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Posted: July 18
From: Li Tieguai

Good afternoon, everyone. Please excuse my change of name: this is Cho Hakkai.

I appear to have reappeared. Although I don't want to give undue hope to anyone who's recently lost a god or shinki, I'd like to announce that my classes will be continuing as usual.

To those who were living upstairs at the school the past few days, I expect you to help me clean up the mess. You know who you are.

[There are animal cracker crumbs everywhere.

And apart from that he's just not going to mention the events of last few days. At least he wasn't an actual child, but....]

Does anyone have an idea what might have caused it? I'm certain I felt something in the air for a few hours before it happened.

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May. 7th, 2017 11:58 am
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From: Saruhiko Fushimi
Date: 12 July 22:00

[What? He doesn't sleep!]

I haven't been here long but my god vanished before I ever got to meet him which makes me wonder: what the hell is a shinki good for? What are we supposed to do? Is there any point in serving a god if they can just vanish?
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From: Aidos
Date: July 9

Hello. This is Midoriya Izuku for those of you who don't know me well. I've been talking with a few people, and it seems that while newly minted gods often get somebody to guide them through their arrival, shinki aren't so lucky.

I think it would be good if we could compile a resource for newly arrived shinki. There's no reason they need to be so confused upon their arrival.

As I'm not a shinki, I don't know everything that should go into it. Could those who are please say what they would have liked to know earlier?

Thank you for your time.
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From: Kairi & Yukine
Date: Dusk on July 8, 2016

[ Kairi and Yukine both look worn out and stressed. They'd each been holding a Borderline active for a very long time, relatively speaking, on top of the emotional strain of the confession they heard and the empathy they tried to give back.

The backdrop will tell anyone who knows the area that they're not far from Hakkai's school, just not directly inside it anymore. Kairi speaks first. ]

This message is for my fellow shinki specifically, although I hope gods will be sensitive to this as well. I know that we as shinki struggle with the knowledge that our gods can feel things we feel. It's not something we can change, though. The biggest thing they can feel from us... is guilt. You might have heard it called by another name: blight.

Blight is... it's like this acid on your skin. It hurts. Guilt makes the blight appear, but you can also get it by touching someone who's blighted. That goes for touching blighted gods and shinki both, but it also goes for touching ayakashi, which are nothing but blight. There's a way to reverse really bad blight - the guilt kind, because holy water can fix the kind you get by touching someone.

It's called an ablution. It's not easy and it's definitely not painless and it requires the support of your god as well as three strong shinki friends.

[ She'd started to get a little hysterical in her description of how much effort goes into an ablution, but then she pauses to take a breath. Her voice gets quieter, more purposeful. ]

... I need you all to hear this: I have witnessed two ablutions now, and participated in one of them. It's awful what someone has to go through during that, and it's awful to watch it too.

So please, if you start to feel some blight, don't hide it and refuse to talk to your shinki or god about it. It doesn't just go away like a bad cold. It gets worse and worse and worse.

[Yukine edges into frame, the bags under his eyes and tight expression worth more than a few words on their own.]

I've been telling you guys from the start to get along with your gods. This is a part of it... a part I'd hoped none of you'd have t' see. But it's happened.

When you do something you feel guilty over, admit it. Pretending to smile and acting like everything's fine does neither you or your god any good. Talk about it, fight about it.
[He gives a jagged smile as he adds in a low voice,] You can go a bit crazy. Gods don't die so easily.

But after getting it all off your chest then apologize and start fresh.

... Shinki are spirits. We're just across the line from ayakashi. We're human... none of us are perfect. The darkness... is always by our side. So be careful. Don't let it in.

... Damn. That's all I have to say. I'm going to go sleep for a few dozen hours now.

[ Kairi leans a little then, like she would have given Yukine a hug but thought better of it, so he gets a shoulder lean instead. ]

Yukine brought up a good point too. Since our gods feel all this stuff, but "don't die so easily"? They're basically going through the ablution too. They're hurting just like their shinki is.

[ But she doesn't leave the focus on Yukine by that point, knowing without voicing it that he'd been on the other side of the ablution before. That had come up earlier today. So she stands back up straight and pulls her phone back so that he can leave. It's getting late, after all. ]

So that's our warning. Please take care of yourselves and your shinki friends. And please be understanding if you see some blight, offer to help with it or tell someone who can help. I know it's scary.

Thank you.

[[OOC: Both Yukine and Kairi can respond to this BBS post, but if you'd like one of them specifically you can ask for it in the subject line or tag.

Chronologically, this happens not long after Hakkai's Ablution.]]
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[Takuma propping up his head in his hand with his elbow planted firmly on the table.]

If you say "oh my god" as a shinki, are you referring to your own god? Do they feel it every time you say that?

If you say it as a god, who are you referring to? Are you talking about a god you really like?

Also, is it normal for shinki to refer to their god by their god name or their whatever name?

What if your shinki form was a toilet or a trash receptacle? What would you do then?

If a god were to pray, who would it be to? Would it be like someone who idolizes a J-Pop star?

These are the important questions.
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From: Lux
Date: June 24
Hello everyone, I hope that I'm doing this right. I will admit, I'm still getting used to using this, so please be patient with me.

I was curious, for those who struggle with reading or writing here: do you have any tips? I feel like I'm slowly making progress, but it's frustrating when you can't read most of what you find in the library. I think I saw something about learning, but I may be mistaken.

Alternately, is there anyone who wants to put together small study groups for those of us who aren't as proficient with reading and writing in Japanese? Does something like that exist? If not, would anyone be interested?

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Posted: June 22
From: Lavi

I'm aware that there are a handful of us who seems to enjoy books, so I'm offering up the idea of forming a book club of sorts.

At least that way, we can get together and discuss books - or even spells we've happened to come across. While learning Borderlines is important, I think these spells can be useful to know at least, even though actually applying them may take a little longer to figure out.

Another thing I'd like to ask is if who'd be willing to help out in organizing the library. It's a mess and I'm surprised that no one's made an effort - that I know of, anyway - to clean it up. It can take forever, but we might be able to find something that can come in handy in all of that mess.

If anybody needs to find me to discuss this in person, I'm currently at the library right now.
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Posted: 21 June
From: Izanagi

    [ It's been a while since he last posted about this, but! Souji offers the network at large a smile from the interior of his temple, cats milling around as per usual. ]

    Early last month, I asked if there was anyone that was interested in doing group studies. Since then, a lot's happened, and there have been new arrivals as well as departures. Unfortunately, some of those departures were people that offered to lead certain subjects, so I felt it might be a good idea to ask again. [ He inclines his head respectfully, quiet for a second before continuing. ]

    As many of you have likely seen, Hakkai-san is offering tutoring for certain subjects - math and Japanese, for example - at a previously abandoned temple. I know from talking with others that Japanese, especially, is in demand due to the fact that a lot of arrivals aren't familiar with the language. So if you feel you may need help with either of those, please, take a look at the schedule.

    He's also been kind enough to open up the space to other lessons so...

    I think it'd be a great idea to get on track with actually doing these studies, both to learn new things we might need and to enrich ourselves since it's a little difficult for us to go to school on the Near Shore. We should be able to help one another, right? [ He flashes a friendly smile, easy as anything. ]

    Personally, I worked as a tutor back home, so I have some experience in the matter. I'm specifically good with history, literature, and science, but also with Japanese and English both. For non-school subjects it's mostly first-aid and cooking, but if you're interested in fishing or origami, then that, too.

    But there are a lot of us here who might not have the proper training when it comes to certain types of weapons, the use of magic or other newfound abilities, or just fighting in general. I have combat experience, but I'm self-taught and it's with swords only. If there's anyone that would be interested in offering training for whatever styles of combat and weaponry that they specialize in, I think it'd be appreciated. I know I'd personally like to learn more forms of combat, as a god, so that I don't somehow hurt my shinki in the event their vessel is one I've never used before.

    If there's something in particular you're interested in learning or teaching, please feel free to let me know. I'll compile a list for both, and do a follow up after the next batch of arrivals comes in so that they can join as well. If you previously volunteered to lead a study group for a certain subject, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know if you're still interested so we can match you up with groups.

    [ He bows his head. ]

( Souji has transcribed the video, for anyone who would rather read text. A link to Hakkai's post that he's referring to has also been ICly provided. )
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From: Cho Hakkai
Date: June 18


My thanks to everyone who helped clean and repair the abandoned temple! I'm pleased to report that it seems to be monster free and perfectly safe. There are also new windows.

I'll be resuming tutoring there on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons starting next week. So far the subjects I'm teaching are primarily math and Japanese. Please let me know if you will be attending or if there are any other subjects you'd like to learn. Household budgeting and cooking, for example.

There's no charge for my instruction, but donations of books, furniture and classroom equipment are always welcome. Please consider this building a community space, and feel free to use it if you wish to hold any classes or meetings of your own. Add them to our schedule, clean up after yourselves and don't break anything. (⋆^-^⋆)ノ

>> attachment: Class Schedule.xls
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From: Thoth (Patchouli)

Just out of curiosity, what are some of your hobbies? Or were, if that's the case, if you stopped for some reason.

You can say as little or as much as you wish. I just want to know where your interests lie.
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Date posted: June 14
From: Neji Hyuuga

[Shame you can't see his utter reluctance to reaching out to others en masse like this. Oh well. Curiosity killed the Hyuuga's pride.]

I know some of us have been finding books lately. While most range from vaguely intriguing to useless, I also know I haven't been the only one to come across a spell book. In fact, twice I've held the instructions to a silencing spell in my hands. As has been previously reported...

[Neji sighs. ty Yuri sama for having also had a silencing spell book, or else he'd have been shit outta luck]

The books are taken away at night. If you happen to find one of interest and if you have the presence of mind to take notes of its details, however, those will remain with you. I can't say for how long. My offer is this: I've written and double-checked what I can of the silencing spell to ensure its accuracy. If there is anyone who has found instructions of other spells, I'll trade a copy of what I have for a reliable copy of those.

[--nah.] Or if there is simply another shinki interested in the silence spell, ask me for it. Should anyone else offer the same... feel free to post below.
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Date posted: June 12th, dawn
From: Yoon

[He is so mad. So very, very mad right now. He doesn't remember how much he loved books beforehand, but he does know that he has all of two personal belonging here - his satchel and his feather hairpiece. That means anything not nailed down, he doesn't mind taking. He found those books, that made them his.

Until the goblins came.

He had the sense to go back to bed after they woke him up in the middle of the night, but he can most certainly scream while preparing breakfast.]

Of all the things to jump into my bed in the middle of the night and take from me... Books? Not even books that teach you fundamental skills! Puff the Magic Dragon, a children's book, clearly; The Giving Tree, which is also more art than words and not even diagrams; and some kind of book that actually had pieces that jumped up at me off the page.

The books were lying on the ground! Clearly whoever lost them didn't care that much about them! So I picked them up and brought them to my god's temple! What was wrong about that?!

If anyone has books that they don't want anymore, I will gladly take them off your hands instead of throwing them on the ground!
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Posted: June 4th
From: Kairi

[Some people may recognize the forest line, lake, a rustic manorhouse, and a pair of ghost dogs romping in the background as Artemis's Temple.

The young woman in stylish modern clothing smiles and waves at everyone, then her expression gets more curious.]

Hi everyone, my name's Kairi if we haven't met before. I'm a shinki and I saw a couple of my fellow shinki using their Borderline as more than just a barrier at the Parade awhile ago. I only know of one other way right now - kind of like a dagger in your hand - but are there other ways you know about?

Also if we didn't get to exchange names with all of the craziness happening, I'd love to have a name to go with your face! In particular I meant to find Seta Souji and....

[Here she implements air quotes]

"Aki-onii-chan" but didn't get a chance to.

Thanks everyone!
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Posted: 28 May
From: Anonymous


I have a question for the shinki among us.

How important to you is your connection to your god?

If you could go without a name, and not worry about your safety or a place to stay, would you prefer to?

[All comments from Hakkai will be anonymous unless otherwise marked.]


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: 23 May
From: Masaki Kurosaki

Ok, two things. Kind of related, kind of not, but I didn't want to post twice; that seems like kind of a waste of space.

One, are there any shinki that want to practice borderlines together? We could do it at one of the unused temples on the Far Shore.

Two, and I'm being serious about this! Completely!

What's your favourite kind of muffin?

Edit: Since so many people are interested, we'll be meeting at the Sand temple on the 25th! Directions can be found below, as well as a photo!

If you can, PLEASE BRING 1 bottle of HOLY WATER just in case!
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Posted: May 22nd
From: Erk

[All right, he's had several days to figure out how to use this "phone" thing. Time to finally try it out.]

Forgive a new arrival for asking a question that has probably been asked many times in the past, but your advice would be appreciated.

What must I learn in order to become a capable shinki? Where should I begin?


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