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Posted: July 18th, evening
From: Minerva

[ After settling in a new shinki and checking on Mikoto, Tatara takes a moment to himself to sit outside in the sunset and talk everything out. No video this time, friends -- he doesn’t feel like showing his face. And he has a valid reason for that. ]

Hello everyone. For those of you who might not know yet, Johan Andersen is gone. I went by his temple today to find it missing. From what I know, this means he’s gone home.

He was a dear friend of mine who will be sorely missed. He was--...

[ ...more than just that. And now, he’ll never know.

Tatara’s voice breaks a bit there, prompting a pause. But this isn’t a time for mourning, he reminds himself; he really should stop talking about Johan as though he’s lost when for all he knows, this is a happy affair. For all he knows, Johan got to go home -- back to his family, his friends, all those people who missed him dearly; perhaps even more than Tatara will. So after the noticeable pause for breath, an airy sort of chuckle follows. ]

I know wherever he is now, he’s happy.

[ That’s right -- wherever he is, I’m sure he’s just fine. ]

I took his shinki, Sakon, home to my temple. He’ll be with me from now on. I’ll keep him safe.

[ That’s the important part: Taking care of those left behind; those who are sad, (even if he is, too). He takes a breath, and even over audio only, one can practically visualize the forced smile he dons. ]

I guess that’s it! See? Everything works out in the end.

Somehow, it always does.
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Posted by: Anonymous
Date: July 3rd

- - -


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Order yours today, or buy it in your local bookstore.

[ooc: it's all advice you can get from the internet, Niles is being an asshole again.]
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From: Sakon
Posted: June 29



If your god leaves, are you supposed to go somewhere...? Or call someone...?

I ate too many manju and I think I'm gonna be sick.

[Warning: Unaccompanied manchild.]
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From: Ross
Date: June 22

[He didn't use the BBS much, but today would have to be an exception. With all the all-nighters he'd been pulling as of late, it would be easy for any of the residents or even visitors to Ayumu's temple to tell that he was totally exhausted, but a BBS post made that much easier to hide.]

this is a list of things I need. If you've got extras you need to get rid of, drop them off at vesta's temple

[Some were common things that could be found around the house or close to it, while others ranged from unusual to downright strange.]

I need an angry person too but not right now

[What in the world was he doing.]

[ooc: Canon is vague on the stuff he actually needs and he's got reasons for putting red herrings on the list anyway, so feel free to just make things up for it!]
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From: Shuusei Kagari
Date: June 21st
Location: Temple of Surtr

So, since I'm still getting to know myself I have a question for all you Shinki and Gods out there.

What's your favorite candy? Oh, and what's your favorite dessert?

Bonus if you can tell me where to find them.


From: Shuusei Kagari
Date: June 21st
Location: Temple of Surtr
[Filtered to those 20 years old or older.]

Also, what's your favorite kind of alcohol? Again, bonus if you can tell me where to find it.
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From: Chiyou
Date: June 14

I do not think this is the time for beach parties. Half of us cannot remember who we are. Those of us who know a shinki's past could kill them with a single word, without ever meaning for them to come to harm. This should not be accepted as normal without so much as an explanation as to why it is necessary.

What reason could there possibly be to strip someone of all memory?

Why does nobody seem to know what is going on?
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Posted: June 8th
From: Asclepius

Something I've found myself quite interested in over the last few weeks has been a question of...well, I suppose our existence.

Pardon me if this question has been asked before, I haven't seen it. I'd appreciate a summary of that particular conversation, if it has happened before.

Now, as a bit of background--I am from...a fairly significant amount of time in the future. I state that vaguely because there are rules against discussing it, we accidentally time travel often enough that there's protocol in place. But I feel fairly confident after my research that I am also in what I would consider a parallel universe. Those are also fairly well-documented in my time. (I must say this is far more pleasant than the last one I was in.)

Anyway. If all that is the case, I have to wonder: why do the divisions of god and shinki fall as they do? Whatever power brought us here evidently can reach through time and both physical and metaphorical space. Infinite realities mean infinite possibilities that in one or the other reality, we are either alive or dead.

Please keep all specific instances and examples private if you wish to give them. I don't want this discussion to be the cause of harm to anyone.
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When: June 8
From: Anonymous

a question for shinki... and gods too, i guess. i dont know if this has been asked already... i rarely look at this thing so i wouldnt know. but im curious: what makes your god trustworthy? is it how they present themselves, or what they do as an individual? what made you realize that being their shinki wasn't an issue, even if you had no choice in the matter?

if youre a god reading this... how would you go about earning a shinkis trust?
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When: June 8
From: Lavi

[There's a bit of a static sound, filled with sounds of someone fiddling the device before Lavi clears his throat.]

Is this thing working?

[Waiting for no answer, he proceeds on:]

Hi, the name's Lavi, and I've got a question for all of you.

Being new here, it's come to my understanding that there are gods here from different mythology and I'm curious as to know which gods are currently active. At the same time, if anyone wants to answer, if there are gods here who has earned ["taken"] the name from a former god that was once here. I figured it'd be easier to keep track of all of the gods here in this place, to see who's who, since people seem to come and go in this place at random intervals.

At the same time, I understand if no one is willing to come forthright about this kind of information.

[A pause.]

Or if anyone wants to personally message me, that's okay, too!


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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POSTED: May 17th, morning
FROM: Idunn

There are lots of apple recipes out there but since I'm new to this planet, I'm super curious about what might be most popular around here or just what your favorites are! I have many, many, many apples and I'm looking to put them to good use for those that still need food in the city. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Oh! My name is Freyja Wion but I'm also known as Idunn here, I came to this world about a month ago. I'm fifteen-years-old, born on planet Windermere and the newest member of the tactical sound unit Walküre! My biggest sources of inspiration and favorite singers are Lynn Minmay, Fire Bomber, Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome! ♪♪(o*゜∇゜)o~♪♪

Thank you for reading this and I'm looking forward to making more friends here! If you ever need help, please let me know since my powers here allow me to heal and cleanse wounds. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
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Date posted: May 10th-11th, sometime during the night
From: Inari

[A video is posted to the BBS. It starts out dim, but a lamp seems to be turned on and there they are -- foxes. A whole lot of them. They're laying on the furniture, sitting on the ground, lounging on the floor cushions. And they're everywhere; each white fox with red eyes seems to be emitting a pale, silvery glow. These were definitely the fox messengers of the god Inari and while Gintoki knew that and dealt with them before, well, he'd never seen this many at once . . . his voice comes on the video.]

What are they. . . [it's a panicked whisper now] . . . what are they doing. . . why are there so many of them and I told them to stay out of my room. . .they don't listen worth crap. . . no, wait. . . stop looking at me. . . why're they all staring at me. . .

[It's true. The foxes did seem to be staring carefully at their master, now that he's awake. He probably hadn't noticed up until now, but since Gintoki had decided he was going to get up in the night and deal with a dangerous shinki earlier in the week and had gotten himself pretty injured, more and more foxes had been showing up in his room at night. Were they trying to be helpful? Were they looking after him . . . or were they taking advantage of his weakness because they didn't want to sleep in the old barns and distillery around the temple . . . anyway, this was the first time he'd woken up at night and seen so many of them. Should a god be scared of spirits, anyway?

But the camera jerks and there's the mighty god Inari curled up under his blankets which were pulled up over his head, looking terrified. He'll close his eyes, pull the blanket a bit closer, and then he'll shout as loud as he can.]


[ There's some really jerky, choppy footage but it looks like a pillow gets thrown at a few foxes, and there's general chaos as the foxes all try to scramble out of the room at once. There's got to be 15-20 of them.]


[the feed cuts out. ]
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Date posted: May 10th, midday
From: Nagisa

[ Nagisa pops up in front of his phone's camera with his usual huge smile on. It's obvious he's got something to say that requires more than just a simple text post. ]

Hey everyone! My name's Nagisa Hazuki. I've been here about a month now, I think. Or maybe two.. I'm not sure, I was never really good at keeping track of those sorts of things.

[ He taps at his chin with his free hand a moment, before deciding it doesn't really matter how long it's been. ]

Anyway I was thinking, there's so many of you here that Sako-chan and I haven't met yet. And that totally needs to be fixed! So, what better way to break the ice than a huge pool party! Well...not really a "pool" party, cause I don't exactly have a pool. But the backyard of my temple's got something even better!

[ The camera flips around to show a huge forest of tall trees and flowering shrubs decorating the fields below. But you get only a quick glimpse before the image flips back onto Nagisa. ]

See, It's like a forest with lots of natural water slides and a huuuge lazy river that runs through the whole thing. It's the perfect place for all of us to meet and have fun together! Sako-chan even has a kind of casino thing up in the tree house.

[ He thumbs over his shoulder where a large wooden structure is hung high above the ground, nestled in the canopy of the nearby trees. ]

Maybe we can do this next weekend. I'm thinking Saturday. Sunday too if some of you are too busy for the first day. And you can all come over at whatever time works for you! I'll even have music and tons of snacks for everyone!

I guess you can ask me questions here if you want. But just assume all of you are invited, whether we've met or not!

[ He gives a quick wink to the camera before the feed ends. ]

(( ooc: responses may come from Nagisa or Sakon, or both! ))
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Posted: 8 May
From: Anonymous

I've been a bit curious... If you are a shinki here, or even if you can imagine being one (as in, having no memories of your previous life), and if you happened to find out that a member of your family was here, but that they never tried to get to know you now, would you be upset or understanding? Especially if they happened to remember everything. And if you had been close beforehand.

And if you found out they may have had some blame in most every bad thing to happen to you, would you still feel the same? Would you prefer it if they had a presence in your afterlife, or stay away and let you decide the person you'll be now, without their influence?

[This is anon for a lot of reasons. But this is what she's been thinking herself in a circle around for a week or so, since someone finally told her the name of someone's god. Which removes the main excuse she was using to not butt into his life.]
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Posted: May 5th
From: Aidos

How many of us had experience fighting before coming here? Or after? Seta Souji, Hououji Fuu and I were thinking about setting up response teams considering what's been happening lately. That's part of why I'm asking. I was training to become a pro hero at home, so I've got a little experience fighting. I know hand to hand well. I can't really say I'm a martial artist, but I know a few moves that worked for me.

If you'd like to learn self-defense, I'm happy to help. But if you want to trade lessons I'm fine with that too.

There's also an armory in one of my apartments. I don't really use any weapons, but if anybody needs something from it like weapons or armor, it's there. I'm not sure how much it'll help against ayakashi but it's better than nothing.


Aug. 23rd, 2016 08:16 pm
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[Forrest is even more dressed up than usual today, rocking a sweet lolita outfit on the advice of his good friend and fellow fashion buff, Speed of Sound Sonic.  He seems to be in an exceedingly good mood, judging from the smile on his face and the way his curls have that extra little bounce to them today.]

Hello, everyone!  For those of you I haven't met, my name is Forrest, and my passion is making beautiful clothing.  Since it seems like I'll be staying here in Takamagahara for a while, I thought I would offer my services to the other gods and their shinki.  And so, I'm proud to announce the grand opening of my clothing shop and beauty salon, Heavenly Couture!

[Forrest gives a little twirl in front of the camera, pulling on something just out of frame.  A banner unfurls behind him, sporting the name of the business in colorful and fancy hand-drawn letters.]

My first commission is already spoken for, but as of today, I'm officially taking requests.  Prices are negotiable based on the complexity and necessary materials, and I promise to work closely with every client to make sure you're completely satisfied.  I also offer hair, nail, and skin treatments here at Lakshmi's temple for anyone looking for that little extra touch.

[Smiling sweetly, he laces his fingers together and bows his head to the camera.]

I look forward to seeing you all soon!


Aug. 21st, 2016 10:51 am
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Posted: April 17, 10:20 AM
From: Anonymous

So first of all, morbid question here! It's a shinki question.

Since we're all dead what happens if we die again? That is, something happens to us that would, without a doubt, kill someone who wasn't already dead? I'm new and it came up while I was talking to a god that they didn't know what actually happens in that situation, and I think it would be better to know now just in case.

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Posted : 14 April 2016, 4:14 PM
From: Ross

has anyone seen this mark before?

Attached: image1.jpg

I had this on me when I died, but I don't remember what it means
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Posted: April 9th, 11:45 AM
From: Riku

anyone know a good way to keep people's attention so you can finish a transaction? this cashier keeps forgetting I exist ans it's irritating

there's not a lot stopping me from just taking this stuff and leaving
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Posted: April 9th, 2016 05:16 PM
From: Jae-Ha

Would anyone like to share drinks with a beautiful man? Let's meet up.

[Typos aren't beautiful, but he's not very technology savvy so every reply will take a bit too long.]


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