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Heaven's BBS | Text

Posted 25 March 2016
From: Hibari Kyoya

Fight me.

[That simple text was sent out, along with brief directions to the front of Inanna's temple. He wanted to get stronger and test out his new weapons-besides, no one could complain he started the fight this time.]
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[This kid. . . Gintoki has already heard about this shinki through the grapevine, that he's extra violent and has even already died (again).

He's tempted to hand the kid a few good losses, if anything just to get him to grow up, and to spare others from having to deal with the brat. Fighting with others wasn't all fun and games after all.

But doing something like that would take work. And he's really not sure how it would look if a god were to beat up another god's shinki, after all. So he'll send the next best thing - his own shinki. After reading the post, he'll go in search of Oboro, giving the crow a few calls. He knew that Oboro would do whatever he asked, and the guy could really hand it to someone, even in just a physical fight. Gintoki knew from experience. ]

hold on

ive got someone you can fight with to your hearts content