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From: Ra
Date: August 13th

[ It's early in the morning when his device starts buzzing, the vibration tips it over on the coffee table and turning on the recorder showing Mikoto sprawled out on the couch, a hand carelessly thrown over his face as he ignores the buzzing when something odd suddenly starts playing: ]

[ Midway through, a sleepy-faced Mikoto stirs awake and just stares at the thing with uncomprehending eyes and when it starts to loop in an endless cycle, red suddenly spreads across his body and the lazy god turns around, facing the couch, curling in on himself as he lets out a flood of that red aura knocking down the device, tv and just about everything in the basement as he goes back to sleep as the recording goes dark. ]
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From: Ra
Date: August 12th

[ The recording turns on showing Mikoto slouched on a couch with his bare foot tucked underneath his leg. His jacket's gone, leaving him in a white tee. His brow creases in irritation, his mood clearly lousy. In the background this can be heard. Unfortunately, his play so far has been more like this. ]

How do you play this thing.

[ He's so bad, he's reaching out to all you folks. He's got a promise to keep, only problem is, he sucks at Mario Kart. ]

[ ooc; On the last day of Obon, in order to get one of the ghostly children to cross, Mikoto promised to play with his little brother in his stead. Problem is, the kids favorite game is Mario Kart and Mikoto just picked up a controller for the first time today. ]

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May. 2nd, 2017 10:57 am
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From: Misaki Yata
Posted: July 10

[ The video turns on to a shot of Yata looking... well, that's a little harder to tell right away because he's trying to appear as neutral as possible at the moment. Despite that, inwardly he's panicking a little.

He rubs a hand against the back of his neck awkwardly as he addresses the BBS. ]

So, uh. I'm guessing waking up to find your god's temple missing is a bad sign, huh?
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 From: Ra
Date: June 21st 

[ Sand. Ocean. Sky. Sand. The device is thrown on a bank recording a blaze of fire and at its center stands Mikoto. He's grinning, eyes bright with anticipation as an amoeba-like ayakashi charges in. The Red King stares down his opponent and smirks when it charges. He breathes in, compressing his powers, and with a small grunt releases an explosion of red that erupts like a dormant volcano driving away the creature. Mikoto stands on melted sand watching it flee as flames cover him like a second skin. Beneath him, molten sand begins to cool into glass that reflects the sun. Mikoto turns then, red eyes staring into the camera. He smiles, a thought sliding into place. ]




We need to talk.

[ The steps forward but stops when a secondary thought slips in undetected and on a whim -- ]

Guan Yu, you too.

[ooc: he's calling out the gods of his men, plus the blue. ]


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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