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[Video] Thank you

From: Kairi
Date: August 13th

[Kairi has a blanket around her shoulders with stars on it and in her hand is a note. Slowly, she puts the note down and pulls the blanket up a little more with one hand.]

Thank you - to the people who've come by Hajime's temple to see me. That's where I've decided to... go, I guess is the best way to say it.

[Her smile tilts up a little.]

It just seems so sad... that I started to remember more about them now that they're gone. More about them and where they hopefully went home to.

'There are many worlds, but they share the same sky' - that was part of the note. The... one I can't seem to stop reading.

[Then she lowers her head.]

I've responded so many times when shinki talked about losing their gods... I never thought...

[She rubs her nose a little and sniffs, then lifts her head back up again.]

But Hajime's a great friend and I'm glad she's my goddess now. I'm glad we were friends first. It... helps.

[[OOC: Feel free to handwave your character having stopped by to see Kairi either at Forrest's temple or Hajime's. Sora & Roxas disappeared on July 30th in-game, so it's been 2 weeks. She was at Forrest's for one week and Hajime's the second week.]]
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hhey r u doing ok?

[What's up, it's been a while, hasn't it?]
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[ Well, with D2 being one of Forrest's shinki since some time back... ]

It's good, that you seem like you're going to be a fit with Hajime. But if you need help with anything you tell me, okay?
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Is there a lot of things you haven’t found yet?

[ It would suck if important things disappeared. ]

If you need any help with that, I don’t mind helping out.
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text, from: Li Tieguai

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The same sky? So they do.

I'm glad you've found a new goddess. Hajime should be well-suited to you.

[Two painfully optimistic young women in one temple. Well. At least they should be good friends.]

Please let me know if you need anything.
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You'd be welcome, of course.

I won't even mark your work late.
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You'll still have to do it, but it won't be late.

[Not, of course, that anyone's really getting grades; Hakkai's content to keep them moving through the subjects at their own pace.

He's not sure, in the end, how much it matters that these children are learning their high-school math lessons at all, and it certainly doesn't matter much that they do it on time. Even if they stay here, they are all dead.]
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I'll leave it on my desk in the second floor classroom. If I'm not there, feel free to collect it when you drop by.
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...Good to know you're doing alright, and relieving to know that Hajime is your goddess now.
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Well enough, but I do trust her.
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[He chuckles.]

That good thing is that someone you trust has agreed to take you in. I'm just relieved to hear that you're okay.
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Those are good words and I believe them too! The sky is super big and you never know who is looking at the other side of maybe the same star you are! Besides, they're in your heart so they're always here in some ways.

[Hajime smiles. It won't be easy but Kairi is strong. She believes in her]

While I'm out and about do you want me to pick up anything? Maybe something sugary sweet and tasty?
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[ Video ]

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[ Nanako replies to this with a worried expression. ]

I'm glad you're okay, I was worried. And I'm glad you found a new home.

[ ....A pause, before she adds, ] I miss them, too.