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( The video is normal enough! Urashima props his phone up so it's at a good angle and holds up a poster for everyone to see. )

Look! There's going to be a lot of haunted houses in this park soon! Everyone should go! It looks like a lot of fun!

( And he sets the poster down next to Kamekichi, his always sleeping turtle. Right now, she appears to have a cooling washcloth on her shell. It's hot, guys. Summer is here. Someone get this turtle to a cool pond. )

Hmm... you know, it's that time of year, too! Isn't that fun? Maybe we can tell each other ghost stories! I'll start, I'll start!

Have you ever heard of tsukumogami? They're spirits that live in "things." I think the scariest one is Boroboroton! Boroboroton is an angry futon spirit. If you don't take care of your futon, it'll come to life, throw you out of bed, and cover your face. Isn't that scary? So you should take care of your things before they get angry!

( He isn't very good at this ghost story thing and he has twenty more stories just like this one. )

What do you think?
For those interested, this is a mini prelude for my upcoming player plot so check it out!
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Posted: 28 July 2016 04:55 PM
From: Henir


At the beginning of the month, Ekko and I began working on a collaborative project that combined our technology as well as our status as time-related gods in this world. The intended goal was to visit or otherwise witness a specific time and location in the "past" of this world's timeline, approximately two months ago.

On July 15th we were able to successfully generate a portal to the past. Unfortunately, there were some unintended side-effects in the present. Rest assured that reality is quite resilient and there should be no significant long-term damage caused by the mishap.

Read more... )

I'm posting this information publicly so that it doesn't become lost or destroyed. Considering that Ekko was killed earlier today and will likely have forgotten all of this if he's revived, I'd rather not let all of this data go to waste if something happens to myself. I'll also be backing up my data somewhere safe while I continue processing what's left.

If anyone has any questions, I'll attempt to explain as best as I can.
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Posted: 11 July
From: Izanagi

    [ When the video starts, it's on Souji specifically. He gives the camera a bit of a wave with the hand not holding his phone, his temple's open kitchen and dining area behind him. ]

    Hello, everyone. I've been working on lists for study groups, and references for them as well as investigative notes, but I wanted to pose a different offer this time. Hence, why this post will have attachments in the form of photos rather than text this time.

    [ Follow his trek, everyone, through the kitchen and under the free standing stairs, to one of his numerous tatami rooms that lead outside on the first floor. He's immediately greeted by a chorus of meows and chirps, any sort of noise a cat might make when pleased at a person, and that's where he comes to a stop. ]

    I've been picking up stray cats, as well as cats from the shelter that were having a hard time finding families, and have been working on socializing them. All of them are in good health at the moment, have had all their vaccines and the like, and are fixed - except one, but more on her in a moment. You see, I've been hoping to find them permanent homes, either here or on the other Shore. Pretty much all of the ones I have are currently ready for that, so I was wondering if there was anyone that was maybe considering a cat for a companion.

    Anyone that isn't homed is going to go up for adoption to the other Shore, but I figured you all could have first dibs.

    If you just want to come and see them, you can do that, too. The aforementioned special cat is actually a new mother, so there are newborn kittens here now.

    [ This is when he turns the phone around, camera focused on the cats around his feet. That's the end of the video!

    As mentioned, there are pictures attached. What these cats look like are up to dealer's choice, if they wanted to adopt one or coo over one in particular, and Souji literally has enough variety that any picture would do.

    ... he also probably has enough cats for anybody that would want one. It's gotten to that point now.
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From: Owain
Date: July 10, 2016

It appears I am like a sword without a hand to wield it. My goddess has departed, leaving only a letter of farewell and freeing me of the bonds that tie shinki to god.

Without direction, I wonder if it is best to take my sword and hunt ayakashi until my path reveals itself. I am told I cannot rid the land of their existence myself, but that I may weaken them for others. Maybe this is my true fate, to be a lone weapon, unfettered of my duty and facing evil in the darkness.

I know not my path but I am open to hearing the thoughts of those more experienced in this existence as well as others of strong opinion.
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From: sora
Date: June 28

[Private: Filtered to CR of Leo and Roxas. Locked from Leo and Roxas.]

hey there! if you didn’t already know leo’s birthday is on June 30th! and a week later is roxas’ birthday on July 7th!

we (being me, kairi and forrest) are planning a surprise birthday party for them right smack dab in the middle of that week on july 3rd! we’ll be having it at my temple—baldr’s temple. you’re all invited! just don’t spill the beans about the party to either of them!! we want them to grumble in surprise!

gifts for them are more than welcome and feel free to bring all the food and snacks and drinks you’d like, there’s never enough of those things. there will be games and my temple is on the beach so feel free to bring whatever for the sand!

does anyone know how to bake a cake from scratch that can teach me, too?

see you there!!

oh and we do have a bear that wanders around the grounds once in a while, just be careful not to upset her she's super mean sometimes.

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Date posted: June 14
From: Neji Hyuuga

[Shame you can't see his utter reluctance to reaching out to others en masse like this. Oh well. Curiosity killed the Hyuuga's pride.]

I know some of us have been finding books lately. While most range from vaguely intriguing to useless, I also know I haven't been the only one to come across a spell book. In fact, twice I've held the instructions to a silencing spell in my hands. As has been previously reported...

[Neji sighs. ty Yuri sama for having also had a silencing spell book, or else he'd have been shit outta luck]

The books are taken away at night. If you happen to find one of interest and if you have the presence of mind to take notes of its details, however, those will remain with you. I can't say for how long. My offer is this: I've written and double-checked what I can of the silencing spell to ensure its accuracy. If there is anyone who has found instructions of other spells, I'll trade a copy of what I have for a reliable copy of those.

[--nah.] Or if there is simply another shinki interested in the silence spell, ask me for it. Should anyone else offer the same... feel free to post below.
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Posted: 29th of May
Sender: Athena


Hello to whomever might be reading this. My given name is Lara, and I am the current incarnation of Athena.

I've gathered I am not the first to bear her name, and I'd be interested in learning more about my predecessor. What sort of god was he/she? As I've begun settling into her temple here, I've found quite a lot of things that they probably left behind, and I also thought that perhaps it would be right to return them if any were on loan.

And I would also like to ask about the community's feelings on something. Truth be told, I've only recently begun to accept that the supernatural is real and there might be a higher power(s) at work. At least, until I woke up here and was hit in the face with it. It's a lot to absorb.

I'm feeling a touch overwhelmed and I'd like to know what role you believe a god should play. I've my own ideas, naturally, but I'm curious what others think. Do you want to live up to the legends of who came before? Do you want to change those legends into something else? Or is there something else you believe about divinity? I'm curious, so please, let me know your thoughts. It may help me better sort out my own.


Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: May 12, 2016
From: Neith

Gatchaman Hajime here! Hello hello~! G'morning!!! ☀

I'm here with better news this time but I do have a question! BUT FIRST:

MESSY-CHAN IS HERE~! ₊·*◟(˶ᗒ ᗨ ᗕ˵)◜‧*✮

They're a super great friend from back home! Messy-chan just poofed here! But I think this place, being so new and different from back home may have made them nervous! Messy-chan was running all around the temple, knocking things over and sucking them up before I could get Messy-chan's attention and calm Messy-chan down. I donno where they went to from there so if anyone sees an super adorable floating glowy multi-colored cube floating about, lemme know ASAP! c(> v<)ゞ

Messy-chan is just super nervous. Soooo has anyone seen this cute alien floating around?


Cute right? Messy-chan is pretty harmless too! So don't be scared. If Messy-chan is gobbling anything up its safe and sound and can be spit it right back out! I'll be out and about looking for Messy-chan! Bye bye!

[Though this alien Rubik's Cube may be going all around the Far Shore sucking up things. Anything smaller then a bus is fair game. That includes people too. So Hajime is sorry in advance!
Normally people wouldn't be able to see an alien like Messy but there's always something different about gods and shinki, so Hajime is willing to bet they can!]
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Posted: 17 April 16:00
From: Roxas & Sora

Attention! This is Roxas.(dkhdgdgf and SORA here too) I’m getting really tired of people asking me if I’m Sora’s brother or other relative. HE. IS. NOT. MY. BROTHER! There’s nothing there family wise! I just happen to look like him, but that’s it.

YEP we hardly even look alike too so I don’t know why you guys are always saying that! we have completely different hair color too! no cousins or distant relatives or anything either. so don’t say weird things please! (roxas gets really mad lol) (DO NOT)

And there’s nothing else going on either! It’s way too complicated to explain and I don’t wanna explain it again. Sora can do that because people keep getting the wrong idea from me. STOP THINKING WEIRD THINGS, PIPPA.

see, mad lol. UHHH roxas is a piece of my heart but he’s totally a separate person from me! he’s 1000000000% his own person. being related is silly. we’re just friends. (Don’t listen to Pippa she’s wrong. She’s Aphrodite, so don’t listen to her!)WHAT IS PIPPA EVEN SAYING


welp. good enough. posting this like it is because roxas got mad.

[ooc: Feel free to specify which one of them you want to talk to. Or either. Or both. Have fun with it.]


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