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Posted: 29th of May
Sender: Athena


Hello to whomever might be reading this. My given name is Lara, and I am the current incarnation of Athena.

I've gathered I am not the first to bear her name, and I'd be interested in learning more about my predecessor. What sort of god was he/she? As I've begun settling into her temple here, I've found quite a lot of things that they probably left behind, and I also thought that perhaps it would be right to return them if any were on loan.

And I would also like to ask about the community's feelings on something. Truth be told, I've only recently begun to accept that the supernatural is real and there might be a higher power(s) at work. At least, until I woke up here and was hit in the face with it. It's a lot to absorb.

I'm feeling a touch overwhelmed and I'd like to know what role you believe a god should play. I've my own ideas, naturally, but I'm curious what others think. Do you want to live up to the legends of who came before? Do you want to change those legends into something else? Or is there something else you believe about divinity? I'm curious, so please, let me know your thoughts. It may help me better sort out my own.
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Posted: May 25
From: Fortuna

Humans are irritating
Most of you are irritating
Most of these prayers are irritating
Explain to me again why I must bother with this ridiculous cycle of answering these ridiculous requests only to have the very same people ask for more

I almost regret siding with you idiots in the first place.


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Date: May 4
From: Fortuna

How many here know the term 'Kamen Rider'? What image comes to mind? Do you have something similar in your place of origins?

Yes, I am well-aware that some of you would not have memories of your life before, but I think that given the resources of this place that the term could at least be looked up or have filtered through common sources.
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Posted: May 3
From: Osiris

Has anyone else has a creature from their world deposited here in their temple? Dangerous or otherwise?

[Someone woke up to a certain friend in her temple.]

My world has creatures called chocobo. We use them as mounts and travel companions.

[ATTACHMENTS: angelofvalhalla.jpg; heightcomparison.jpg]

[Private to Sora]
Let me know when you want to come over to meet Odin
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Posted: May 2
From: Hedone

I have a sneaking suspicion I could find the answer to this by going through the archives, but let's give me the benefit of the doubt and say I want to be as accurate as possible and allow for new people's responses, or else opinions evolving over time... any shinki out there who wish they were gods? Or the reverse, gods who wish they were shinki? Why do you think you got the better and/or worse deal?

Devil's advocates welcome; I may indulge in it a bit myself.


Oct. 1st, 2016 03:52 pm
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Posted: May 1
By: Nekhbet

If anyone finds any vultures picking through their temple, a handful of them escaped from the grounds of mine earlier. They should look like this.

[The picture is out the front of Shun’s sunken-into-a-hill temple, and shows him standing with one arm out. On the arm are two different vultures, the one on the left a typical bald-headed dark brown and pink one, the other a much lighter brown with a downy white head and neck.]

If they’re not doing any damage, they should come back in their own time, so don’t make a fuss.

Since I’ve spoken to others with temple animals before – do they have to feed? I doubt rotting meat is going to be easy to come by naturally in the afterlife.

If anyone wants to help me make sure these things aren’t going to attack people on sight or anything ridiculous like that, or knows more about vultures than what I can find by a basic internet search, then you might as well visit now while I'm with them. I’ll be able to call them off if they do try anything unpredictable.
[He knows at least one other person has attack-happy temple animals, so it seems like a fair caution to take.]

[[Log for anyone who wants to visit vulture temple or get visited by asshole vultures is here!]]
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Posted: April 26th
From: Xuanwu

[Have a video, people of the Far Shore, because typing this out would take too long. Judar is patient enough to do his make-up for this, but not enough to keep typing out every single response.]

My shinki is broke or something. She keeps leaking her feelings everywhere. Somebody tell me how to get her to shut it off.

[He gestures to the girl next to him, who looks incredibly uncomfortable with the topic. Apparently, his patience doesn’t extend to his shinki, either… A single day of knowing how she feels was enough to sink that ship.]

I’m not dealing with this every day!

[Jennifer glances to Judar, her expression apologetic.] I-- I'm sorry. I really will try to do better...

[Someone, please help what is possibly the worst god-shinki match in history avoid blighting each other.]

((OOC: Both Judar and Jennifer will be responding!))
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[Ankh has found the translation software part of the system, which was amusing for the first two seconds until he tries using it. The results had him a little more than annoyed so he is seeing if it's just him or if the program is really as busted as he thinks it is.]

POSTED: April 22, 2016
FROM: Fortuna

Is this thing working?

يعمل هذا الشيء؟

איז דעם זאַך ארבעטן?

이 점은 작동합니까?

E 'questa cosa funziona?

Funguje tahle věc?

Tha seo rud a tha ag obair?

Ni jambo hili kwa kufanya kazi?

[OOC; I'm just using google translation here and it's all the same thing being repeated over and over again with the first one in Japanese. As the result of having Omiligualism he knows that there is a different language being presented but he doesn't see a difference at all. Languages are Arabic, Yiddish, Korean, Italian, Czech, Scot Gaelic, and Swahili.]
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Posted: April 7th, 10:39 PM
From: Artemis

I've got a question! Since there's a lot of different gods, am I supposed to treat the ones from the religion my god is from like family? And does anyone else have animals like deer or anything else at their temples?

Oh, and does anyone know how to put a blessing on objects? My shinki can't come inside the temple, and I don't think he likes sleeping in a tent too much.
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Posted: 7 April 2016 06:19 PM
From: Ankh - Fortuna

How many of you people actually know how to use a computer? Or even a smartphone? A tablet?

How many of you even know what they are?

If not, do you want lessons?
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Posted: 30 Mar 2016
From: Ankh - Fortuna


A couple of matters have come to my attention regarding people visiting the Fortuna place. First one is the feeling that having people other then direct worshipers show up. Look at the name and think about it. Fortuna covers all fortunes - the good, the bad, the in between. You might as well attempt to court a lightening bolt or ignore the truck coming straight for you right this minute. The only thing that I can say for certain about anyone's fortunes is the fact that it will change. People can court me, but it may only make things worse for them.

Second one is that this is not a gambling hall. We're open for all kinds of fortunes be it fortune in battle to fortune in love and not dealing with just money matters. On the same bent, I don't read your futures, I only can influence it. Sorta. Also, don't expect me to forced to give people better fortunes, that might just backfire.

Third one is that the throw pillows laying around the place? Are fire-proof and are free for everyone. We keep on getting more appearing all the time so take as many as you want.


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