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Heaven's BBS | Video | Mario Kart

From: Ra
Date: August 12th

[ The recording turns on showing Mikoto slouched on a couch with his bare foot tucked underneath his leg. His jacket's gone, leaving him in a white tee. His brow creases in irritation, his mood clearly lousy. In the background this can be heard. Unfortunately, his play so far has been more like this. ]

How do you play this thing.

[ He's so bad, he's reaching out to all you folks. He's got a promise to keep, only problem is, he sucks at Mario Kart. ]

[ ooc; On the last day of Obon, in order to get one of the ghostly children to cross, Mikoto promised to play with his little brother in his stead. Problem is, the kids favorite game is Mario Kart and Mikoto just picked up a controller for the first time today. ]
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[ If there's one thing Yata did not expect to find on the BBS today it was the sight of Mikoto glaring at... was that Mario Kart?? ]

You push the buttons to make the car go and you throw shit at everyone else to keep them from winning.

[ Don't ask him how he knows this. He just does. ]
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Uh. Try not and melt the controller, it's not gonna work that way.

[ He can't actually SEE the controller from this vantage point, but when it's a fire god, red glows worry him. ]

Do you want me to come show you how?

[ It's not like he's got anything else on his calendar right now. ]
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In your temple?

[ He's assuming, anyway. ]

Alright, give me a bit, I have to take the long way.

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[He looks torn between being amused and unsure of how to react.

The amusement is winning.]

...Should I ask why you're playing it.
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[Mikoto, no. Don't burn anything.]

If you burn something, you're going to replace it.

[Especially if it's a mortal's possession.]

Have you made any attempts to read the instructions t all?
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If it's too hard, don't play it.

[How can he forget? He lives in the damn place.]

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[ You better believe he knows that music. ]

How have you never played Mario Kart??
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Well, I'll just have to show you how it's done then!
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I'll head over now.

[ Well, a little longer than 'now'. He wasn't even out of his pjs yet. But eventually he's coming down the stairs to the basement. ]

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Oh? What's this thing you're trying out?
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The answer to my question, for a start. Couldn't you afford me that much?
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[However, your way of never answering questions is even more annoying. You do realize that, don't you? In any case, Reisi seems rather pleased and even a bit curious.]

How intriguing. I might like to give it a try.

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[Shouhei's watching a bit.]

I've never played, but maybe I can help!
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Where are you?

[Cause he'll come over right now. Don't try him.]