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POSTED: 31 May
FROM: Lilka Eleniak


I think tsuzuki's—um, I mean tajimamori's—gone again. he left for a little while before but he didnt say he was leaving again. Ive been looking around for a loooooooong time and I cant find him anywhere.

does anyone know where he went? did he go visit anyone else? and it sounds weird but I cant find the temple either. I was so sure it was here but I cant find it.

I think I just got lost again (◞‸◟)it's getting dark now too...

anyway tsuzuki's coming back though right?



Dec. 13th, 2016 11:03 am
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Please ignore this post, it is just for adding tags to the community.
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Posted: 25 May 2016 12:37 PM
From: Jae-Ha

Hello everyone! I've discovered a wonderful website to express my creativity, so for all of you who are sharing in this craze, please follow me!

[He literally just links to his instagram here. It's amazing that he's learned how, so admire him. The pictures scream his aesthetic, varying from scenic pictures he took and slapped a filter on, to selfies of himself (and Hazel, sometimes) in tons of places, to pictures of his food and even dramatic, poetic quotes. There are some dragon pictures occasionally, too. And lots of flowers.]

I'll follow you back. ♥
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Date posted: May 10th-11th, sometime during the night
From: Inari

[A video is posted to the BBS. It starts out dim, but a lamp seems to be turned on and there they are -- foxes. A whole lot of them. They're laying on the furniture, sitting on the ground, lounging on the floor cushions. And they're everywhere; each white fox with red eyes seems to be emitting a pale, silvery glow. These were definitely the fox messengers of the god Inari and while Gintoki knew that and dealt with them before, well, he'd never seen this many at once . . . his voice comes on the video.]

What are they. . . [it's a panicked whisper now] . . . what are they doing. . . why are there so many of them and I told them to stay out of my room. . .they don't listen worth crap. . . no, wait. . . stop looking at me. . . why're they all staring at me. . .

[It's true. The foxes did seem to be staring carefully at their master, now that he's awake. He probably hadn't noticed up until now, but since Gintoki had decided he was going to get up in the night and deal with a dangerous shinki earlier in the week and had gotten himself pretty injured, more and more foxes had been showing up in his room at night. Were they trying to be helpful? Were they looking after him . . . or were they taking advantage of his weakness because they didn't want to sleep in the old barns and distillery around the temple . . . anyway, this was the first time he'd woken up at night and seen so many of them. Should a god be scared of spirits, anyway?

But the camera jerks and there's the mighty god Inari curled up under his blankets which were pulled up over his head, looking terrified. He'll close his eyes, pull the blanket a bit closer, and then he'll shout as loud as he can.]


[ There's some really jerky, choppy footage but it looks like a pillow gets thrown at a few foxes, and there's general chaos as the foxes all try to scramble out of the room at once. There's got to be 15-20 of them.]


[the feed cuts out. ]
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Posted: 8 May 2016 5:13 AM
From: Jae-Ha

Kija is gone. I can tell that he's not here.

Really, has no one found out the reason behind disappearances like this? If anyone knows what's happened to him or has hurt him in some way, you'd better come forward now before I discover this later. I won't have any mercy towards someone like that.

Who can tell me anything about this? Anyone?
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Posted: 1 May 2016
From: Jae-Ha

Have any shinki woken up one morning to find that they could suddenly recall something? Like a piece of their memory had been restored, as if it were never missing to begin with.

I need to know if it's a bad sign, or if anything needs to be done.
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Posted: 24 April 2016
From: Jae-Ha

Why are so many of you so young? I'm not the only one at a more mature age, am I? Is anyone over 20? I'm getting wrinkles just thinking about this.

[He's just 25 but if he has one more person tell him they're too young to drink when he thought they were older... his heart can't take it.]
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Posted: April 24
From: Zero


Can Shinki get sick?

[ A seemingly simple question, but one that's been clawing at him for days. The symptoms have become too painful to ignore, so he bites his tongue and seeks answers because unknown to him, his bloodlust has begun to manifest. ]
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Posted: 22 April 2016
From: Aengus

[Why does it have to be this shitty god name..... he'll privately resent that. Anyway.]

I'm doing myself a favor and doubling down on that spring cleaning business. Anybody who's got a use for any of this stuff, it's yours, free of charge. Courtesy of yours truly.

[Attached: image_01.jpg]
[Attached: image_02.jpg]
[Attached: image_03.jpg]
[Attached: image_04.jpg]
[Attached: image_05.jpg]
[Attached: image_06.jpg]

There's more where all that came from. Come on down and I'll even wrap it for you.

[No he won't, but he'll happily give you free expensive stuff and/or free weird novelty items. Free him, his temple is full of this.]

And another thing, while I've got the floor, more or less: the markings that turn up on shinki, what's the meaning of that? Don't lecture me on the basics, my skull ain't that thick, but is there a particular reason they turn up in the places they do? Something to do with the name you give, maybe?

["why does my shinki have a weird hip tat, did I do that" and other stories]
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Posted: April 22nd, 2016 07:03 AM
From: Jae-Ha

It seems that Yona dear, the god Eos, has vanished. Her temple has been torn down, so I'm wondering if that's usual. Could those of you who have lost others here tell me your experience with it?

You see, I'm not the type of person who can innocently allow someone to harm her without retaliating, so I can only hope she's safe, for the sake of any parties involved.

That being said, I was transferred to a new god, and we happen to be starting a garden. Are there any tips for growing vegetables and flowers in the soil of the heavens? Let me know.
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Posted: April 9th, 2016 05:16 PM
From: Jae-Ha

Would anyone like to share drinks with a beautiful man? Let's meet up.

[Typos aren't beautiful, but he's not very technology savvy so every reply will take a bit too long.]
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Posted: 7 April 2016
From: Kija

What do girls need from the grocery store? ???I have never been to o. E before but this is part of my duty...

[Unlike typing, which his big hand(tm) is apparently interfering with just enough.]


1. How many types are you supposed to buy?
2. Where do you put in the straw? ??

[file attached: image06.jpg]


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