling, but the experience he went through…]

So what are our rights? Does anyone want to tell me how this is supposed to work?

All of this may not be something some of you gods care about.

But the shinki should know.

[His is a quiet voice, deep like the dark waters far below the surface of the sea.]

I’m aware I’m probably a rare case; most of the gods I’ve met seem decent. Some of you say you’d never act like I’ve described or think like this towards a shinki. That we can trust you. But we don’t know you. So how can we trust you? Ultimately we have to trust our gods because we don’t know anything else. Whether you use that to your advantage or not is up to you.

It’s a disgusting feeling to know you’re powerless against someone else. I can be stolen and wielded by any god who wants me, regardless of how I feel about it. And if I don’t want that, I have to eternally stick by my Master’s side like a frightened child. We’re not free; we can’t even rely on ourselves because our powers, beyond the borderline, is useless unless directed by a god. I didn’t want this, I don’t know if any shinki does.

[A quiet breath seeps backwards above the screen and the edge of a shirt sleeve flutters into view on one side of the screen. Sousuke’s leaning against the wall beside the window, not in sight, but obviously here if someone feels like talking.]

And if any of you gods haven’t yet learned how to track or trace your shinki, you should start working on that now. Otherwise you're going to find yourself out a useful tool for a while simply because some other god wants to do something different for a change.
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Posted: 17 May 2016
Author: Hibari Kyoya

[The next post that appeared on the BBS was rather strange, if only for the person writing it. All that was posted was a picture of a very pissed looking teenager with shaggy black hair, a school uniform complete with a disciplinary band, a shinki name on his right cheek and...

were those cat ears?

Those were most definitely cat ears, and they looked like they were very real and attached to his head. Same with the shadow of a tail that seemed to be behind him.

Someone had stolen some food from the cursed fields, it seemed. All that was written below was one word, in very large letters.]

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Posted: May 14
From: Masaki

Hey everyone! This might sound a little out there, and I'm still new, but! I couldn't keep this to myself, not when it sounds like so much fun!

There's this place that does something called karaoke? Which from what get is where you go to a place, and they have all these songs that you can sing! And you can sing with other people too. Maybe you know the song, maybe you don't, but I think it's half the fun!

They do group discounts too! And they have liquor and food and stuff to help people keep singing.

So if we were to book a couple of nights from now...who'd want to come?!
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Posted: May 12
From: Anonymous

Has anyone ever noticed how many conventionally attractive people there are here? I know it's heaven but there are seriously a lot of attractive people here.

Just a random observation.
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Posted: 11 May 2016 02:35 PM
From: Henir


This is Add again. Apparently, I've been given an unexpected promotion to godhood.

Before anyone asks: no, I don't know how or why this happened. The Heavens' representative who spoke to me didn't seem to know anything about it, either. I just woke up like this. And yes, I remember everything. That includes both my past lives and after I became a shinki. As far as I'm aware, none of my memories are missing. In fact, I seemed to have gained some additional ones, but that's a bit harder to explain...

[It's like he literally came back from the dead in his homeworld and continued where he left off, but he's a bit reluctant to believe in that so soon. Maybe when his soul was taken by Monad he hadn't actually died...? It seems way too good to be true.]

Anyway, the bad news is that Roxas is AWOL. Chang'e's temple is gone and I haven't been able to get ahold of him at all. He's the one that's always wearing a black cloak, so don't mix him up with Artemis.

His other shinki Jakob has been reassigned to me, but Ludger has also gone missing. He has white hair with a black streak in it, very quiet, excellent cook, owns a white cat that answers to May.

If anyone has seen either of them, let me know as soon as possible.
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Date posted: May 10th-11th, sometime during the night
From: Inari

[A video is posted to the BBS. It starts out dim, but a lamp seems to be turned on and there they are -- foxes. A whole lot of them. They're laying on the furniture, sitting on the ground, lounging on the floor cushions. And they're everywhere; each white fox with red eyes seems to be emitting a pale, silvery glow. These were definitely the fox messengers of the god Inari and while Gintoki knew that and dealt with them before, well, he'd never seen this many at once . . . his voice comes on the video.]

What are they. . . [it's a panicked whisper now] . . . what are they doing. . . why are there so many of them and I told them to stay out of my room. . .they don't listen worth crap. . . no, wait. . . stop looking at me. . . why're they all staring at me. . .

[It's true. The foxes did seem to be staring carefully at their master, now that he's awake. He probably hadn't noticed up until now, but since Gintoki had decided he was going to get up in the night and deal with a dangerous shinki earlier in the week and had gotten himself pretty injured, more and more foxes had been showing up in his room at night. Were they trying to be helpful? Were they looking after him . . . or were they taking advantage of his weakness because they didn't want to sleep in the old barns and distillery around the temple . . . anyway, this was the first time he'd woken up at night and seen so many of them. Should a god be scared of spirits, anyway?

But the camera jerks and there's the mighty god Inari curled up under his blankets which were pulled up over his head, looking terrified. He'll close his eyes, pull the blanket a bit closer, and then he'll shout as loud as he can.]


[ There's some really jerky, choppy footage but it looks like a pillow gets thrown at a few foxes, and there's general chaos as the foxes all try to scramble out of the room at once. There's got to be 15-20 of them.]


[the feed cuts out. ]

BBS Text

Oct. 30th, 2016 08:52 pm
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Date posted: May 10th, afternoon
From: Kshitigarbha (*)

I guess this is the best way to ask -- has anyone else noticed some of the shinki act a lot more reserved than others? Not like a quiet person. That's not a bad thing. Like it's hard to talk to them about themselves and they don't remember a name other than the one their god gave them?

Ah, if it matters, I'm a god. I'm just trying to figure out how I can best help my shinki. He's my responsibility after all.

- Dokugakuji

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Posted: 10 May 2016 20:35
From: Tajimamori

Wow, it feels depressing to have so many posts about people disappearing. But I guess I should tell you all... Battler's gone. I'm sorry to his friends, but I didn't revoke his name, and it's gone for sure.

Maybe he'll come back like Hisoka did, though! Don't give up hope.

Anyway, I don't want that to be all I say. So how about I introduce myself? I know there's a lot of new people here I haven't met yet! I'm Tajimamori, the god of sweets, but you can call me Tsuzuki. Or Asato if you like, ha ha ♥

I got here right around Valentine's Day this year, and I was a god of death for a long time before that. (Don't ask how long! I'm still a young man!) But if you've got questions I might be able to answer them. Or if you just want to tell me a little about yourself that's fine too.

Let's be friends!
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Posted: 8 May 2016 5:13 AM
From: Jae-Ha

Kija is gone. I can tell that he's not here.

Really, has no one found out the reason behind disappearances like this? If anyone knows what's happened to him or has hurt him in some way, you'd better come forward now before I discover this later. I won't have any mercy towards someone like that.

Who can tell me anything about this? Anyone?
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Posted: May 7th
From: Homura Akemi

I understand a shinki is a weapon for their god. Are there other responsibilities included with that title?

How can I be more useful to my god?

["How else can I protect him?" is really what she means.]
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Posted: 8 May
From: Anonymous

I've been a bit curious... If you are a shinki here, or even if you can imagine being one (as in, having no memories of your previous life), and if you happened to find out that a member of your family was here, but that they never tried to get to know you now, would you be upset or understanding? Especially if they happened to remember everything. And if you had been close beforehand.

And if you found out they may have had some blame in most every bad thing to happen to you, would you still feel the same? Would you prefer it if they had a presence in your afterlife, or stay away and let you decide the person you'll be now, without their influence?

[This is anon for a lot of reasons. But this is what she's been thinking herself in a circle around for a week or so, since someone finally told her the name of someone's god. Which removes the main excuse she was using to not butt into his life.]
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Posted: May 7th, 4:34 PM
From: Kazuma Kuwabara

hey sup did i do this right?

heyyy every body the names kazuma kuwabara and im here to fight demons and kick bad guy tail

im 15 my birth day is febuary 27 and i like cute girls and cats

im a shinki and kurama is my god so if you mess with him ill mess you up got it? im super tough and i dont take crap from any one i dont care if your a god or a demon or any thing else i dont care ill take on anyone who tries to mess with my friends

Post edited: May 7th, 4:49 PM
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Posted: May 6th, Morning.
From: Anonymous (he's trying!).

This is for all shinki:

What do ye do about a stubborn, sometimes reckless, selfless god? I wanna help them, but every time I try, I'm not sure they appreciate it.

I feel like I'm angering them an' I don't want to.

[This is his way of asking for help. He really did try to mask his sometimes outdated and awkward spelling/phrasing, though it seems to shine through nonetheless. Please don't kill him, Shun!]


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